Like a Thief in the Nut

At midnight, when the museum is empty and still, the rakish master thief Jacques LeFarge glides silently down from the rafters and gazes at his prize: The priceless Royal Hazelnut of Quetzalcaca, High Priest of the Inca-Dinkas.

Long has LeFarge prepared for this moment, until he knows every inch of the air duct system, the placement and range of every motion detector, the schedule of every night watchman. And now at last the time has come.

An antiquity such as this (nrrgh!) will bring a fortune on the open (hrph!) market… (clang!) Tycoons and royalty will (hnnnngh! bang, scrape!) swarm to bid on…

And as the emergency lights come on and the frantic rush of footsteps can be heard in the outer hall, LeFarge concedes he may have overlooked a small detail…

Something about best-laid plans, Miriam S.



  1. Poor little guy got totally hamsterung by the bars, there.

  2. Call me a hardliner if you want but I think all nuts should be behind bars!

  3. “Nrrgh” is the very best sound effect ever, NOMTOM!

  4. What kind of adorable pink-nosed, BEF, teeny-fingered little critter is that?

  5. That would be the cutest of all marsupials, the Sugar Glider! See the ripples under the arms? “Wings”.

    Poor little guy, I can hear the “EH! EH! EH!” from here! 😛

  6. Fan-freakin-tastic. Please write a book or somethin’ NTMTOM.

  7. Smokyismycat says:

    Disney needs to make a movie about a sugar glider based on this premise. It’s about time we have a sugar glider: big eyes, they can ‘fly’, they squeak. it’s practically already written.

  8. Fird Birfle says:

    *snerkity snerk snerk*
    VERRY VERRY nicely done!!!


    But Gigi — if you look at these pictures from OUR perspective,
    HE IS “behind bars” 🙂

  9. Must…have…eet. MUST. … …. ………… Oh, to hell with eet. *sigh*

  10. Fird Birfle says:

    Also — BEF AGAIN killz us ded.

    And: IMHO, Jacques might want to consider signing up for
    a consultation with victoreia or with Inspector Clouseau (“that’s NOT mah Dogue.”) 🙂

  11. Fird Birfle says:

    Melike yer adverbial adjective, RR 🙂

  12. Hovertext No. 2: Reffing perhaps: “My name is Elmer J. Fudd. I own a mansion and a yacht”?

  13. Freakin’ brilliant, NOMTOM. Where do you get this stuff? I’d like a glimpse inside yer head. I agree with RR, pleeeeze write a book. Modern Library edition, The Complete Works of NOMTOM, volumes I and II. Also available in paperback and digital download.

  14. Emmberrann says:

    I Knew this to be a NTMTOM post! Breellient, as always! I can always count on a smile from your posts, but I long for the continuation of the stories! Oh, and BTW, what do Inka-Dinkas Do? (Hotcha!)

  15. Emmberrann says:

    Just a question here, anyone else here remember Jimmy Durante?

  16. 260Oakley says:

    I think his county jail already has a cell named after him. They call it “The Nutcracker Suite.”

  17. We’ve politely requested a Best of NOMTOM coffee table book many MANY times…

  18. Yes.

  19. We may have to Occupy Cuteoverload in order for our demands to be heard.

    I can see the signage – “We are the 99% (who want a NOMTOM book NOW)!”

  20. No, no, no, Master LeFarge is a southern flying squirrel.

  21. NTMTOM, you have outdone yourself. The plot, the hovertext, the nrrgh!

    Chip gets an extra acorn for breakfast…handed directly to him.

  22. Emmberrann says:

    Thx, Theresa! Nice knowin’ I ain’t alone out here!

  23. Stosh in Costa Rica says:

    The Bars are only a TEMPORARY Slow-down… CHIP will work that nut—- around the cage walls to the door, and then enjoy the Fruits of his Labors.
    Tose pics are hilarious……..
    —Stosh —in Costa Rica

  24. But, but the backstory says he *glides*.
    Ergo, sugar.

  25. That is how you ground a flying squirrel.. 😛

  26. He is clearly no Alexander Mundy…

  27. Flying squirrels glide too. See.


  28. Shoot. It works for Theresa.

  29. Nuts. It works for Theresa!

  30. Nope, in this case it would be the 100% !!!

  31. Nah he just needs someone to (pra-) lean on. Awful.

  32. ‘course not 🙂 goodnight, Mrs. Calabash…

  33. LOVE this! I’m a long-time Spike Jones fan, but this is one I hadn’t heard!

  34. Whatsammatter Miriam? I see a flying Skwerl, in mid-glide.

  35. Miriam, are there other pictures of Chip somewhere on the web that we can peruse?

  36. OMG Chip….YOU just put the biggest smile on my face! Thank you 🙂

  37. I’m sorry, but Inca-Dinka’s? Only you sir could pull that off with a straight (but stuffed) face. We salute you.

  38. True, but it’s just that the 99% want the hard copy now, while the 1% are waiting for the Kindle version. 😉

  39. SlaveToCat says:

    “Sometimes you feel like a nut…..Sometimes you don’t.”

    Maybe Jacques LeFarge should skip the hazel nut and settle for the Nutella.

  40. P.S. Moi not him! Obv.

  41. victoreia says:

    *rummaging* I may have a tiny saw here somewhere……

  42. victoreia says:

    @Zippy: 😆

  43. victoreia says:

    And Mary Wickes!

  44. It’s the magic carpet from Aladdin!

  45. Oh, man. And I thought the first two pictures were good! This is a true masterpiece of scrolldown comedy.

  46. Awesome, thanks for fixing that Sharpy! (my whoops on photo size)

  47. You must sprinkle salt on it’s tail.

    Cheeep, go to other side of barred box…the is open.

  48. I love the picture of the squirrel ( it is a squirrel right?) with his teeny tiny paws creeping over the bars and his head peering at the hazelnut 8)

  49. Fird Birfle says:

    *Leslie guffaws VERY inelegantly*

  50. Mary Wickes rocks!

  51. You MUST visit this link! Every one of those pics is CO worthy!

  52. Ha!

  53. The hovertext on the first photo is spot on perfect. His little mouth looks exactly like he is saying “oooooooh!” Such a fantastic post!

    NTMTOM, I wish there was a Pulitzer Prize or Nobel Prize for blogging. Because you’d win it paws down!

  54. Yep, definitely a southern flying squirrel. 🙂

  55. Holy moly!! I am ded from the qte! Do you give them free run of the house all the time, or are they in cages sometimes?

  56. Cutest pet evar!!!

  57. Chickenlegs says:

    awwwwwwwwww–poor wittle Chipster! Give the boy a nut Mommie!

  58. Emmberrann says:

    Awwwwwh, how’d you guess dat wuz me? I thot it wuz a seecret!

  59. They’re killer qte. Love to come out to play at night. Run around, hide nuts in my closet, raid my food cabinet, cheep to get me to play and then they put themselves to bed. Sometimes Cocoa rebels and sleeps in a towel.