The Whole Jungle is Like Spinning, Man

Shades of our breakdancing gorilla: This little orphan chimp at a rescue center in Cameroon loves to spin around until he’s so dizzy he bumps into the camera.



  1. Guinea Peeg Lover says:

    Then comes the big “BLEEEEEEAAAAAAAA!”

  2. This is adorable — and excellent support for the Great Ape Project as well as the Great Ape Protection Act:

  3. They should hang up a tire swing for him — he’d LOVE it!

  4. victoreia says:

    Spinning is fun!

  5. Should have explained — this is protection for great apes against torture, among other things.

  6. just like every little kid all over thr world…. spin spin bonk into stuff… spin spin spin and bonk into more stuff…. especiallly your siblings HAHAHAHAH!

  7. I shouldn’t have watched that with a full bladder.

  8. Fird Birfle says:


    (Which brings me to a thought. victoreia, darling, dear, effervescent victoreia,
    are you AWARE of the sheer FREQUENCY with which the clearest reaction to
    your adventures, is to use the 😯 emoticon????)

    Your Bestie.

  9. Fird Birfle says:



  10. To everything, turn, turn, turn, there is a season, turn, turn turn and a time to every purpose under the jungle canopy…

  11. Orphan?! Sads.

  12. I wanna know what the monkey was thinking while he was spinning…?

  13. It seems like the dizzier he gets, the more he spins. So adorabuhls!

  14. Do all baby gorillas do this, or is he one of those “arty” gorillas destined for the gorilla drama club?

  15. Luv! Baby chimps are the best. I’d take one over a baby human any day of the week.

  16. Oops. Meant chimp, not gorilla.

  17. “Look what I can do!”

  18. Effervescent? *burp*

  19. Quick! “Nobody” get him an office chair! (hint, hint…)

  20. It was too long ago to remember how that felt but I do know I used to luuuuv
    spinning like that ! Especially in a dress that had a full skirt! In fact the more the skirt went out the better the dress was. 3-5 yr. old little girls didn’t ask for much from a dress back then.

  21. You don’t know my sister, Fird! You’d use that particular emoticon waaaaaaay more often if she hung out here…… 😀

  22. Well, my blood type is “Be positive”…… 😉

  23. I was a spinner as a kid. Also, that is one Sillikins McGee right there. I LOF HEEM!

  24. He reminds me of me when I was a kid. I used to spin around until I was completely dizzy and then lay on the floor and watch the world continue to spin.
    So wonderful to see him enjoying himself so much

  25. Mutton Chops!
    Don’t see that on a human baby too often.

  26. Yes! It was all about the flare. To see a fully whirling skirt was a thing of beauty.
    This guy’s just doin’ it for the high, man.

  27. Fird Birfle says:

    — Signed,

  28. Fird Birfle says:

    mui excellente!

  29. Fird Birfle says:

    @ Theresa: I actually left the computer lab, *wondering* whether the specific term “effervescent” might get a rise outta SOMEbody 🙂

    and to v: I think I shall attempt to quit whilst ahead,
    and *not request* to meet thine sister ….;)

  30. Alice Shortcake says:

    Just wait until he gets the knack of those 32 fouettes and stars in the first all-chimp “Swan Lake”!

  31. Adowable leetil fing! You are not orphanz… you haz usss!

  32. Fird Birfle says:

    whirling + skirts + spiritual high =

  33. lol ew

  34. You beat me to the comparison, KA! How many times have I seen my neices and nephews do that! And who wants to deny that we are related to chimps/apes/etc???

  35. Hey guys glad you enjoy the video, I’ve got a few more on my youtube site, some with Milou in them (see the link at the end of the video) @Nikki I’ve seen a few do it at times but never as much as Milou, he couldn’t get enough of it.

  36. Monkey? Where did you see a monkey? Monkeys have TAILS, apes do NOT!!!

  37. OMG! I miss Mad TV!

  38. haha when I was a wee girl in my ‘spinning-around-the-house’ phase (which, uh, hasn’t really ended yet…) my dad would laugh and say “You’re whirling like a dervish!”
    Explaining that to 6-yr-old me had to have been a challenge…

  39. Earworm 😆

    Monkey makes the wolrd go around
    The world go around
    The world go around
    Monkey makes the world go around
    He makes the world go ’round.

  40. you know… I was all set to type something about our dear post-author’s creativity, when a typo threw me off… *dons nerd glasses*
    if you re-arrange the acronym for Not That Mike The Other Mike, and turn him into his arch-nemesis, That Mike… you get That Mike Not The Other Mike, or TMNTOM, which my not-yet-fully-caffeinated brain read as Teenage Mutant Ninja The Other Mike.

    which is pretty cool.

    uhhh… now back to your regularly scheduled Wednesday. *awkward glance*

  41. So funny! Mine is B negative. 😆

  42. I want to cuddle heem!

  43. tracylee,
    have you been spinning?

  44. Nah, he’s just practicing his triple Axel.

  45. What could have possibly earned me a trip to the mod lounge??

  46. Maybe you didn’t put the proper spin on things ?

  47. doomchild says:

    Hmm.. I do hope that’s really his way of entertaining himself, and not a stress-related behavior (such as knitting is for horses, or tail-chasing for some dogs).

    Anyway, all the best to you, little feller!

  48. *shifty eyes* maaaaybe

  49. Naw…it’s just pure fun monkey bizness ~~ wheeee….he’s just showing off like hairless ape juveniles do when they see a camera or somebody watching them !!

    I just see joy, silliness and happiness, not neurosis…

  50. 😯

  51. Horses knit when they’re stressed? Come again?

  52. *snerk*

    *passes monkey bread and grrrr-ape juice to Gigi*

  53. I knit when I’m stressed. Why shouldn’t horses?

  54. My thought exactly. Needlepoint maybe. Crochet perhaps. Quilting entirely possible. But knitting? No way!

  55. I wonder what size knitting needles horses use?

  56. neigh-t, obvs.

  57. I do hope doomchild comes back and asplains, because she seemed serious, as though this is actually a term for some horse behavior. I had horses for years, and I never heard of them “knitting”. Didn’t get anything on Google, either, and can’t think of a word for which this could have been a typo.

  58. Aw he needs somebody to play with!

  59. I think tonight I will make Eddy spin around until he falls down. Then the other cats and I will all laugh at him.

  60. You are such a meanie-beanie! (that’s what I call my cats when they pick on one of the others – very mature of me, eh?)

  61. I am so mean to Eddy…pretty much every night, after I’ve been playing tricks on him and saying horrible insulting things about him, I have to give him a big hug and say, “Oh, Eddy, Mummy is so mean to you, but Mummy wuvs Eddy sooooo much!”

  62. Yeah, it’s all in the tone of voice…

  63. The poor thing needs “TOYS” to play with before he get to dizzy!

  64. I think she was talking about when they pace in a circle? Horses and other animals do that when they are in distress…
    This is not that .. this is obviously a little guy showing off.

  65. Guinea Peeg Lover says:


  66. Eenie-meenie chili beanie!

  67. I just donated to this b/c of you! and b/c of the redonk spinning cutie. a descent chunk o’ change, too.

  68. deep breaths.
    not that big a deal.

  69. Karen Astner says:

    That’s how I feel some days!! Cute lil’ guy!!

  70. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm! Monkey bread !

  71. Yummm!!

  72. victoreia says:

    *giggle* what a nerd distraction!

  73. Sasha's Mum says:

    More of a scratch spin I thought. Hoping to get picked for next season of Battle of the Blades (when they run out of hockey players).

  74. It’s a minkey… 🙂

  75. TrixandSam says:

    KA, Firdie, tracylee, Theresa, skippymom, kimmaroo: you are making a bad day go away. Thank you.

  76. Now try doing that with a Wii remote in your hand.

  77. There’s a bhuehm in my rheuhm . . . 😛

  78. Go bad day, go away!

  79. kittens not kids says:

    I can tell it’s bedtime because I read this as support for the Grape Project – *twice*.

  80. If there’s one thing I learned as a child, it’s that the best toys are those that nature provides you…

  81. YES, it IS a big deal! IF you can tell the difference between a chimp, & a gorilla, why can’t you tell the difference between an APE & a monkey?

  82. OMG, I want to take a spin with this adorable baby gorilla, while he’s still little and adorable. He’ll be sitting around like a lazy man in a decade. What a cutie.

  83. Pardon moi. I should have realized that anything that cute was a chimpanzee. I read it as “breakdancing gorilla” and took it to heart. Dumdum.

  84. Fird Birfle says:

    “That’s NOT mah dogue.”

  85. This post needs theme music. I’m looking at YOU Parry Gripp.

  86. Michael Jackson has returned as a Chimp. Is it Karma??