We’ll be doing that “Men of Cute Overload Calendar” anytime now…

Another Quality Foraged Link from Dear Ole Ant.



  1. “Kitten, with the Boy with Bedroom Eyes.” 😉

  2. I… I have fallen in love. ❤

    P.S. Anyone else think he looks a tad like Edward Norton?

    P.P.S. I wish my husband had hair.

  3. Wow. I was so conflicted, it was really hard to figure out which one I should be awwing over! That was way too precious. I think I need to go to sleep now before my brain explodes.

  4. Our cat, Cipher, licks my hair all the time. Only mine, never my husband’s. Cats are weird. I guess that’s one of the reasons why we love them.

  5. The guy is so cute. It is even cute that he thinks his cat is grooming him. How precious is that? If he only knew that the poor little kitty was more than likely searching in vain for a nipple.

  6. Catsquatch says:

    So now he knows what happens when he puts catnip in his hair.

  7. Mmm, head. Om nom nom

  8. Better tape those ears down my friend. They’re too tempting a target !
    Does this qualify for an “I shall leek you” tag ?

  9. I just don’t know. I think the guy might be cuter than the cat this time!!

  10. ^ Yes, that. Mmmmmmmm. *lust*

  11. Forget the calendar, where’s the CO video dating site? 😮

  12. Day~um. Did it get warm in here?

  13. F*ck that was cute.

  14. Yay!!! – for men of CO calendar! Can I pre-order now?
    I love when he kisses the kitteh and kitteh attacks his head again, and the young man puts his hand on his face….

  15. Lewis n' Clark says:

    C’mon Meg, it’s time…I think we have enough candidates for a two-year calendar!

  16. If I get a kitty, is he part of the deal?

  17. LauraFizzyElk says:

    Oh noes! Mr. Adorable went in for the deadly Belleh Kiss Attack…good thing that kitten could defend himself from such a horrible atrocity. I’m thinking that poor guy ended up curled in a ball on the floor fighting off a tiny marmy cat for hours.

  18. This is almost the cutest thing I have seen on Cute Overload ever! And that music! And then he kisses the kitty’s belleh! I’d say he bears a strong resemblance to Ben Aflec too — the guy, of course. And by all means, please let’s have the men of cute overload calendar now — or, at least, the men of cute overload official screen savers!

  19. wow. smile is mesmerizing…..

  20. That’s why catnip hair mousse is not recommended.

  21. Oh. My. Goddess. That’s gonna make me smile for the rest of the *year* 😀

  22. 1. Della Reese is one of the greatest/most under-rated/not-well-known singers, and hearing her in a video on Cuteoverload makes me oddly ecstatic.

    2. What kitty? I was distracted by the cute guy with the nice arms…

  23. ^^ You took the words straight outta my mouth. Haha! 😀

    I was going to say, “There’s a cat??”

  24. When kitteh put his paw on Dude’s face, I was thinking “ouch, kitty, don’t claw out his eye!”

    I love the kees/attack/hand-on-face combo. =3

  25. Kari Callin says:

    He must use mouse mousse or gerbil gel in his hair. 😉

  26. fallengirl says:

    if that face kissed me I’d jump all over it too.

  27. Alice Shortcake says:

    Vidal Pussoon!

  28. breadmaker says:

    1.Ummm..Della Reese not well known by whom??? How old are you Ayaa…..we oldsters know her and her music quite well!

    2. I agree with the “what kitty?”, I’m not too old to enjoy that other scenery!

  29. Hahaha!

  30. Okay, who put the catnip in the (cute) guy´s hair? 🙂

  31. On the cute guy’s Youtube page, he commented (about the title “My Kitten Grooming My Hair”). “It is my favorite thing.” Just when you thought he couldn’t get cuter. Also I just love the kitten being kittenish.

  32. Yes! It worked! I have a chemistry exam in an hour, and I’ve been cramming like crazy for it. Just a moment ago I got a cramming overload, where practically everything you know about the subject just… disappears. So I thought I need a brain reset.

    What do you know, CO did it! My brain is utterly empty!

    Now all that remains is to relearn chemistry in one hour…

  33. Hubba hubba!

  34. bookmonstercats says:

    I wasn’t aware of Della Reese before, she’s obviously confined her activities to the US of A, but dayummmmm!!!111!!!! that lady has a VOICE.

  35. He’s just about the cutest thing I’ve EVER seen on CO.

    (The guy, not the kitten.)

  36. When she was little, our big cat (she’s 16.5 lbs, 20 yrs old) used to lick my forehead, up on the hairline, if I hadn’t washed my hair for a day. It was funny – if a little embarrassing that she thought I needed it – but after a while it started to hurt a bit, with her rough tongue, AND it got pretty wet up there, because she was very spitty. But how could I say No?

    ps this man IS very cute! don’t think I didn’t notice.

  37. JohnnyJohnny says:


  38. that combo keeled me too!! such a kitteh thing to do

  39. My cat loves licking my forehead and hair, too. It’s cute, but kinda annoying when I’m trying to sleep.

  40. Hee hee hee! Our marmalade cat Milo likes to groom our hair as well… while we’re on the couch, while we’re trying to sleep, etc. so it’s a bit annoying despite the cuteness. He used to burrow in even if we covered our heads with a pillow!

    Because we both have long hair we discourage him… he’s a long haired cat (are you sensing a theme here?) and we don’t want to clean up hairballs that include human hair!

  41. 260Oakley says:

    Just in time for Halloween, more hair-raising footage from the Cat-a-Combs!

  42. I love how he sits perfectly still so as not to disturb Barber Kitteh.

  43. Oh Purrrrr.

  44. Well, I’m not that young, but I had no idea that Della Reese was also a singer, and did not know that was her on the video. She has a great voice!

    And yes, I am not too old either for the (clears throat) “scenery.” 😉

  45. oooh dang! hellooo sailor!
    I’d take him… even if he is a cat person…
    (I even dig the little *smooch* toward the end)

  46. X-D!!!!

  47. Oh my a cute guy with a cute kitten doing cute things.

    Did I mention the cute guy? The very cute guy.

    If anyone wants me I’ll be in my bunk.

  48. amen!

  49. haha! My cat occasionally tries to groom my hair, then immediately remembers she doesn’t like it since my hair is too long, makes an “Ick!!” sound, and shakes her head, hahaha. But she will totally eat my hair if there’ a strand laying around (which there always is). So many times she’s jumped up on the couch to sit with me, looked me straight in the face, happy as a clam, and I see one of my hairs hanging out of her mouth. What a weirdo!! Oh, she loves to eat her own hair too– if I’m ever piling up hair from the sofa to throw it away, I have to watch out cause she WILL try to eat that lovely wad of hair just sitting there looking delicious…

  50. They are both ADORABLE! Dang!

  51. Fird Birfle says:


  52. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    My mom’s cat Pepper Anne loves to lick/groom her hair too but only if she hasn’t just washed it (because then it has her “scent”). If Mom just washed her hair, Pepper Anne isn’t interested.

  53. SilentMeow says:

    I don’t know which is cuter, the kitten or the guy.

  54. Oh…. WHAT A SMILE! Swoon…..

  55. Yes, I can’t decide which one is cuter! LOL

  56. ROTFL!!

  57. No one is cuter than a cat.

  58. Excuse me, but he is hella cuter than Ben Affleck. Not. Even. Close.

  59. You got it, Jayne!

  60. *sad* can’t watch it in germany 😦

  61. Yummy!

  62. Karla Borecky says:

    yeah, and after a while… OW.

  63. Ew he has cat spit all in his hair! says:


    And CUTE.

  64. Allie Smith says:


  65. He’ll have an agent in no time, dude’ll prolly get a deal too.

  66. See guys, we aren’t that complicated. Look how much we love you when you kiss frolicking kitties!

    Adorabuls kitty and guy. I shall smile for the rest of the day.

  67. sunnylessmum says:

    Word. Thank you Bluebird.

  68. no fair – only kitteh was nekkid

  69. Sharon Wilson says:

    Our cat used to lick my dad’s hair every night, and when he was done it would be all sticking up in the back! Let’s see what the guy’s hair looks like when the kitten is done!

  70. Flutter-by says:

    A looker and a licker in one post – gah…almost too much to take! He’s most definitely a candidate for the calendar, heading into Jamin territory there, he is! Made my heart skip a few there…{ded} Maybe he uses that product that touts “hair action” – ’cause he’s certainly getting it!!

  71. 😆 I agree with you, Rooanne 😆

  72. Geez. Seriously gorgeous guy. He could make me purrrrrr.

  73. Please do, Meg. Any guy who loves a cute animal qualified in my book.

  74. This is like the opposite of the cats and racks category XD

  75. yes. put me down for 3 calendars. stat.

  76. LOL! That’s EXACTLY what I was thinking! But

  77. ..now thinking of putting a catnip tea rinse in my hair now.

  78. (groan)….Lol!

  79. My big 15lb. apricot tabby licks the hell out of my forehead and then tries to get at my nose, chin and cheeks (ouch!). He really gets into it and will try to grab my head with his paw to pull me back if I turn away. It’s really funny. I now to think of it as free exfoliation..lol

  80. This video made my day they’re both cute but I have to admit that the boy is YUMMY ! Calendar please !

  81. That there is a double threat. Deeeeeelicious!!!

  82. Hmmmm, I’m lucky I have this at home. Tall, dark haired, good looking man, and kitty leecking his hair. My dh loves when the kitty sits on top of his head and grooms him. He’s got wonderfully curly hair and the cat will hold his head still if he dares to move while she is grooming him. Doesn’t do it to any of the rest of the household.

  83. victoreia says:

    My girl likes to wash my earlobe at bedtime. You’d better believe I have a hand over my eye when she shifts onto my face!

  84. Megacuter than BA, plus apparently he tastes gelicious!

  85. victoreia says:


  86. He probably put tuna-can oil in his hair.

  87. “gerbil gel” *giggle*

  88. I, too, found this terribly distracting–didn’t know who I should be watching…so I had to watch it a couple more times! 🙂

  89. …minty shampoo, huh?

  90. warrior rabbit says:

    Well, if you ever watched Touched by an Angel, she sometimes sang there, and I think even sang the theme. I saw her recently in an old movie about a crooner who refused to change to rock during the switchover from the Sinatra era, and his label ditched him, etc. She had a tiny, tiny part. Hmm. Well, anyhow, that’s neither here nor there.

    She was quite the singer once, but now mostly acts. So, most are actually unaware of her vocal talents.

  91. Daphne Moss says:

    That’s where I went Awwww! also… what a sweetheart. OK, innertubes…what is the story on this gorgeous sweetheart … other than he is the captive of his kitten?

  92. LOL, Tracey! I was going to guess cod liver oil hair dressing. “Cats’ll dig it!”

  93. Ohmy. The ultimate cuteness combination!

  94. More specifically, it would be the Spear Counterpart.

  95. Looking forward to that calendar. *serious*

  96. This is how we achieve the actual “overload” of cuteness!!!

  97. Can I have that kitty?…………

    And the guy?………..


  98. I am also perfectly serious — I want a “Men of Cute Overload” calendar! And I expect there to be a “Cute Overload presents: n’ Racks” calendar that I can buy for my nephew. Thus everything being fair: men for those who like men, ladies for those who like ladies, and the traditional calendars for those who prefer to not have to look at people at all.

  99. and where is that adorable mans contact info?? gotta love a boy who loves his cat 🙂

  100. awww, im in love…

    That boy is as cute as the kitten. Totally smitten… ❤

  101. awww BFF’s!

    there’s nothing hotter than a man being kind to a small creature.

  102. Karen Astner says:

    Absolutely LOVED this!! Kitten all absorbed in loving you! And you loved it, too! Makes me remember when my kitties loved me in my hair. Wonderful memories!! Thanks for sharing.

  103. agreed!

  104. indeed. is there anything more adorable than a guy who’s a cat-kisser?

  105. What a handsome cutie. The human’s not bad either.

  106. Our cat Mira grooms my husband’s hair all the time. We though it was just her own odd quirk.

  107. So right after I viewed this post I saw this You Tube video

    Warning… near lethal amounts of cute, fluffy sad emo kitty.