Not so comfortabuhls

Chewing on rawhide=GOOD!
While making an uncomfortable “Paw Bouquet”=BAD!


A “Paw Bouquet” is a grouping of paws, Ayaku T.



  1. REALS! So cute…so PEENK!!! *ded*

  2. And I think there should be an “Ouchies” tag.

  3. Don’t forget the chewing “nyaaang nyaaang nyaaang.”


  5. ohhh lordy! the cute…. it hurts…
    this is the big one Elizabeth! I’m coming to join ya!

    seriously, puppeh… you’re so cute it’s done gone and made me dedski…

  6. Pups-n-Racks?

  7. Greater Swiss Mountain Dog puppy! I loves them!

  8. Hrmm, what are we serving in the Mod Lounge today? Irish Coffee and Caramel Scones!

  9. victoreia says:


  10. Bernese Mountain Dog puppies, right? *DYING*

  11. I’ll take a paw bouquet over roses any day!

  12. pawsatively pawtacular pooch

  13. I think you’re right Emily… This is just way too adorable for words… The first picture says it all. ❤ it!

  14. Oh. My. God. Seriously. Sooo cute! The face, the eyebrows, the toe beans, the toe floof. *Resumes breathing into a paper bag…*

  15. nomnomnom…metal rack…nomnomnom

  16. Awwwwwww…:)

  17. I want to paint a room in my house that color.

  18. Hahah, you misspelled my name (I’m the one who submitted the picture). It should be “Ayako,” not Ayaku 😉

    But I’m so proud to see that my pup made it onto CuteOverload, that I really don’t mind at all!! I always knew she had talent 😉

  19. Fird Birfle says:


  20. Fird Birfle says:


    A Con-fur-med Cat Purr son.

  21. Yes, the only thing better than eyebrow dots are eyebrow blobs. Lord have mercy get ER on standby, this is one dedleh cute puppeh


  23. Yes. Adorable, lumbering pups that turn into sweet, loving, BIG doggies!

  24. I need to nibble on those toes and jelly beans.

  25. paw bouquet = hilarious!

    also: toe-hawk!

  26. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    That’s the sound I’m making whilst nibbling on those pink beans.

  27. Please say you have a blog full of more adorable pictures of this creature!! I am in love!

  28. I met a Bernese puppy over the weekend. He (she?) was huuuuuuge!

  29. *fetches a paper bag for herself*

  30. it’s alright firdie – we can cross our battle lines every once in awhile… eyebrow dots will do that to a person, especially 🙂

  31. hahah not a blog, unfortunately, but I do have plenty of pictures! I live in the city and I CANNOT take her outside for her potty breaks…every 10 steps or so I’m stopped by someone asking to pet her. And she’s such a ham, she loves all the attention!

  32. She’s a beautiful baby. I’d definitely be one of those people pestering you for permission to pet your puppeh.

  33. Is she really uncomfortable? She looks pretty comfy to me and she has the best paw bouquet I have seen on CuteOverload.

  34. This is so cute that I almost cannot handle it.

  35. Puppehs are like yoginis – they can bend every which way and it doesn’t bother them! LOVE the giant toe beans.

  36. Pink paw cuteness!!

  37. Emmberrann says:

    Beat me to it. I was gonna comment on the general toe-hawkness, and the peeeeenk toebeans…. but ya got there first, Ashagato! Ya gotta move fast, I say, ya gotta move Fast to beat these COers!

  38. I’ll take that paw bouquet. Can paws look any cleaner or cuter? Maybe if they were stubular but I like the fluffy white fur these.

  39. OMG! Please start one!! :))))))

  40. Does anybody believe that this bundle-o-floof is ever really allowed to walk anywhere on those peenk toebeans for more than an instant, before he is swooped up to cuddle?

  41. I prefer to call it a toes nosegay! Darling and ladylike!

  42. I prefer to call it a Toes Nosegay! Pretty and ladylike!

  43. Whoopsie, doublepost! (inhales toes nosegay to calm self)