And Now, a Dog Playing with Himself

This clever dog has figured out how to have endless fun on its own with a tennis ball and a set of stairs. Makes you wonder how well he’d get on with a Slinky.



  1. biscuithead says:

    My dog used to do this!
    21 years after he’s gone and I still miss the hell out of my little buddy.

  2. One Eyed Daruma says:

    Clever, yes… but he sure does want someone to play with. That whimper noise breaks my heart! I’ll play fetch with ya!

  3. he looks winded. Very cute, though.

  4. Definitely some terrier blood in that one . . . ..

  5. I want that dog.

  6. why did he wimper every time though? just proves that playing with yourself if fun but playing with someone else is more fun

  7. Awwww, poor bunny! Such a sweetheart!!

  8. Omg what a sweetheart. So clever! But dude needs to get the feck off his phone and play with his doggeh. Stat!!!!! Geez.

  9. Georgiabelle says:

    Aw he’s whining, don’t ignore him! Tell him what a good goggy he is!!!

  10. Fird Birfle says:

    The Dogue is Cute!!

    And Mike is gettin’ racy, with his headlines !!!

  11. I agree!

  12. Jenn in IL says:

    It looks like the guy would start to make a move for the ball, and the dog would immediately snatch it up. Not sure he’s ignoring his little buddy, just that said little buddy thinks he can do it better! 🙂 My dog does it all the time.

    Regardless, this is why I love little terriers – so cute and so clever!

  13. Yes, it seemed to me he was showing the human how to do it, and the human needed to get with the program, in my opinion…

  14. Clever dog teaching obtuse human. Disapproving rabbits would not be surprised at this human’s inability to catch on!

  15. Exactly! Poor wee fella wants someone to play with him!

  16. victoreia says:

    Obtuse human, indeed! I wanted to reach in and play with the poor puppers!

  17. He is sweet!
    Is he part terrier/part Corgi? He reminds me a bit of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

  18. He’s a terrier. That isn’t whining, it’s excitement.
    Speaking of terriers, mine watched this (twice) quite intently. I hope he learned something. That would be SO convenient.

  19. My sentiments exactly, the guy could very well have just thrown the ball and still keep on with the conversation. Stupid human, smart dog! I would have played fetch with the little pup.

  20. TheOthers1 says:

    I need to teach my dog how to do this.

  21. Here’s a halfway solution:

  22. 260Oakley says:

    Yes, need I remind everyone: “We don’t spank our monkey.”

  23. He has exactly the same personality as my jack Russell. Indy puts the ball on the front end of the treadmill when i am running and when it flys off the back he grabs it and puts in on again, this is the way he amuses himself, and he whines like that, so cute!

  24. omg that’s adorable! check out my kitty:

  25. Peanutcat says:

    Oh THANK YOU! I’ve been wanting to get that video for the longest time!

  26. That whimper! Someone play with this poor pupster.

  27. Kitty has an off switch in her tail 😆

  28. That’s such a cute, cute dog. See the way it sets the ball down and then looks up at the human? My Jack Russell lets the ball go when she looks up, thereby throwing the ball to me. She can throw it a few feet that way. I throw it for her. Over, and over, and over, and over…

  29. Exactly! How could that heartless person not throw the ball for that adorable puppers?!?!?!?!

  30. My beagle would never let me do this. Fetch is his life, and he howls uproariously every time he brings the ball back. No ignoring that (and really, who wouldn’t want to play fetch with a cute goggie?)

  31. Very cute and very clever, but also somewhat sad because the dog clearly wants attention from his/her owner and is not getting it 😦 .

  32. glad i wasn’t the first one to go there 🙂

  33. have you ever had a JRT? I’m betting this little guy taught himself this trick. They need a constant challenge.

  34. Did you notice that every time the human made a move toward the ball, the dog snatched it up again?

  35. Exactly! The dog doesn’t want help! He just wants to make sure his human is watching him roll the ball down the stops to himself!

  36. wow his little wiggly tailio just killed me. loved it!

  37. What’s with all the human bashing, the video is less than 1min, he could’ve been playing with the dog before and after. If you listened you’d have known he wasn’t on a phone, but talking to a woman next to him about said dog.

  38. Yes, that is actually it. The dog won’t let the human play. Each time the guy was getting closer or standing up, the dog would take the tennis ball himself. He’s teasing the human!

  39. and there’s this poor goggie who just wants to play….

  40. rats, the embed code didn’t work. link here:

  41. Owner probably plays with his pup all the time, and just for the sake of the video, had the pup show his talents for a few seconds. You hear him say how clever the dog is, he’s not making fun of him. It’s not a sign of long term abuse, it’s a kind hooman staying out of the doggie video. And that’s a good dog for not running off while running free!

  42. If terriers are as energetic as collie X’s then maybe the man was just having a rest! I look after a collie X who will have a massive walk whilst playing with a ball and then will immediately on arriving home pick up her nearest toy and want to continue playing. I run out of energy waaay before the dog!

  43. This is exactly what my dog does. It’s part of the game. Every time I go to grab the ball he’ll snatch it away from me. I have to tell him to ‘drop it’ – ‘back up’ and ‘stay’ before I can safely get the ball and throw it again!

  44. Kitteh is awesome!!

  45. Desdemona says:

    I love it! Looks like the camera operator is finally giving in at the end and heading toward the stick to throw it. I have to wonder why this dog can’t tell by smell that this is not a real human.

  46. Fird Birfle says:

    (a day later) are you still playing “catch the ball” now, pyrit?? 🙂

  47. Fird Birfle says:

    It’s a PYRIT pic not a Mike pic.

    Comment re. headline remains, but name of authorship changes ….


  48. this made me miss my gray lady so much. She passed away at the age of 21 two years ago. Sadie had me trained – she ALWAYS wanted her face touch. NOW! she’d yell. Please give Mika some love on behalf of my girl. =)

  49. Looks like a Jack Russell. I would play with him for hours! As for the human, men aren’t very good at multi-tasking. It’s either talk OR play with the pup. Just sayin!

  50. If you listen I think he’s actually talking about his dog to the people filming the video. He is saying something about how his dog can recognize car noises, well at least that’s what I think he’s saying.

  51. half expected to see someone pop in with a Dancing With Myself video…

    or, in the alternative, the clip from Mean Girls, “quit trying to make ‘fetch’ happen”

  52. Gracious, whatever could you mean? You have a dirty mind, Bird! ; )

  53. he definitely has a Corgibutt. And perhaps some terrier or shepherd mixed in there? no wonder he’s clever.

  54. Hee to “It’s evolution!… How long until they’re on their own, with their mobile phones…”

  55. My dog plays fetch by himself too. He’ll throw me the ball, but if it bounces back or rolls away he’ll go after it himself. And the dog is fine–it can entertain itself for a few minutes! I love my dog to pieces but he is OBSESSED with fetch–OCD to the point it’s the only thing he wants to do 24/7. You have not met a dog obsessed with fetch until you meet my dog–nobody believes me until they do! That can get tiring to live with. He even bothers me when I’m watching tv at night and throws me the ball up on the sofa!

  56. andrea b. says:

    em. I think it’s pretty clear that the gentleman in question has trained the little fellow to enjoy himself by letting the ball bounce down the stairs for ‘fetch’. And he seems to enjoy it. And, yes, the little whimpers are heartrending, and make me want to throw the ball myself for the little guy. But – terriers sometimes vocalize in this way when they’re on the job, having fun.