Sketches is Saved!

Check out her website to see what makes Sketches so special.

Help Sketches!

I’ll give you a hint, a gracious couple saved Sketches from a certain fate, and now provide great care for the lil’ Bengal.



  1. I give up, the cute broke me down :3

  2. How could anyone throw away such an adorable little kitten?!

  3. TineeeeeeeTabbeeeeeeeee!

  4. Adrienne Woodward says:

    What an adorable little gal… I hope she finds a wonderful home!

  5. Sweet baby Bengal I really hope she finds a loving family.

  6. victoreia says:

    Whoever hurt her deserves to burn in hell for several eternities. Whoever threw her away like that should join them.

    *gets blowtorch ready for the bonfire*

  7. I’m right there with my pitchfork as well as some tar and feathers.

  8. I’ll gather the kindling!

  9. What a cute face…. I get filled with rage when I see/hear people throw ANIMALS away as if they r dolls or a piece of clothing. I am happy this lil chap was saved. 😦

  10. Agreed!

  11. Morons? Despicable scumbags? So sad. :-((

  12. Fird Birfle says:

    wheeeeeeere’s T.U.M. (referencing the Bea the romping lamb video) ???

  13. what an adorable little baby. how could anyone hurt such an innocent little thing, i’ll never understand. thank you to the kind people who are helping her.

  14. HRH QueenCat says:

    and I’m right behind you guys with hedgeclippers, duct tape and 3 heavy duty trash bags;

  15. Yep. Karma will get ’em.

  16. just in case Karma takes too long I have the basic Serial Killer Ford Econoline lined with tarps and ready to go.

  17. So these are people who’ve rescued her and she’s now got a new family? Such a beautiful little cat. She looks awesome in the bath 🙂

    Hope karma appears and smacks the people who did this to her with a huge stick.

  18. SlaveToCat says:

    I’ll provide the alibi.

    You were all over my house, hanging around the fire pit, enjoying a glass of Chardonnay and nibbles.

  19. SlaveToCat says:

    He’s so fluffy fuzzy. I bet he goes Poof in a high wind.

  20. I love her little spotty tummy!! How anyone could ever be so mean to something so precious is just beyond me. I have to go kiss my cat now and tell her I love her.

  21. LOL! i’ll start the wood chipper!

  22. poofs and high winds are more of a canine thing.

  23. so you live in the Mod Lounge? 😉

  24. You need any help, you call me. Can’t vouch for my Karma but I can bring my big Dogma along. (Black lab, visually intimidating. Won’t really help much otherwise.) Anyway, I’m with ya.

  25. wow. the kindness and generosity evidenced on CO today has turned my world around. these amazing peeps remind me to keep the faith…

  26. i think I just decided what to name the little bar I plan to open on a tropical beach in my fantasy future retirement: “The Moderation Lounge”

    will you guys come for a visit?

  27. OMG, how do these good people continue to function with this cutie running around their house? I would be mesmerized and playing with Sketches 24×7.

  28. I am so moved by this loving act towards an animal in need, I don’t know what to say, except that there is a special place in heaven for them. And there is an extraordinarily awful place in Hell for the perps who tortured that little animal. What goes around, WILL come around. It always does, sooner or later.

  29. Is she still available for adoption? I have done a lot of animal rescue through the years, both privately and volunteering at an animal shelter. I’d love to adopt her, but I found the website unclear as to whether she has found a forever home yet. If anyone knows, can you post info on how I might adopt her?

  30. I was wondering the same thing – has she found a forever home?

  31. She doesn’t seem to be in pain, and this is a relief. I hope you can find a surgeon and that this little sweetie finds her home through CO. It would be a great day. Love to all the peeps who care about the creatures.

  32. I tell ya, people who abuse animals should have the same things done to them, that they did to the animal. Too many just get off with a slap on the wrist, it’s not right. I hope Sketches is adopted by awesome people who will give her the care she deserves.

  33. Everything (including me!) should be taken in moderation.

  34. Oh my goodness! Too cute! I started crying while watching the videos of her! She is an amazing leetle kitteh and I can’t believe anybody would ever want to throw her out in the garbage!

  35. She’s so beautiful! I’ll never understand how some so-called people can hurt beautiful little creatures like her. But there are so many more wonderful people willing to help her, and that’s what matters.

  36. I’ll bring the chardonnay and nibbles, more kindling, some matches (just in case) and a bottle of white Sambuca. 🙂

  37. I’ll be there!

  38. Where I used to live, finding animals–both dead and alive–in the roadside dumpsters was commonplace. I don’t know how those people sleep…or look in mirrors.

  39. I’m right with you, ready with a baseball bat to administer the same fate they rendered to this poor kitten.

  40. I don’t think she has yet – it looks like the people are posting currently – each post has 50 minutes ago, 1 hour ago, 2 hours ago, one day ago, and it looks like they are still trying to find someone to care for her fulltime. She is a darling little girl. I live in TX and have to work, so I wouldn’t be able to take her, but my god, what a little sweetie. Bless these people for rescuing her and taking care of her!

  41. So true. I believe that kittens are actually secret weapons deployed in our homes to halt all productivity and render us non-functional as GNP-contributing citizens. I mean really, who can accomplish anything else when there’s a sweet little kitten needing a cuddle? They condition us early on and then mature into our masters.

  42. why did I get modded?

  43. And it seems to work at a distance, too. I’m getting nothing done this evening because I keep clicking back to stare at Sketches’ beautiful little face.

  44. wannadance says:

    all in favor of finding the scumbag and shooting him/her in his/her sleepl]
    drastic and nnot very nice, i realize, but coompared to sketches???

    angers, angers

  45. It breaks my heart a thousand times that someone could put this KITTEN in a garbage bag, let alone even cutting its whiskers off and probably breaking its back too!

    I’m so unbelievably thrilled she doesn’t seem to be suffering any. I just hope she finds an owner who will love her and spoil her absolutely rotten. Sadly I’m in Sydney and can’t be the one to do that myself.

  46. wannadance says:

    all these are so perfect, compared to my little shoot in sleep..

  47. wannadance says:

    hmmmmm, love sambuca. i’ll bring jalapeno velveeta dip with white chipe. ooooooo, we gonna have us a good time, for punishment.

    alla no rancho grande
    alla no …can’t remember

  48. wannadance says:

    but, as it turns out, i just got kicked into the mod lounge. bring on the goofies. never too early for chili con queso

  49. wannadance says:

    dunno. me too. just because i vividly describe murdering the offenders. so what’s so bad about that?

  50. I don’t usually cry over these things, but when I read that she was found in a garbage bag with her spine broken and her whiskers cut off, I realized that someone had deliberately hurt her, and that was it for me.

    I don’t really believe in Hell, but there are times when I think there should be one.

    Now, I am over the tears and ready to join the “hunt-down-the-mofo-with-a-baseball-bat” crew.

  51. Hmm, I was all ready for pickles in the Moderation Lounge, but somehow that post sneaked by. 🙂

  52. Really! As if disemboweling someone alive is somehow offensive. I guess some peeps are just sensitive.

  53. Tineee Tearjerking Tabbeee!

  54. And I’m right behind you all with Gatorade in case you get tired.

  55. i keep telling you people, IT’S THE STUPONS!

  56. Is this disabled animals week? Between the blind kitty fighting the evil hair dryer, Flapjacks and now Sketches, it’s like its “adorable animals that break your heart” week.
    Soooooo happy to see Sketches is doing so well, poor muffin. Ditto Flapjacks.

  57. Guinea Peeg Lover says:

    Not unless you shoot them with a marsmallow gun.

  58. Guinea Peeg Lover says:

    I’ll get the sledgehammer.

  59. I have a bow and arrows and am adept at using them.

  60. I didn’t go to the link that described what happened to Sketches, but the comments here give me a pretty good idea… 😦

    But I have to say that second picture just screams “HALP!” in such a cute, pathetic way… 🙂

  61. cyberpunkrocker says:

    Dammit guys, you made me cry…

  62. i_wuvs_puttins says:

    I’ll get the melon baller. (obscure Golden Girls reference)

  63. I’ve never had a kitten full-time, but I’ve fostered a couple, and this hypothesis
    TOTALLY explains everything! 🙂

  64. I continue to be amazed at the resiliency of our companion animals, but I am increasingly frustrated at our inability to stop these despicable incidents from happening in the first place! !

    Many kisses and tummy snorgles to Sketches, and thanks to her humans! 🙂

  65. Grrrr….you don’t THROW OUT animals….ANY animals….this just makes my blood boil. I do calm down tho’, when I reaslise that I’m not alone in my thinking, and there are many more wonderful folks who will help and save instead of abuse and discard. I wish you a wonderful life, wee sketches, fidded with cuddles and your favorite treats.

  66. I agree! Animal abusers are often slapped with a fine when they should really be doing time in jail for their crime. How a person treats animals is a good indicator of how they treat other people too!

  67. oh my goodness, I’m in moderation too! What do I do????

  68. filled with stale marshmallows…

  69. HI everyone – I didn’t read about the kitty either – nightmares. Also… my 17-yr-old kitty died in my arms this morning. He was my best friend. Trying to be brave and remember he had 17 good years.

  70. Norberts Mom says:

    I with y’all…rolls up sleeps hauls out woodchipper
    <>> calls up boat rental place!

    Woodchipper+boat = Doing it Soprano style!

    Who ever hurt this little darling – there are special places in hell just for you!!!

  71. We accept the grief the moment we adopt them. Still hurts like hell, though. Try to remember all the joy he experienced.

  72. I don’t understand it either and it causes me mucho heartache-o. Love to this little bebee.

  73. kibblenibble says:

    kzgz, so sorry! (((hugs)))

  74. I’m sorry! The grief is so painful but we move through it. Would you rather have loved and lost……….
    I had two cats and a dog, all 14-15 yrs die within a year. I gave them an incredible life and now I’m on to the next ones. A decade or more of joy and love to me is worth the trade off.
    Kzgz read about the Rainbow Bridge and cry cry cry. Then when you are ready go give a doomed kitty in a shelter the honor of being yours!!

  75. Leslie Thomas/ Florida (aka Fird Birfle) says:

    oooooh, kzgz. That feels SO distressing.

    You gave him quite a lengthy time of being well-cared-for. Seventeen yrs is definitely more than average or than a cat would survive on the streets.
    He was/ is obviously well-loved. My sincerest condolences.

  76. Fird Birfle says:

    kzgz I wrote a condolences note but the Moderashun Machine got it.
    Please check back for it. Take care of yourself and let your friends and/or
    family take care of you, too, at this time.

  77. deow sketches:
    I n soo glad 2 no yoo. i n glad yoo haf good perints. yer stori made me sad at ferst but i n happeh to no yoo R in a good place wif dem.
    hugs and “gros bises”

  78. This is definitely rescute Saturday. Yeah for good hearted people!

  79. Why is the post titled “Sketches is Saved!” when, actually, Sketches needs
    – a new home,
    – neuro doc able to check her spine basically free of charge and
    – potentially a surgeon able to fix said spine?
    I mean, sure, these people certainly saved Sketches from death, but there’s still much to be done before “Saved!” seems appropriate.

  80. It’s hard to feel such disgust for whoever hurt her and such love for those who saved her at the same time.

  81. WendyLady says:

    I’ll bring to shovel to bury the evidence.

  82. Lots of love to you in this difficult time.

  83. absolutely heartbreaking.

  84. so the wording really has you steamed.

  85. Sopranos AND Fargo! Can we get some Marathon Man?

  86. I’ll bring a pair of pliers and a blowtorch. (I’m gonna get Medieval on someone’s ass.)

  87. Jenn in IL says:

    My God, could there be a more precious face anywhere?? Sweet honey bunny…

  88. So sorry, kzgz. Seventeen years is a long life for a kitty, but that does not make it any easier for you. Huge hugs on the loss of your kitty.

  89. People who do this are dangerous to us all and need to be apprehended. They have a very deep psychosis that requires them to act-out their pain. This person would resent the cuteness of the kitty and that they would draw those feelings out. What city is this in? Law Enforcement should probably regard every incidence of animal cruelty as a clue to other horrendous offences against humans, children and property. It needs to be taken more seriously, this is the only way it is going to be stopped.

  90. you ma’am, are correct.

  91. 🙂

  92. anonymous coward says:

    …should i bring the table or the mitre saw?

    let me know which one so i can put a dull blade on the right one.

    (we are not amused either. i am definitively not impressed by anyone who hurts a four-footed/winged/42 friend)


  93. I think to own an animal or have a child people should have to take classes and tests before they can have either. That way if you are un-fit as a parent to a four-legger or a two-legger we can weed you out.

    On another note, Sketches is ADORABLE! I want her so much. But my old lady kitty Lexxie might not like her so much. 😦 I know she’ll find a good home.

  94. anonymous coward says:

    well, it starts with you getting pita bread and feta, with some dark olives too, then…

  95. Poor baby! The video of her in the mini wheelchair is awwsome.

  96. victoreia says:

    Well, when you do have full-time kittens, they rapidly take over all your activities. Mine boss me around from the second I open the door when I get home. On weekends, I get bossed around pretty much all day.

  97. It looks like yes, they are still looking for a home. Try this: ?

  98. victoreia says:

    I think it’s actually “Shelter” week. (At least, it should be.)

  99. victoreia says:

    {{{{kzgz}}}} Hang in there.

  100. “Is it safe?…..”
    zzzzzZZZZZZ!!!!!(sound of a tooth being drilled)

  101. Possessed by Cats says:

    I honestly don’t know what makes people so inhumane. One of my kitties was abandoned on the street at one point and was almost used as dogfighting bait. The fact that my little princess kitty almost was used for that purpose makes me sick to my stomach and, quite frankly, enraged.

  102. Aren’t bengals expensive to acquire in the first place? And for someone to just pitch poor little Sketches like rubbish… :(( Reminds me of some ad I saw years ago with a puppy that said “You said you’d always love me… I don’t understand the ‘if I can afford it’ part.”

    It takes a real ‘special’ sort of person to throw away an injured/deformed animal… the sort of person who get’s a ‘special’ sort of Hell. Just heartbreaking.

  103. THANK YOU THANK YOU! Thank you so much for helping get the word out about this precious and adorable kitten! You guys are too kind though, me and Andrew are nothing special, any one of you would have done the same thing. Nobody here would let this wonderful animal be put to sleep for no reason either.

    But, thank you!!! We all love you for it.

  104. *nods with such enthusiasm as to hurt the neck*

  105. Fird Birfle says:


  106. Zero's Mom says:

    My beagle, Zero, broke his back. We took him to NCSU veterinary hospital where they fused 2 vertebrae together and removed one (if I remember correctly- or they removed the disc). That was at least 6-7 years ago. Now he is 12 years old and although he has arthritis and we have to encourage him sometimes to stop laying around b/c he gets stiff and painful, he is a happy, spoiled fella. He looks a little funny when he runs and does not jump up anymore but he is still our baby and plays with our younger beagle and 3 cats.

    Anyway, maybe later on when she is bigger, she too can find a great surgeon who can fuse some vertebrae and she too can live a long wonderful life like our hero Zero.

  107. Hey there – can I request that whom ever becomes Stetches forever heros please keep us posted – this story has truly touched my heart and would love to know how she makes out – or at least know that she has found a proper forever home. :o)

  108. Bluebird, your comment as sent to moderation because you used the correct spelling of the word “ded.” That’s why most commenters here purposely misspell that word.

  109. I’m so sorry to hear about your kitty, kzgz. More hugs to you. And your sweet boy is sending lots of furry purrs down to you from the rainbow bridge….

  110. ditto

  111. Keep us posted on Sketches!

  112. But Lizzie, you and Andrew ARE special people! The folks at the shelter were going to put her down and the woman who brought her in wouldn’t risk angering her husband by bringing this kitty home. You didn’t HAVE to take responsibility for Sketches but you did it anyway even though it’s extra difficult for you to care for ANY animal (nevermind an injured one) due to your current living situation. Your actions in this situation are downright INSPIRING. Sending you all the best possible karma….

    How ’bout it, Peeps? These folks live in CA and would like to find a forever home at least somewhere on the west coast so they can provide back-up in case the person who takes Sketches finds it impossible to care for her permanently. Any takers out there, please get in touch with Lizzie and Andrew right away if not sooner.

  113. I’m right with you. But instead of baseball bat beating, I would be for alien abduction and probed by various tentacles and forced to eat plastic food replicas of hot dogs and things before being spat out on Sahara desert on a pile of camel dung. That way, they’ll suffer excruciating pain and not (well not credibly) be able to tell anyone about it. Then they finally understand what abused animals feel.

  114. Fird Birfle says:

    OMGOSH NOOOOOoooooo broken backs.
    I’ve had fusion surgery on several vertebrae in my lower spine (altho’ mine was done as corrective/ prevention surgery due to extreme curvature and twisting that was
    happening with my spine at a relatively young age; not due to broken back.
    The recuperation etc are the same type of experience …)

    I’m so glad that Zero is a happy, spoiled fella & that he manages to “play” nicely with others!!!

    YAY for Zero’s Mom!!!

  115. Thanks for the nice words. I’m feeling a bit better now. Getting past the horrible can’t-stop-crying phase, slowly getting to the good memories phase. Trying to focus on that. He had been ill, too, and we certainly didn’t want him to be feeling bad.

  116. One of the many reasons I love this site: for every monster out there who would hurt a defenseless kitten (and, by extension, any other living creature deemed “hurtable”–and that includes humans), there are many, many more caring people who are outraged and disgusted by such behavior and, like Sketches’ rescuers, who are willing to make sacrifices to heal the hurt. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that the “good guys” really do outnumber the bad ones.

  117. Fird Birfle says:

    don’t forget about the little tiny bitey ants,
    to bite them all over, while in the camel dung.

  118. Guinea Peeg Lover says:

    Or jelly beans.

  119. Sharon Middleton says:

    Having rescued several cats from tormenting children, I applaude your actions. Count me in on the fun of teaching the scumbags a lession in humanity and humility.

  120. I will help out too. I also have a friend who would also help out. He knows some people who would also help out and hide all of the evidence as well.

  121. I can say then you came to see me on the West Coast of Canada.

  122. AWW 😥 I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your dear sweet kitty, kzgz 😥 (A BIG CYBER HUG)

  123. I second that, ariia.

  124. I live in British Columbia, Canada, and I am sure I could talk my relatives into taking that sweet little kitty or at least getting ahold of their friends who live in Washington State. I am also adding that there must be a Facebook page we could set up about dear little Sketches needing a home.

  125. Give them to Dexter!

  126. Well said CathyDee. There are bad guys out there, certainly, but I think we all sometimes forget that there are many compassionate and animal lovers out there who FAR outnumber these a$$holes. Pardon my French. And Sketches is freaking adorable! 🙂

  127. SO CUTE! How can anyone be mean to something so adorable!

  128. Sketches is a beautiful kitten. Kudos to the people who took in Sketches temporarily, especially with their not-so-easy situation! Best of luck in finding her a permanent home and continued care for her injuries!

  129. I agree CathyDee. It can be so disheartening most times but I keep telling myself that bad ‘news’ makes the news more than good stuff so we just don’t hear about all the terrific deeds people perform.

  130. What a sad and then heartwarming story.
    Sketches, you look like my Squirt . I have hope that you will find a great home – in the meantime you’re in the best place you can be. ❤

    For those wondering how Sketches could be saved when she's still looking for a forever home, based on the story on the blog, I imagine it's because she was saved from certain death.

    Also, is anyone else bothered by the woman at the front desk at the spca? Her reaction seems quite callous to me. 😦

  131. She was saved from the garbage bin and then being put down by the animal rescue centre. From the tumblr site it looks like they’ve had a tonne of interest and offers of help so the little tigger should have a much better life from now on.

  132. Not only were we surprised at her callous reaction (and her certainty that the Kitty was in pain), we were slightly flabbergasted at being ‘thrown out’ (for lack of a better term) in order to discuss the plans for the cat.

    Honestly, what bothers me the most is that Lizzie keeps getting turned down for jobs at vets and the like while people far less qualified and far less knowledgeable have them. I’m not denigrating those people, they likely earned their positions. I’m just saying it’s a little silly that Lizzie simply cannot find work, given her qualifications and uncommon love for animals.

  133. All I can say is thank you, so much for that post.

  134. Here’s hoping little Sketches starts to feel her legs!! Wowee.

  135. Hey over there in Canada from Leicestershire in England 🙂
    I have been following your story since you posted it and admire your determination and patience with little Sketches, she sure is a happy little thing with you. Keep up the good work and dont be afraid to shake a tin for some financial help, there are hundreds of us out here who cant help but are desperate too and if it means helping you help her recovery its so worth it. xxx Love from Nicola mummy to Poppy maine coone and Jacob tuxedo.

  136. wannadance says:

    wonderful wonderful line from the movie. and considering what he does to the offender, i say yes. bring the sword.
    q. tarantino is a veritable genious…


  137. there doesn’t seem to be a place on the site to donate money? also, I just saw that she was saved from a garbage bag, nothing about the SPCA, is there another site?

  138. wannadance says:

    totally true. wish i’d paid attention to certain signs before i married the jerk who then started hurting me.

    it’s always a good sign…

  139. yay for NCSU vet hospital! there are some wonderful, caring people there – the instructors and the students who are training so hard to become great veterinarians 🙂

  140. starlinguk says:


  141. Lizzie and Andrew are looking into it, but there are a lot of complications – PayPal has a lot of fees, they would have to deal with the IRS, etc., etc. They are looking at various options, including sites that deal with charitable contributions. I know once they find something, they will get lots of donations!

    Also, you’ll have to scroll down to read more about the details – they are answering various people’s questions about the details of the situation, and include the back story in those answers.

    BTW, it saddens me that the lady who found Sketches took her to the SPCA, thinking they could help and instead the lady in the front was talking about putting her down, even though she was obviously a very healthy kitty. I thought the SPCA was no-kill.

  142. starlinguk says:


  143. starlinguk says:

    Either Sketches was stolen, or the breeder didn’t think the cat was perfect (= could not be sold) so he wanted to get rid of her. I have no idea why he tortured the poor creature, though. Mind you, particular breeders don’t give a flying **** about the wellfare of their animals.

    We had an “imperfect” British Blue, but at least his owner just threw him out on the street, rather than … this kind of stuff.

  144. starlinguk says:

    You can give to charity via Amazon too, it’s how Kickstarter does it. Something to look into?

  145. I’m going to cry. Seriously. One of my friends on Facebook is Willow, the kitteh who was born with her back legs deformed. She belongs to a very special woman who takes in special-needs kittehs. The most recent addition to this house was Adlai Grace, who was thrown from a moving vehicle in a pillowcase with her siblings. Two died, two were unharmed, and Adlai (Hebrew for “God is just”) was paralyzed. She passed away last week. Her online community was heartbroken. Look on YouTube for “Adlai Grace” if you need a good cry.

    I’m glad Sketches found a forever home. Bless these good people.

  146. No, no, no. Load up the b*stards with warfarin and heparin, then start poking them with a four inch long straight pin. Use the straight pin to perforate parts ’til they fall off (i.e. fingers, toes, dumb sticks because the meanest ones usually come equipped with them) throw the parts that fell off in the wood chipper, chip them into an incinerator and put the remainders on a crazy hairy ant hill with their mouths taped shut.

    Wait. That would be too nice…..

  147. I don’t have a problem with not being nice in this situation.

  148. Is there really a mod lounge?? I’ve heard of this before and always assumed it was humor.


  149. It sort of makes me wonder if the person who hurt Sketches was a kid who wasn’t being supervised with wee kitten and didn’t understand that a living creature is not a toy (a la Elmyra). Or maybe just a mean kid with a sadistic streak. The snipped whiskers make me suspicious. Still, whoever tossed kitty in the trash afterwards just plain sucks.

  150. ooh, i like that. maybe a “hunting humans” video for youtube?

  151. that’s a great idea! who’s up for a Modtini?

  152. so we have a mod lounge which is a real place. from the outside you can see silhouettes of people eating and drinking and laughing. in reality, there’s a door to an underground railroad where we move animals to safety and their torturers to justice. am i on the right track?

  153. Can sketchers have an Amazon wish list? Then people could buy gifts for sketchers…. food, litter, etc.

  154. LynneSkysong says:

    I was reading through the tumblr and guess what? It sounds like sketches is getting feeling in her back feet!

    Quote from the site”Lizzie started massaging her back legs, and Sketches cried out when Lizzie pushed too hard on her back stifle muscles (I don’t know what that is either, it’s her hamstrings apparently). So, she said to me “look!” I started paying attention.

    The next thing she did caused me to audibly and uncontrollably say “holy schnikies.” After 2 weeks of no reaction, Lizzie pinched her foot and she said “meow!!!” very loudly, and very unhappily. Tried it again, and she meowed again.

    Not to be falsely hopeful, but that was pretty cool. I think this kitty is recovering – and it happened on a good day, where we’ve been overwhelmed by support.”

  155. Oooooh. Visions of “Fargo”…………


  156. If only I still lived in CA she would be MY vet! What the two of you have managed to achieve in such a short time is incredible. Sketches is alert, mobile, cheerful. The unflagging care you’ve lavished on her has given her a happy present and a bright future. You two rock.
    My dog was saved from a horrible fate by some wonderful people who rescued and nursed her. Like you they had so many responsibilities that they weren’t in a position to give her a forever home. I’m blessed every day by the sweet pup they let me adopt.
    How many CO readers have fallen asleep clutching their pets these last few nights?

  157. Andrew, that would be truly frustrating. I think Lizzie will get the job of her dreams if the amount of good karma you two have collected is anything to go by. 🙂

  158. I’d go for the table saw — I’ve known more people to have scary bad experiences with those than with mitre saws. And someone deserves to have a scary bad experience.

  159. Bluebird, thank you so much. We really appreciate the support.

    And Waheeda, it’s just the CA economy in general. It’s frustrating, but we’re both young (25), and we’ll get where we want to be. Lizzie will for sure. All she needs is that one break, and she’ll take the ball and run for life.

  160. How do I help? I can give money or a home for Sketches, but I do not see how/where to do that.

  161. You’re both so inspirational – thank you. And your pets are lucky to have you. 🙂 Prayers and kisses for Sketches. ❤ And if/when needed, money!

  162. We would be giving money as a “gift” and that might be tax exempt, or, maybe not in the USA ??? I use Paypal all the time and they take a small percentage from each transaction but you don’t need money up front for set up. Perhaps your local shelter would come in to assist with this as well. Most do work in animal rescue. Just some suggestions for this big job.

  163. Andrew: Paypal might not be a bad option for you all. I read your tumblr and I suggest instead of attempting to refund donations once a goal is met, instead you could monitor the goal, or even set a goal in some of these fundraising tools and disable donations once it is met. If it goes over slightly, then all additional funds would go directly towards Sketches care, I am sure she will have other vet visits, food, diapers etc.
    In the meantime, I like the idea of an Amazon wish-list 🙂
    Here is a link to a very helpful article all about donation websites, it is written for NPOs, but the payment portals are for anyone really. Paypal should not be an issue if you are not depositing the funds into your checking account. I suggest looking into their free debit card, so you could use it directly for Sketches care. I am also sure that there has to be a CPA out there reading this who could offer sound advice?
    I am also more than willing to set up an official website for you all to do the donations etc when the time comes. I would love to contribute however I can! I have two kitties of my own who I adore.

  164. I see on the Tumblr site today that Sketches’ heroes Lizzie and Andrew have *another* pet needing vet care. These are wonderful, loving people who give care unstintlingly. They are looking into establishing a Sketches veterinary fund to which I know CO readers will donate. Meanwhile I love the idea of an Amazon wishlist for supplies for their various critters. For instance, Sketches wears preemie diapers which can’t be cheap.

  165. I hate to badmouth SPCA but they are not all animal-lovers. Remember those 100 Whistler dogs who were inhumanely put down (and I’m talking REALLY inhumane) once the sleddog company no longer wanted them? Well the SPCA was told to look into that many times, and they never did. In fact I think the guy who had to do the putting down was begging them to take the dogs but they refused, hence my lowish opinion of them here in Canada.

  166. I am happy you are setting up a fund – I’m sure there will be a lot of donors. If you do collect more $ than Sketches needs, perhaps instead of going to the trouble of refunding it proportionally (which could be a chore if a hundred people kick some money in), that you donate the excess to a local shelter as an emergency vet expense fund. I volunteer for a shelter and I know the money would be well spent on stray animals coming in with injuries or medical issues.

  167. hopefulflounder says:

    Susan! Email me! Manicpink01 “at”

  168. hopefulflounder says:

    We have Tumblr set up for people to donate and we’ve already gotten enough to set us on the way for her acupuncture! I am so grateful to everyone’s kindness and the humanity shown here brings tears to my eyes. Thank you. Sketches sends massively loud purrs.

  169. Just donated to Sketches!

  170. I donated! Yay! I only wish I had more to give, but I will spread the word!

  171. So sorry for your loss kzgz. 😦 😦 I lost my 5 year old Oreo to a sudden illness 18 momths ago and I still cry from time to time. Lots of hugs and love to you. Maybe your kitty and mine have already met and are playing together!

  172. Me too! I don’t have a lot to give, but every little bit helps.

  173. Nice to hear from you, Nicola, from Leicestershire, England 😀 Thank you for your kind and loving thoughts 😀 I figured that a Facebook page might help kitties like little Sketches 😀 How old is your dear sweet Poppy, the Maine Coone, and Jacob, the Tuxedo, kitties? 😀

  174. I agree with you, Simi, about the SPCA here in Canada. I live on the West Coast and my blood boiled hearing about those poor dogs. I am more a cat person than a dog person, but still, I would not do that to a dog. Heck, I remember a girl brought a small white dog to our place asking if we had lost one. We thought it was a neighbor’s but the condition of the dog’s fur and nails said no. We got dog food for the little dog to eat which we put in a bowl and another for water, put him in a very large box with newspapers in the bottom and the next day contacted the neighbor who had small white dogs. That kind man took the little dog with him, got his nails trimed because a friend could only cut the little dog’s fur but could not do the nails due to not having the right kind of nail cutters for dogs, and gave him a loving home with him and his wife and their two little white dogs.

  175. You could also add “Money Orders” because that is the only way I can donate any money I can spare to help sweet little Sketches, KittenMitten 😀

  176. Looks like my ickle Treacle!! I rescued him from a home where he was wanted, but neglected (hoarder…) Just finally managed to deworm him yesterday, and boy is he happy now!!! 😀

  177. You guys are making me laugh! I am on board, but laughing! This story makes my heart hurt when I think of Sketches’ beginning. Then I feel all warm and fuzzy because of the love she has now . . .