Baby Nala: The Cutest McMonkersons you will ever see






So what’s the story? Frisky Sender-Inner Amelia says that according to owner Jennifer H.; Nala, a black Capuchin monkey was born April 25th. While a sanctuary is built for her, she lives in Vegas with a caring family. Nala helps two autistic boys and so far things are going great. Nala was not purchased at a pet store but rescued from a Veterinarian. Extensive, special training is required to care for Nala. To learn more about Nala check out her website!  See more Nala insanity (in movie form) here.



  1. ♫”Time for a monkey bath!” ♫

    “We don’t spank our– ” Wait, what did she say? I think Monkey Momma should go right to the Mod Lounge!

  2. This can’t be real life! That’s too tiny to be a real monkey. TOO CUTE.

  3. I could watch these videos all day and night! OMG, I am smitten with baby Nahla! Wow, such a beautiful creature…how I adore animals! Thank you!!!

  4. That whistling!!! So cute!

  5. She makes little chirpies!

  6. But will Nala help me with my phonics?

  7. Monkeys should not be kept in homes as pets. Ever. They’re wild animals for gawdssakes!!! I’m not sure she’ll be as adorable when she’s hormonal and biting & generally not being a clingy big-eyed baby monkey.

  8. I hear we’re serving banana daiquiris in the Lounge tonight.

  9. Nala is so sweet! I love her chirping during the bath. What a lovebug.

  10. Very cute, indeed.

  11. Nala is the adorablest..est…st…???? monkey ever!!! 😀

  12. Bravo. One of my favorite episodes.

  13. arachnophile says:

    Thank you for the link. I’m sorry but there are WAY too many monkey-babies in BAD human homes.

    Rather than being a NUFFER I’m just throwing my support behind the sort of people who go beyond the CUTE to do the right thing. 🙂 Gratz to all rescue sites who look at the needs of the creature.

  14. Moi, Actually says:

    The tongue exercises, the pink towel bunny, the loving puddle of poodle–it;s Disney come to life. But I’m glad to hear that there’s a sanctuary in Nala’s future.

  15. arachnophile says:

    You are right most of the time. I appreciate that the site at LEAST posted what I hope is a rescue video.

    For the most part, people who invite other primates into their homes are dooming the monkey/chimp/lemur/orangutan to a sad death.

    That is reality. It is a sad one. /bow

  16. How is this not rescute? Or Interspecies Snorgling? Or “I Shall LEEK you?” And where is our favorite monkey (with a) boy Jamin C?

  17. What’s disturbing is that “rescue from a vet.” WTF?

  18. In general, I completely agree that primates shouldn’t be kept as pets but we don’t know the exact situation here. I’m sure there’s more depth to it and to clarify, the monkey was first rescued BY the vet from someone that shouldn’t have had a pet monkey and then the vet found it a good home with her friend. The mom is doing all of the right things in raising a baby monkey and building a great enclosure for it. Eventually I am sure the monkey will go to a sanctuary where it can be with other monkeys. And you can imagine the lengths a mother will go to help her child, let alone two autistic sons. There’s tons of research that animal therapy helps autistic children. Most interesting.

  19. LMAO, I knew you would immediately comment on the monkey spanking comment. I did a double take when I heard it. Mom clearly needs a time-out in the naught corner.

  20. from her website:

    “The reason I am here is to help two autistic boys.” [written from the monkey’s point of view.]

    that’s nice and all, but dogs and cats can also help your autistic children — and as domesticated animals, they’re much better suited to life in captivity (not to mention safer for your family).

  21. Capuchin Monkeys are actually now being trained as “service animals” especially for people with spinal injuries. There has been a lot of research and effort put into this. . . “movement”? i haven’t looked specifically at Nala’s website to see how she is being of help to the autistic sons, or what training she has been through, but the things that they can train these monkeys to do is amazing. i suggest that you watch some of the videos on this site: :]

  22. arachnophile says:

    Exactly what I said. 🙂

  23. Didn’t Peter Gabriel do a song called “Spank the Monkey “? (snerk)

    Actually I never did like the real title of that song, it always reminded me of those horrible pix of the monkeys used in animal testing I saw as a kid.

  24. Mary (the first) says:

    Well, I thought I was braced, even had my own personal kitteh put her feets on top of my mouse hand (her new hobby, preventing me from mousing) but I was not braced enough for this adorableness!! (I could have done without so much high-pitched baby talk, however. The lady had a very nice voice when she had it at normal pitch.)

  25. Martha in Washington says:

    I’m so glad I did NOT have a mouthful of soda while watching that video! I still hurt my adnoids with my snort at the “monkey spanking” comment though!

  26. It was actually “Shock the Monkey.” 😉

  27. perhaps MOM has no idea what Spank the Monkey really means ROFLMAO..

  28. unfortunately neither do I. Is the male doing the spanking or the female?
    so confused…..

  29. oh so happy! loved the lil monkee movies! and the poodle giving Nala another bath
    ROFL!!! the tongues were so cute…so nice of someone to be able to give this lil
    imp good care and lots of lovinks!!! ahh best way to end the day looking at CO

  30. I have a poodle around here someplace….can I have a tiny bebeh monkeh too??

  31. 260Oakley says:

    Um, the phrase refers to self-administered spanking. Does that help? 😉

  32. bob drummond says:

    All I can say is “Well, I’ll be a Monkey’s Uncle ” !!!

  33. nice 🙂

  34. zoh my gawd. i’m not usually that big into monkeys, and i did brace myself – but i was blown away by the cuteness!!! the little squeeks with the bath!!!! 🙂

  35. Mia Joy Moretti says:

    Was the poodle anoyed that the monkey was in his/her bed?

  36. Fird Birfle says:

    I shall now summarize my response to these documentary photographs : “WheeeeEEEEEEeeeeeee!!!11!!!”

  37. vould you like to touch my monkey? touch it!
    und now, ve danse!

  38. Yes. Not a big monkey fan, either, but the squeeks just about did me in.

  39. heheheheheheeh!

  40. Fird Birfle says:

    I have been moderated.


    I guess it’s not the End of the World as We Know It.

  41. I made a joke about this when forwarding the cuteness to my FATHER and he wrote back a detailed explanation. My mind’s eye is burned forever.

  42. Ditto.

  43. It must be because you mentioned a “c*cumber”

  44. I’m in the mod lounge! And I didn’t even spell out the entire word…related to pickles.

  45. See that’s the reason my employer blocked access videos at work, form the comments and judging by the cuteness of the photos I’d be rendered useless for the rest of the day! 😆

  46. we’re fresh out of pickle-tinis.

  47. skating dangerously close to the thin ice of nuffer’s pond here…

  48. oh i feel your burning embarrassment. can’t even talk about it. but yes, i’ve been there.

  49. Fird Birfle says:

    This leetle Minkey’s BEF does a pretty skillful effort at competing with the BEF
    of the leetle mousie (or hammie or whichever is the correct species) from
    (was it) yesterday 🙂

  50. Fird Birfle says:

    nope. Not a green oval vegetable to be founded.

    (However I am happy to report that now, the Big Green Moderashun Machine has seen fit to release me frum its Grip. 🙂 see my original item above,
    timed 6:07 am )

  51. Oh know, I think I might start hyperventilating at the cuteness. it’s so tiny and adorable and I wants to squish….

  52. Bonnie Miljour says:

    Dear Cute Overload,

    I was viewing baby Nala’s bath, delighted I must say, when I was surprised to see a “Dark Peace” ad appear right on top of the picture. “Dark Peace seems to be an organization in opposition to Green Peace. Can they advertise their views directly on top of your wonderful pictures?


    Bonnie Miljour

  53. This is from the You Tube page, little Nala is indeed a rescue and a sanctuary is being built for her!
    My name is Nala. I was born on April 25th. I am a Black Cap Capuchin monkey. I live in Vegas with my family!! I now help two autistic boys and so far things are going great. I love them and they love me!!! My best friend is Miss Millie Marshmellow…as you can see. I was not purchased at a pet store but rescued from a veterinarian. This may be cute to watch but you need to have extensive training to work with a monkey. These videos are used as a means to show the vet in florida how she is progressing!! We got the idea from a video I sent to a friend to cheer her up. We then decided it was a great way to show her progress to her vet daily. She will not be sold later or used in any animal testing or shows on the Vegas strip!! A sanctuary is being built here in Vegas for her so be assured she is cared for properly! :)))

  54. i think it’s good for an orphaned baby animal, especially a primate, to have human contact and interaction and warmth of the kind that is provided by this family. not that i’m an expert on these matters, but studies have shown that baby monkeys need love and affection, not just a shelter with the right kind of food or whatever. when given the choice between a robot with a milk bottle and another robot that was covered in a soft blanket but no food or milk, they chose the latter. so yeah, i think for now, nala is better off with the human family than some animal cage all by herself.

  55. I thought it was a hickory daiquiri, Doc! 😛

  56. Because you left in the wrong syllable!

  57. The vid is an embed from YouTube, and the ad probably originates there, too.

  58. Martha in Washington says:

    Ooohhh! That sounds GOOOOD!!!!!

  59. OH OH OH, you have figured it out Theresa. From now on, the vegetable formally known as cuc*mber will be known as cuke (because it sounds like cute.)

  60. Like

  61. arachnophile says:

    Hence why I said that it’s great that this one is a rescue. I was just pointing out the reality when this is NOT the case and sadly it still happens a lot. This is a very cute situation and I wish them only the best. 🙂

  62. victoreia says:


  63. victoreia says:

    *suddenly hears Annette Funicello singing*

  64. victoreia says:

    Um, Fird? Cukes aren’t oval-shaped. They’re long and…..well, you know. 😉

  65. Fird Birfle says:

    Walp, see now here Miss victoreia …that was the closest one-word shape that
    came to mah piddly excuse for a brain, “at the time”.

    “Mistakes were made”. 🙂

  66. Fird Birfle says:

    — (Even though I’m fortunate enough, to have previously heard the
    “hickory dacquiri, Doc” punchline) …..*giggling anyway*

  67. Most definitely! After all, humans are about as close to monkeys as we normally get on this continent. Unless you want to see if some zoo monkeys are willing to take the little guy in. That seems a tad risky to me.

  68. I just love this little baby monkey…it made my day!

  69. random dog person says:

    Is it just me, or is the monkey staring at the camera in every picture? Does he already have a dislike of pictures being taken of him?

  70. I’m really sorry girls guys and fluffy things, but please could someone explain the nuff / -er / -ing terminology to me please? Just before I express any opinion on the above or elsewhere. Thanks in advance, am still new to all this.

  71. Sharon Middleton says:

    Baby anything are cute. And the smaller the better.

  72. Nala holding the ani-pal during bath time was just too much for my delicate sensibilities, too cute!

  73. Poodle says: Stop trying to lick me while I’m licking you!

  74. Harry Harlow is the guy who did the famous surrogate mother experiments with rhesus monkeys. (Remember reading this in “Scholastic News Magazine” when I was in grade school.) Very interesting study, and pertinent to Nala’s situation. 🙂
    If you go to the link, scroll down to “surrogate mother experiment.”

  75. The glossary should help you out. There are links under “nuffingham.” 🙂

  76. Can’t believe I’m in moderation for trying to be helpful! Can anyone toss me a Dr. Pepper?

  77. They’re long, and well . . . long.

  78. Wait, are you a guy? Because apparently, Dr Pepper is only for guys now. Can I offer you a Panini-tini?

  79. I thank you… I have read this before but don’t think I got past “dream office!” also Meg – must stress no imitation intended, my OH calls me Moo as well (Not That Moo The Other Moo?)

  80. Too…much…squee…can no longer function. Must have lie down.

  81. sunnylessmum says:

    Sheesh, that bath time vid just did me in. I am done for. That is some serious cute Nala has going on. I made noises I’ve never even heard before.

  82. Aw thanks! I would have thought, if anything, the throwing action in your second comment might have been the one that got you in trouble (or does it not mean the same over the pond?)

  83. The sound on the first video almost ruins it…

  84. Uh, nope…not a male. Apparently, I must have missed some announcement? Um…WHY is Dr. Pepper only for guys, now? Color me confused–or perhaps embarrassed? I spend my day with many ten year olds, so my trend knowledge is rather limited. *sigh* I’m always out of the loop!

  85. After a visit to a British slang dictionary, I can say “NOOOOO, it does NOT mean the same thing over here!” I thought I was pretty good with the colloquialisms of British English, but…I am apparently reading the wrong books, or watching the wrong TV shows! BBCA has let me down. 😦
    (Don’t know how to make a blushing smiley, so you’ll have to imagine it!)

  86. revolution724 says:

    I love how the poodle is like, she’s a weird looking puppy so she needs extra licking. Licking contest?

  87. Oh, are you in for a treat. If you every get a chance go see Marmosets in the flesh. Especially the miniature, smallest ones you can find – and it’s best if they have babies!

  88. Darling 6Rabbits, I feel honoured to have filled a gap that BBCA has left. Imagine the hilarity in British cinema theatres and living rooms alike upon the proud announcement from Gimli, Son of Gloin, that “NOBODY tosses a dwarf!”

  89. Just remembered their name: pygmy marmosets. We saw some years ago – smaller than your hand – and then realized they had BABIES on their backs! SQUEEEEE!!!!

  90. Primates are wild animals and should not be used as a “treatment”for human children. There are a lot of medical treatments for humans.
    Monkeys have their own life, they don’t exist to serve people.
    Poor little creature will die slowly without havind lived at all.

  91. @Moo–OMGosh! I just about spit out my drink! That’s one of my favorite scenes from LOTR. Oh, man, I’m going to be giggling about that for awhile! *double snerk* (Then the scene where Aragorn has to help Gimli across to the bridge to fight the Orcs at Helms Deep–“You’ll have to toss me. Don’t tell the elf.” ROTF *snerk, chortle* 🙂

  92. This important animal rights issue was discussed fairly throughout this post. ‘Nuff said.

    Now everyone go back and listen to Nala’s bath whistle again.

  93. omg, how detailed do you have to be? one word would be enough! why, it even rhymes with “moderation.”

    in fact, we could even create a sloga— just kidding.

  94. that’s crazy! that’s like having a chocolate truffle dipped in dark chocolate with chocolate sauce, chocolate jimmies, whipped cream AND a cherry!

  95. I wondered if anyone would see this since I was gone for a few days – and when you post late, you lose out.

    Have you googled pygmy marmosets? Unbelievable! Years ago we saw them at the indoor botanical/butterfly garden in Victoria, BC. And another time at (the now closed) Discovery Island at Walt Disney World, FL. Amazing little creatures!

  96. sandgirl48 says:

    I absolutely love watching the videos of Nala and hope to see many more. She is absolutely adorable. The owners are doing such a good thing.