What Kind of Dog Are You?

Have you ever wondered what breed of dog you would be? Wonder no more! Find your inner dog and get your bark on in the comments! Think of the pawsibilities!

Which one is Mark and which one is Fizz, Susan C. from bonny Scotland?



  1. Which breed of dog is the most cynical… that’ll be me…

  2. Doggehs’ all…S’up?

    Luv the privacy feetsies!

    Also…I’d be a Bernese Mountain Dog

  3. hah! I’d like to be a greyhound like Miss Schnoz, but I am neither fast nor do I have toothpick Amazonian legs…

  4. I’d be an Irish Setter. Redheads unite!

  5. Mary (the first) says:

    I’d probably be a mix of yellow lab and St. Bernard.

  6. I’d be meticulous… maybe a saluki? Though slower. Oo, how about an afghan! We have the same hair.

  7. Field Spaniel! Wavy dark brown hair, long nose, brown eyes and a mellow disposition!

  8. I’d be a pound puppy. Mutts RULE.

  9. I’d be a poodle! I always wanted curly hair.

  10. I’d be an Aussie. I love shakin my butt

  11. Mmmm, probably a poodle pit-bull mix.

  12. Love the modesty hocks. I’d be a scruffy mid-sized mutt.

  13. victoreia says:

    What’s the most stubborn? A terrier? That would be me: a stubborn one.

  14. I don’t know what kind of breed I am but I’ve often been called a “female dog” 😆

  15. Fird Birfle says:

    ok I’ll bite.
    My guess for “Most Cynical Breed of Dogue” would be …oh a Bichon Frise

  16. Fird Birfle says:


  17. Fird Birfle says:

    *is amused and not entirely surpised ……*

    Your Affectionate Friend (REALLY
    I mean this in the Best Possible Way 🙂 )

  18. HUZZAH !!!!!

  19. Lewis n' Clark says:

    Hah – what Gigi said!

  20. serefemme says:

    I would be a corgi! Intelligent, stocky and a little top-heavy.

  21. A man and his dog. Great pic!! Hmmm I’d be a… a…. a…. I GOTTA BE A CAT!

  22. 260Oakley says:

    I’m not sure what sort of dog I’d be, but I’ve often been called a wag.

  23. Shiba Inu – I’m short, cute and smile a lot

  24. ooh, good one! I have stubby legs and twitchy ears… I think I’ll be a corgi 🙂

  25. I’m more of a rat or cat, but if it had to be anything I’d be a Jack Russell terrier

  26. I’m your typical labrador retriever. Goofy, energetic & very food-motivated!

  27. good one back ‘atcha – corgies are tres cute.

  28. I’m petite and very blonde so i guess I would be a Morkie- Yorkie/Maltese mix just like my Maggie Moo who leaps before she looks and is an entertainer.

  29. I prolly would have to be a shih tzu because I love me some cats and shih tzus are known for getting along well with kitties.

  30. excellent choice! the corgis i’ve known are all lovable clowns. 🙂

  31. Well I would be a MUTT. Lovable yet ferocious when pressed. A bit klutzy but up for anything, With a bit of the wanderlust thrown in for good measure. Long legs short hair and one of those wagging tails with feathers that tells everyone what my mood is,

  32. I too would be a mutt, only with short legs and long hair. And I would have a journal full of complex squirrel-trapping charts.

    As an aside, the dog and the human pictured above are both adorbs!

  33. I think I’d be an Afghan…we have a lot in common

  34. Definitely a mutt – a short, spunky, klutzy one, with a Golden Retriever’s friendliness, a Shih-tzu’s short snout and love for cats, a Chihuahua’s high-pitched yelp, a Yorkie’s fly away hair (oh, to have a cocker’s curls or a Puli’s dreads!), and a Lab’s attention span (and clumsiness. And food fixation…)

  35. victoreia says:


  36. victoreia says:


  37. I think I’d be a doxie.

  38. Fird Birfle says:

    some combination of personality traits of Brittany Spaniels, King
    Cavalier Spaniels and Basset Hounds.

    And I DEFINITELY want the EARSES, from the Basset Hound side of the family.
    JUST THINK of how many piercings would go on those earlobes 🙂

  39. I would be an Irish Lecturehound 😉
    If a real breed is required, a tall Clumber spaniel

  40. The blend I am already: Irish Wolfhound, German Shorthair Pointer, Scottish Terrier, Norwegian Elkhound. I’m not sure if even I can picture it…

    Back to being a cat.

  41. Perfect! 😆

  42. Trying…to…imagine…!

    *hangs head in shame* 😦

  43. Am now in moderation…pass the nachos and the beer, please!

  44. Husky, here. Independent, hard working, and love the cold.

  45. Hmm… I’m low-energy (couch potato), have a reputation for being smart and artsy, small in stature, big in personality… Any ideas?

  46. A cinnamon-coloured Siberian Husky, blue eyes and all.

  47. a Yorkie?

  48. Sounds like you’re a toy poodle, very smart, small, quick and pretty. or maybe a Corgi.

  49. possibly a chihuahua-chow mix?

  50. with lots of jewelry on. 🙂 Especially Pearls!

  51. My JRT is a lot like a cat in various ways – so that works!

  52. Hehehehe

  53. Yay for mutts!

  54. lessee…I’m short, stout, asthmatic: PUG

  55. Ummm…
    I would have to be a mutt.
    Poodle, for the curls.
    Chihuahua for the necrotic, small and yippy.
    Pit for the sweet with an hint of bite.

  56. emmberrann says:

    Lessee: I’m the kind that says “meow”.

  57. Doesn’t anyone want to mention that we have here another guy for the Guys of Cute Overload calendar?

  58. muttluver says:

    Heinz 57, probably brown, medium size. Probably some sort of working breed in the mix.

  59. I’d be a boxer. I’m cute, lovable, loyal and friendly, but underestimating me would be a mistake. Hay-YAH!

  60. Kibbles and bits for you, woofie!

  61. German Shepherd

    Smart, loyal, and never-give-up attitude!

  62. Fird Birfle says:

    here ya go, Lerrinus 🙂

  63. Fird Birfle says:

    Not I.

  64. Fird Birfle says:

    thankye mum. Those will do SPLENDIDLY!!!

  65. Moi, Actually says:

    Yes, indeed–a strong candidate for the calendar. Wonder if we could get him to pose in a kilt?
    My breed? Let’s see–mutt with strong underlayer of dachshund.

  66. Oh a smart ass Basenji or a Saluki. Love the laid-back Lab, the true blonde of dogs.

  67. Definitely a mutt, with the heart of a golden retriever, the feistyness of a chihuahua and the playfulness of a corgi.

  68. HA!

  69. michelle b adams says:

    a yorkie or a small shihtzu. if shihtzu, an unusual color – like mocha with contrast tips, or the red variety, either with aqua or blue eyes; unless they ever miniaturize the westie, in which case i insist on eye-color-matching bandanna

  70. michelle b adams says:

    i second the cute guys and pets- calendar nomination. (we aren’t all 20 somethings, you know) and keeping up with my yorkie and shihtzu plus this lab will get us both in shape (around the middle portion). win!!

  71. ha ha – I think you mean “neurotic.”

    Otherwise your example Chi might be need to go to the vet.

  72. Hmmm – probably a mix.
    Border Collie because I’m a neurotic smarty pants
    Greyhound because I’m usually lazy with occassional bursts of energy
    Cocker Spaniel because I’m envisioning a mix of the top two to be much more athletic and skinny than I am (additionally, if I were a dog, I’d totally have floppy ears).

  73. Space Cowgirl says:

    Oh, that’s an easy one! A cat. ;p

  74. That mellow goggie loves his dad (and vice versa!)

  75. TrixandSam says:

    Despite having two little fluffy pups, I am Rottweiler, through and through.

  76. Me too. I love me some goggies, but I’ve always been half cat. After all, who would want to be a dog when you could be a god(dess)?

  77. Cambridge Rat Mom says:


  78. All ready to watch the game!

  79. I’m sure I was a cat in a former life. Aloof, and the greatest of appreciation for long, lazy naps

  80. Go Tigers! Not in Scotland? But who doesn’t love an underDOG?

  81. Have you been spying on my household? I have a Dorkie (beige Yorkie/mini-wire-haired-Doxie mix), and a beige/white Shih Tzu with odd-eyes (one brown, one blue) and black-tipped ears when they’re left looooong (with a short-short puppy-cut). Together they are MOI.

  82. Can I be a different dog depending on the day? Today I’m completely a Bassett Hound!! I’d be happy finding a lazy place in the sun.

  83. My what big paws you have.

  84. If the question is what dog breed am I, my answer would be standard poodle, smart, somewhat high strung, with a nice hair cut.

    If the question is what dog breed would I like to be, my answer would be yellow lab, since they are happy, laid back and blonde (I am blonde) and the best dogs (I know I had one, now I have a black lab, just a nice but harder to find in the dark).

  85. Me, too! And I’m territorial, fiercely loyal and will nip at your heels if you don’t hurry up!

  86. I’m totally a Frenchie. I’m stubborn, big headed, was adorable when I was a baby, and have a problem with gas 😉

  87. I’d be a Newfoundland. Love water, and will lay down where ever and whenever I can. yes, definitely a newfoundland. 🙂

  88. Haha LisaL….I fart like an old dog….AM an old dog- heck just admit it already ! Probably describe myself as a pleasingly plump old yellow lab…

  89. Scottish Deerhound. Definitely.

  90. Bumble the Bunny says:

    Same here… all of my firends think i’m related to a cat…. i even curl up when asleep! if i had to be a dog, i think a japanese chin would be fun- they’r more like cats than dogs! or a samoyed…. 😀

  91. Okay, am I the only one who can immediately tell when someone’s not from this country?

    There’s always a look or expression that’s a dead give-away!

    In other top stories this is a totally adorable photo. LOVE!

  92. sunnylessmum says:


  93. MamaDawn in Tulsa says:

    When I went in search of my 2012 Cute Overload calendar, I did find a “Cute Guys and Baby Animals” calendar for 2012!

  94. Me too. Plus, always ready for a cookie and snuggle. And to voice an opinion. HAHA!

  95. Karen Astner says:

    My breed of dog would be the Newfoundland. I knew one well once and she was a great, gracious and gentle dog (an old soul). Loving and lovely always. She is always special in my mind and heart. Baby was her name.

  96. Thanks, Fird! 🙂

  97. I’d be a Weimaraner….because I actually got my Hazel after my sister rescued her & kept hearing, “That dog looks just like your sister!”. Loool. Long, lanky, elegant, but not afraid to get dirty…& hyper-intelligent. Yup, I’m a Weim.

  98. a beagle! ’cause I’m into the sniff-snack- and snooze lifestyle.

  99. Cholmondeley says:

    So you”ve been called a –

    Control of


  100. Cholmondeley says:

    Sniff, Snack, and Snooze – ah, the life of a dog.

  101. Hmmm….I like that man!

  102. Interesting…….

  103. Happy dog, happy man…..with very nice hands.

    Not sure I could pick one dog that I would be, they all have such great traits, so just hangin’ out with my sheltie and border collie mix is enough for me. (but I gotta throw in the kitty and bunny that live here too!)

  104. I’d probably be a otterhound-Newfoundland mix. I have a loud voice, a great sense of humor, I’m pretty loyal and sweet and go with the flow, I have bursts of energy followed by couch potatodom, and I’m stubborn. I’m also tall with a lot of hair with a tendancy to wave and curl.

    Actually, I think I’ve come up with a new breed. I want one.

  105. I would come back as an ankle biter Chihuahua,,,,,then I would have an excuse

  106. This photo gives new meaning to our favorite lounge chair, the barcalounger! LOL

  107. Fird Birfle says:

    RIP Baby 🙂

  108. luvstehQte says:

    i’d definitely be a scruffy mutt (you know the type, smaller than typical with wavy brown hair and possibly a tin can tied to my tail) working’ those “feed me” eyes…

  109. luvstehQte says:

    hmmmmmm, wonder which word it was that sent me into “the lounge.” has anyone seen the guacamole & margaritas??

  110. working’ those “feed me” eyes…


  111. hey, where’d she go?

  112. michelle b adams says:

    i HAVE been spying, and am currently working on a trick or treat scheme to furnap said beauties. on that note, you do know that those pesky identification chips have been shown to cause some sort of adverse health effect, yeah, that’s it, and are NOT to be inserted, and even if they have been, should be deactivated post haste, as they are just too ‘big brother/gov’t overseer. you don’t want uncle sam all in your business, that’s just wrong. so no need for such ‘security’ measures. oh, and, agghh! your prize popeyed goldfish just greg louganis-ed out of the tank!!!! run to the rescue!!!!

  113. michelle b adams says:

    you say you don’t have a tank? oh, silly me. now do try these special recipe chocolate peanut butter w/sedatives fudge squares, you’ll love them!!!! (snidely whiplashes expression and prepares to sidle past chocobutter induced nap-pee to swipe beautiful babies!!!!!

  114. michelle b adams says:

    snerk = neurotic smarty pants….giggle giggle giggle

  115. michelle b adams says:

    splode! followed by urk urk urk noises! i would respond to how unbelievable cute you are, but am momentarily overcome. so much more adorable than a straight up chinese crested (except maybe the powderpuff variety, but then ALSO miniaturized with chihuahua?) its just too moshe, i can’t process all this qte – miniaturized cute – microcrestihuahua – does not compute – neopet alert – pokemon hybrid – alert alert call powerpuff girls – bitty breakdown occurring

  116. michelle b adams says:

    labra-dude-le! unless you’re a female sam, as in samantha. then sorry!

  117. michelle b adams says:

    Babe in Newfoundland!!!! (babes in toyland reference). babe sounds absolutely wonderful and i am certain in rainbow bridge land on cotton candy clouds where everything is wonderful but will be more wonderful when YOU arrive. thank you to babe and all furcompanions who bring parts of heaven right down to earth when they are here.

  118. michelle b adams says:

    WIN! dogs all ‘you callin’ me a hoomin?’ both of you sound gorgeous and this begs photographic evidence, followed by a matchingks tag!!!!!

  119. michelle b adams says:

    sheltie bo coup? now that sounds wonderful . you got your beautiful sheltibocoup attempting to lovingly herd sweet kitty (so sweet that even tho he/she’s all ‘you aint the boss of me’ he/she permits it) and bonny bunny who’s all ‘we interrupt this disapproval broadcast to bring you lovins,’ but don’t tell my lodgemembers, k? followed by a discreet pileup of all three with clandestine cuddlin’ on their minds while elishab resists for oh, say 30 seconds, before joining in.WIN!

  120. Marie, I took one look at the rather handsome man and thought, he’s either Irish or Scottish. I know my ancestors!

  121. michelle b adams says:

    expect calls from elle, vogue, cosmopolitan, glamour, offers to be on matchmakers and/or bachelorette shows, next top model, and in an especially fierce of episode of survivor wherein competitors are tossing others off into rough surf so as to be alone with said beauty. also, weeki watchee will recruit you as a merbabe, with all that svelte height and those thick beautiful tresses. say, can i be your agent?????

  122. michelle b adams says:

    see, you didn’t really say anything wrong – those eyes, those eyes….. sharpy just wanted to be alone with you, and flyingrainbowkitty there in the starspangly sky wanted to paint your tin can pink, line it with plushy fur, open a savings account for you, and serve you the extremely delicious noms reserved for …. those eyes those eyes!!!!!

  123. michelle b adams says:

    yes, jmhower, yes, you can. Down comes the fairy, and says, “Little jmfoo foo, I hereby grant you, power to be any dog a day.”

  124. michelle b adams says:

    all of these sound beautiful. however, you can’t just throw it out there like that, it doesn’t flow. example: basen-jee, saluk-kee; at the very least, lab-bee. i mean, really. like ordering a coffee at starbucks, when everyone else is all ‘triple soy free roaming wind-frothed foam and organic environmentally balanced chocolate expresso (but never rude driving on the expressway) caramel machiavellian decadence, please

  125. michelle b adams says:

    excuse me, but have you met my corgihuahua with a heart of gold? cause i know you’ve been searching for a heart of gold…. you’ve been to hollywood, you’ve been to redwood, you’ve crossed the ocean for a heart of gold. And in my mind, she’s such a fine find, corgihuahua with a heart of gold – that combo’s never old.

    apologies to neil mcyoungersons

  126. michelle b adams says:

    exactly! rin tin tin, and tin, again.

  127. michelle b adams says:

    win! my neighbors have champ, a sleek/shiny, well muscled but compact, devoted to his boys who will pity the fool who ever tried to harm them (tho no one would, they are extremely well mannered and engaging young men) boxer. my girls, yorkies and shihtzus adore him. swoon! having said that, an homage to peewee herman and his friend-in-the-box jombi:

    mel-a-leka hi, mel-a hiney ho!
    scoop up a boxer and away we go!

    after which peewee will repeat it, not getting even one syllable close to correct, and jombi will give him the stinkeye………

  128. michelle b adams says:

    could you be merle pattern, please, with those knockout eyes they often have? k, thank you.

  129. michelle b adams says:

    okay, but not that peep show ventilated kilt like the one in the photo with the queen that has been circulating.

  130. michelle b adams says:

    but the one little pug with the tail over his back
    he ruled the others with his qteness attacks!

  131. michelle b adams says:

    tres chic@ poopit (think poopay term from 101 dalmations)
    barktender: may i help you:
    playtron: oh yes, i’ll have a poopit, curls, not straightened

  132. michelle b adams says:

    not fair! the beautiful face of a cavalier king charles spaniel with all the perks of a brittany and the extra long ears of a bassett? can you imagine that face? legs would atrophy, due to me constantly carrying around on embroidered cushion and feeding of the bonbons.

    if female,her houndness queen charlette brittany royalspaniel

  133. michelle b adams says:

    Welcome to Clumber University, I’m Professor Lecturehound….

  134. hey michelle: have you been imbibing in the mod lounge or are you always like this? 😉

  135. michelle b adams says:

    sounds like one of the dragons from the harry potter series (swedish short snout, a beautiful, relatively gentle type, who could definitely fly away)
    As overheard at a magical creatures’ emporium:

    Did you SEE that stunning shihshoohuahua labkie? Just you watch, all those French girls will have one by the end of the week, hipping and hopping about their pegasus-driven carriage, and bespelling every eligible male within miles! It’s SO unfair!!!!

    Tell me about it; our school has a moldy old ship that rises up out of the mud! How can we compete with THAT? Dress our grindylows up????

  136. michelle b adams says:

    You are both tall/sleek with gorgeous hair, and a talent for creating snuggly blankies!

  137. michelle b adams says:

    oo oo a long haired corgi type! WANT

  138. michelle b adams says:

    tres chic poopit (think poopay term from 101 dalmations)
    barktender: may i help you:
    playtron: oh yes, i’ll have a poopit, curled, not straightened

  139. michelle b adams says:

    a yellow st. labernard! LIKE!

  140. michelle b adams says:

    could your ladies-in-waiting be the rare red shihtzus? They are so cute, and loyal, and there must be some irish in there somewhere. or at least leprechaun!

  141. michelle b adams says:

    alright, Ali-Baba, but you may need to use your magic carpet. Don’t know if there are any Mountain Dogs amidst the desert sands. But, being a mountain doggie, you will enjoy flying at high altitudes!!! whee! ahem, i mean, magestically awesome, i’m sure.

  142. michelle b adams says:

    because they just KNOW you are going to give them that oft-posted trapezoid haircut, that’s why!!!!

  143. Fird Birfle says:

    How not to be friendly.

  144. Fird Birfle says:

    um, moderators????

  145. Yes! Exactly. 😀

    There’s just something that always stands out. Wish I could make money from this fierce talent. Lol!

  146. Me too!

  147. I would be a greyhound. Tall, athletic, and yet ironically a huge couch potato. Also, I have big googly eyes like greyhounds and prefer running as my form of exercise.

    Also also, shiny fast-moving objects are very distracting to me.

  148. if only this were the case….bunny rules the roost! He chases said kitty and dogs like there is no tomorrow!

  149. Sure! That all sounds great!

  150. I think I’d be some sort of spaniel mix. When I had a cocker spaniel, I was told we kind of looked alike (I think it was my hair and his ears). I wouldn’t be something quite as popular as a cocker, so that’s why I picked some sort of mixed-breed spaniel whose exact parentage is a mystery.

  151. Stupons are those SA particles that make us hand over our food while cooing in babytalk, right? Or are they the ones that makes us rearrange our households for the sole benefit of…the stupon emitter?

  152. EXACTLY!!!

  153. I would most definitely be a Welsh Corgi. Stubborn, flopsy, and adorable.