You’re All Washed Up, Kitty!

Since it’s almost Halloween, I’ll put on my lifelike latex Bob Saget mask to introduce this compilation of cats splashing in water, some of which you’ve seen before. The music is OK, although “Yakkity Sax” would be better. But then, when wouldn’t it?



  1. omg
    funny funny funny!
    and the music is perfect.

    must watch again.

  2. Fird Birfle says:

    Theresa will be SO PROUD. As are we all, Mike. As are we all.:)

  3. Is Cat #3 auditioning to become the next Keyboard Cat? If so, he needs to learn the difference between water and keyboard…

  4. skippymom says:

    These are just freaking awesome. The one with the glass of water kills me. “MY water! MINE!”
    My brother and his wife used to have a cat, Mattie, who would jump off the dock and swim after their boat as they took off.

  5. I’m wild about the orange kitty taking a nap in the bowl, looks totally relaxed. Wonder what that yellow plastic thingy in his lap could be.

  6. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Looks like a ducky.

  7. bookmonstercats says:

    OMG (as in “Oh My Goodness”) NOMTOM, how amazing. How incredibly funny. There are far too many great clips to comment on, but I was amazed at the kitty that looked as though it was skipping across the surface of the water.

  8. Cats are SO. WEIRD.

  9. Fird Birfle says:

    @ skippymom: I entirely agree with you about the black/ white cat w/ water glass!!!

  10. Fird Birfle says:

    um, Mike??
    Nice Bob Saget mask 🙂 VERY good likeness!

  11. small brown dogs says:

    The kitty with his/her glass of water was such great fun! As were the lounging kitty and the kitty who dunks his whole head under the faucet to get a drink.

    I was also totally delighted when the kid fell in the pool and the kitty got away. Would have enjoyed it even more if the fool videotaping had tumbled in, too.

  12. david with 2 "d" s says:

    And all cats are supposed to hate water? Another myth watered down. Such a great video. The one of the cat demanding his glass back and the toddler trying to toss the cat in and falling in instead were hilarious. I would have been worried tho for the toddler in the bath tub pulling the cat into the water, He could have been scratched.
    Another song? How about Yakkity Katz, The original was the first album I ever bought, Waaaaaay back. Anytime I see someone with a saxaphone I ask if they can play it, Very few can.

  13. 260Oakley says:

    Privacy duck.

  14. Made my month…so far. 😀

  15. skippymom says:

    Maybe it’s actually a glass of gin, and that’s why the cat is so insistent. (I have it on very good authority that cats love gin.)

  16. My favorite clip was the toddler who attempted to toss the kitty into the pool and got what he deserved. Justice! Yes!

  17. “lifelike latex Bob Saget mask”

    Whoa. Now that’s scary. 😯

  18. /high five with ^oo^/

  19. Shakin’ in my boots!~~

  20. Moi, Actually says:

    Difficult task, but if I had to choose a favourite, I would go with the white kitten who oozed over the bathrub rim and then made a swifter return journey.
    The toddler’s all “Whaa? It’s a nice bathie!”

  21. Sharon Wilson says:

    My seventh grade history book had a picture of an Egyptian tomb painting that showed a cat retrieving ducks. I had a hard time believing that until I saw that kitty streaking across the duck pond like it was nothing.

  22. I didn’t know cats can walk on water over short distances (1:54).

  23. My thought at seeing that one was, that toddler is lucky not to have a scratched you-know-what…

  24. I’ve had many many cats in my life, some of them loved water and would even smim, others would scream bloody murder if their paws got wet.

    There is no understanding cats, you just have to love them. 🙂

  25. /high five w small brown dogs/

  26. The one with the washcloth on his/her head looks just so damn unconsolable for being wet.

  27. What?

  28. Amen!

    And maybe I’m old fashioned, but I really think parents should teach their children to respect animals. Certainly, those toddlers in the videos are old enough to learn the rudiments of “No, kitties don’t like water, be nice to the kitty.”

  29. /snort-laff/

  30. Could be that the parents are trying to teach, “if you get the kitty wet, you will PAY – and pay and pay and pay.”

    Maybe not the best way to do it, but can be very effective.

  31. No, really.
    Oh, are you referring to…bits?

  32. Are you trying to get me banished to the Mod Lounge? 🙂

  33. No, I wasn’t, but I did hear they’re serving Yoohoo and Pringles today. Might be worth saying something naughty….

  34. Skippymom, it’s Yoohoo and Pringles tomorrow. Tonight, it’s Doritos and Grape Nehi-tinis.

  35. Guys, I can verify, no Yoohoo here, but lots of Chex mix.

  36. runs away screaming from the dreaded Chex Mix

  37. Totally agree! I loved the black cat with the water glass!

    I would have punched the videographer who watched as the kid tried to throw a cat into the water. Great karmic ending though.

  38. OMG, that made me laugh so hard. Too cute!

  39. How about fried pickles?

  40. victoreia says:


  41. skippymom says:

    I’ll have an order of deep-fried bacon with a deep-fried Coke to wash it down.

  42. FOR SHAME!!!

  43. I’m in! lol… bring out the deep fried twinkies too!

  44. kittehs aren’t the only ones… *hic*

  45. Fird Birfle says:


    True Tales Time.
    “Once upon a time”, my dad had some drink in his hand that included gin.
    I asked him what it tasted like, he handed it to me. ENTIRELY PROMISE that I
    no more than TOUCHED the very smallest tip of my tongue toward the stuff.
    Was still gagging ten minutes later. GAH.

    sorry ’bout the Strong Opinion. Carry on.

    *shivers twice, from the memory/ residual taste* (from TEN YRS AGO)

  46. Now I really want some Yoohoo…

  47. Not just any cat – Jesus-cat!! That’s what that was!

  48. starlinguk says:

    Yay for karma! (but boo to parent)

  49. I’m totally in love with the kitty and the glass! SO possessive and just hilarious. 🙂

  50. starlinguk says:

    I saw a cat do that once. It was sitting at the canal when another cat snuck up on it and attacked it. It fell in, went *boing boing boing* and managed to scramble back out of the canal with the other cat in hot pursuit.

  51. Forget the deep fried bacon. Here try this gals, it’s bacon rolled in brown sugar and baked until caramelized and crispy. I call it “Pig Candy”. Oink.

  52. NurseNoir says:

    Thank you for bringing this up, ceejoe. My post (which was the first one sent) expressing the same sentiment isn’t up any more.

  53. I’ll have the Yeller Meller and some deep fried butter.

  54. But achingly beautiful at the same time!

  55. the cat with the glass of water…i laughed so hard i started crying 🙂

  56. Poor kitty with the glass – obviously has a drinking problem (in an Airplane kinda way)

  57. My favorite was the one of the cat in the sink playing with the faucets… and then he managed to turn the water on himself! OH NOEZ!

  58. Did you know that some scholars believe that the “golden calf” in the Book of Exodus really refers to . . . The Butter Cow?

  59. kibblenibble says:

    My favorite is inefficient water drinking kitty (2:40 ish). I remember when he made his first appearance on CO, it made me LOL.

  60. 😆 I laughed too 😆 That cat was very determined to drink water from that glass and no one was going to stop him/her 😆

  61. Cats are so damn awesome

  62. me too! sooo funny….

  63. I wonder if he’s related to Broccoli Boy:

  64. Did the cat at 1:54 just skipped across the water surface like a rock?

    That’s some crazy kung fu that cat has there. Is that even possible?

  65. Oh man, I find the clips of kids being allowed to throw or drag cats into the water to be unwatchable. Not even remotely funny.

  66. tigerbunny says:

    Thank you! an old favorite… 😀

  67. *snicker* Just don’t get on a plane with this guy!

  68. I agree on both counts, starlinguk! Those parts bothered me quite a bit.
    *hurriedly kicks soap box away*

  69. Auntie, are you a fan of Paula Deen? 😉

  70. warrior rabbit says:

    I think there was much debate about that long ago, and it was decided it was a privacy platypus.

  71. Cigarette Kitty may be a distant relation too.

  72. Sorry, how do I embed this video? Can someone help please? Thanks! 🙂

  73. Moi, Actually says:

    If I end up in the ninth circle of the mod lounge, I put in an order for tamarind balls.
    Well, y’all started the weird snack thread.

  74. I think it’s a pig in a blanket.

  75. I do like Paula Deen! (And her hunky boys…)

    The Yeller Meller is from my Alabama aunt. And I’ve only heard of the fried butter. I don’t know if I’d have the guts to try it. Heh!

  76. hear hear!

  77. Moi, Actually says:

    Well Auntie B, if you didn’t have the guts before trying the fried butter, you’d certainly be on the road towards the gut afterward.
    And what exactly is a Yeller Meller? Something oxymoronic about that.

  78. Love this! My uncle once had a cat named Beaches (they found him on the beach) who loved to take bubble baths. No kidding. Every time my aunt would take a bath Beaches would eventually join her. He also played dead. He was an awesome kitty.

  79. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one to feel that way — the kid ones were bugging me. I’m so lame. :/

  80. Fird Birfle says:

    Re. Broccoleh Kitteh: *PAGING THERESA’s nephew…….*

  81. LOL!

    Yeller Meller was my southern aunt’s pronunciation of Mello Yello, which was Coke’s answer to Mountain Dew.

  82. Someone needs to tell that kitten that NO ONE is going to steal his precious broccoli!

  83. Both sphinx clips just killed me: in the jacuzzi churning up the water, and in the sink, apparently trying to force more water out of the faucet.

  84. He’s a platypus, they don’t do much.

  85. At about 1:50, right? I know! I was going to comment on that. Poor, depressed kitters.

  86. Obviously more study is required: maybe cats & water repel each other?

  87. I second that.

  88. Damn right. Nothing funny about it.

  89. I also loved the kitty who GRABS the water glass repeatedly. That is some serious water-glass assiction there!

  90. aDDiction, not aSSiction!! Doggone it!

  91. This was an awesome video. That one cat appeared to be like rock skipping across the water.
    I love the kitty with privacy duck, platypus or whatever…so relaxed.

  92. Can’t believe I’m the first to be sad for the fishie at the end D:

  93. Agreed. That was not cool… live fish aren’t toys.