Winter Can’t Be Far Behind

The migration of the buns has begun…

Alert the Audobun Society, ibm4381



  1. follow the pretty butterflies

  2. Hee! I’ve been very sick the past few days, but today I came here and my first reaction was ‘Sproing!’ 🙂 Made me feel better, and made me smile.

  3. Is “Hoover Cat” going wif heem?

  4. I love the hover text!

  5. Fird Birfle says:

    “I shall love him, and hug him, and call him Levitation Bun…”

    “Sproing!!!” Hmm, Isn’t that one of the activities one would generally expect to occur in Spring?

    (heh heh heh)

  6. DanBenZvi says:

    No, no, no, he is on his way to the Coachella Valley and the carrot festival therein…

  7. 260Oakley says:

    Here we see that rarest of creatures, the Monarch Bunnerfly!

  8. Sproing sproing sproingitty

  9. …I’m so happy it’s an adorable, non-rescue pic. I was bawling every time I came to cuteoverload yesterday.

  10. Super bun! Note the ability to fly above ground.

  11. *peeking through bushes and speaking in a hushed tone* “Ah, the rare, migrating Hover Bun.”

  12. This is timely, since I’m just going out to see BunnyBall. 😀

  13. Don’t forget to take that left turn at Albuquerque!

  14. It’s ALL about the hover, this one.

  15. [snrk] 😉

  16. Hover-bun will make it’s debut in 2015.

  17. You’re not really moving until your buns are airborne

  18. hahahah!

  19. LisaLassie says:


  20. LisaLassie says:

    I am now planning a trip to Brigantine to see the great migrations of Buns on the Eastern Bunway.

  21. Hurrah! The dwindling days are but an illuuuuusion. It’s not autumn, it’s Sproing!

  22. Bun must use ears as propellers!

  23. Greetings jb, hope you feel 100% soon! Was tempted to say 110% but have watched too many episodes of the apprentice to ever go above 100 again lol

  24. Pismo Beach and all the clams I can eat!

  25. He’s hovering and disapproving at the same time. Amazing!

  26. I grew up in California, I believe he should be following the swallows :o) Regardless I want a hover bunny!!!!!

  27. What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

  28. Buns are mighty multitaskers.

  29. The first new hoverbun arrives on the test field at Bunway Airlines’ research facility.

  30. emmberrann says:

    O, 260O, you dunnit again! You made me laff…. I’m still smiling!

  31. emmberrann says:

    I’m taking a right at Albu – going to Santa Fe soon! If I catch up to that bun, I’ll be sure to let him know you was looking for him.

  32. “Winter is coming” – Ned Stark

  33. European or African?

  34. Queen of Dork says:


    Hey peeps, I just discovered this show on Animal Planet called “Too Cute” And it’s keeling me. They are showing litters of puppies. The puppies are tiny blops of can’t-yet-hold-their-heads-up-or-open-their-eyes smooshable bundles of furry love! 🙂

  35. I think so, and there is a hover dog around, too. Let’s ALL hover!

  36. Fird Birfle says:


  37. Fird Birfle says:


  38. Fird Birfle says:

    @ Theresa: elegantly stated, ma’am!

  39. Fird Birfle says:

    — On first read, I didn’t catch pyrit’s pun, contained in the caption *under* the pic …YAY pyrit’s puns!!!

  40. The famous cliff swallows of San Juan Capistrano, that leave town every year in a swirling mass near the Day of San Juan (October 23), are returning from their winter vacation spot 6,000 miles south in Goya, Corrientes, Argentina.
    I checked google and this is what I found.

  41. Oh, verrrrry good! *bows in respect*

  42. That’s my favorite part!

  43. It’s spring below the Equator, FB! 🙂

  44. King of the bunnerflies!

  45. Fird Birfle says:

    now THAT’s a good “pernt”. I hadn’t thoughta that, so thanks! 🙂

  46. awesome factoids! 🙂

  47. I saw those, too. The puppies and their devoted moms kilt me daid. Hey, who put that dang tag on my toe?? 😯

  48. He needs a cape, huh? 🙂

  49. The Bunbearable Lightness of Being, as it were.

  50. That was pure genius is what that was. 🙂

  51. 🙂 He is!
    “I shall sproing with great abandon and joie de vivre, but I am nonetheless highly indignant, scornful, and I do not approve one tiny bit. J’accuse!!!”

  52. Where is it? where is the QoD burpday party?

  53. ” . . . The Kingsguard do not bun.”

  54. Time, pleasure, pain- it’s ALL an illusion! NOTHING IS REAL BUT TEH QTE!!!!!!! But I can live with that. 😛

  55. I’m much better now, and part of the remedy process was going to a friends’ house and petting their dogs. Even the one kitty who doesn’t like me at all came over and let me pet him for a while. I think he was just feeling sorry for me. It did make me feel a lot better, though.

  56. Sally Field as the Flying Bun!

  57. good one!

  58. The Carrot Festival is in Holtville, in the IMPERIAL VALLEY. Don’t you carrot all about accuracy? I marched in the parade many times as a kid. Yay, carrots. Yay, hoverbun.