Ladies and Gentlemen, the best pet Halloween costume of all time.

For the record:
1. Yes, I am biased because I have (and adore) Italian Greyhounds
2. Yes, I am biased because I love Star Wars
3. Yes, I am biased because I appreciate my local “inspiration” for AT-ATs

Still, you cannot deny this remains the best Halloween pet costume you’ve seen since “Croc Munches Pup


Inspiring work, Katie M.! Pup “Bones” has a FaceBook page, natch.



  1. Amazing costume! How in the world did they get her to stand still so long to get that all on her? Absolutely adore the expression in the final picture!

  2. OMG. OMG!

  3. HAAAAAA omg the look on that dog’s face in pic #2 is hysterical!! MOM!? HELP!!

  4. O. M. G.!!! Dear, sweet dog to put up with that for us! Incredible costume!

  5. I’m assuming this was custom made… but if it isn’t, where can I get one?! My friend and I joke that my Boston already looks like an Imperial Walker (veerrry long legs). This costume would be entirely too cute on her.

  6. This should really be an everyday costume! ❤

  7. My dog would hate me forever if I put something that confining on her.

  8. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    “We will have the shield piddled upon in moments, Lord Vader. You may begin your landing.”

  9. That looks really uncomfortable but so cool!

  10. There should be a holiday where everyone dresses their pet up as their favorite fictional war machine. Personally, I’m dressing my cat up as a Transformer for that holiday.

  11. I saw this little guy on BoingBoing. Poor fella. He’s totally gonna get his butt kicked next trip to the dog park.

  12. Oh neat!!! It kinda reminds me of the “At-At Day Afternoon” video that’s been circling around the interwebs.

    safe link.

  13. If I put this on my cat, there would be a lot of paw shaking with every step: “Get. These. Things. Off. My. Feet. !”

  14. Thats a good doggie… mine would never, ever, let me put that on him.

  15. I wish to make clear that I am not a fan putting clothes on pets, that being said:


  16. haHA! Well done, sir…well done.

  17. My cat already IS a war machine!

  18. Aw, poor Iggy! Bones looks like, “Mommy, why would you do this to me?”

  19. What a sweet, patient puppeh

  20. Look at the eyes on the first pic! Ready to shoot lasers or what??!!

  21. OMG!! That is so hilarious. Bones’ expression is priceless–he seems so “put upon” as my Grammy used to say.

  22. flutterby says:

    YEEOWZAAAA! What an amazing costume and amazing doggeh to wear it !!

  23. I don’t remember AT-ATs having tails . . . . . . .

  24. My reactions to the pics in order:
    1) OMG! 😯
    2) Oh, GET OUT!
    3) HAW!

    😆 He *so* deserves an extra treat for that! 😆

  25. LA face with the Oakland booty 😛

  26. Queen of Dork says:

    This costume could only be improved upon by adding this upon the dog’s head:

  27. Queen of Dork says:

    P.S. – Could somebody please perhaps photoshop that?

  28. Queen of Dork says:

    Crap! I’m in the Moderation Lounge. Hmmmmmmm. I see the tacos are all gone. But I LOVE the pizza and quiche ’70s theme going on in here! *dances under the glittery disco ball*

  29. victoreia says:

    You’ve summed up my reaction perfectly!

  30. Just found “Bones” Facebook page and updated the link. Also thanks to you, @Flavia. Looks like Bones just made BoingBoing too!

  31. as much as I love Star Wars I would gladly shoot the owner of this poor dog :/

  32. Iggyowned says:

    Most Iggies wear clothes. They think it’s normal,lack of body fat ,extremely short single coated fur and temperature comfort levels beginning at 70 degrees.
    I love the costume, it rocks.!

  33. Oh Meg, thanks for the late night laugh! The “striking back” in the hovertext is what put me over the edge. 🙂

  34. Not sure if it’s cute, but surely it IS frickin amazing!

  35. That would just be to cruel 😆

  36. I responded to the comment that put you in the lounge and ended up joining you there. Pass the nachos please.

  37. I didn’t mean coats and sweaters, those serve a purpose. I meant frou frou dresses and little precious “outfits” and event then as long as the animal isn’t hurt you know, live and let live i guess.

  38. Best costume I’ve seen yet!

  39. bob drummond says:

    sufferin succatash — STAR WARS again !! Oh yeah Baby ! Keeep it coming Obi-Wan !!

  40. This is so very, very wrong. I imagine poor pupster thinking, “Has anyone seen my dignity? I am sure I put it here somewhere.”

  41. Leotards/PJs for dogs?!

  42. Hmm, all this time I thought part of the Meg legend was that this site is her monument to a love of animals she can’t express in person because of allergies. Trying to verify that I found an author bio for the 2012 calendar that says it’s her roommate who has the allergies. Either way, Meg has greyhounds? Meg has any pet at all? Meg is not notable party for the irony of having a famous blog devoted to animals, but no animals? I came to the comments expecting to see that mentioned. Am I the only one who went “huh”?

    Also, if Meg still works for Apple, as the bio also states, then RIP Steve Jobs.

    And as for “Bones,” first of all, if he’s named after a Star Trek character what is he doing in a Star Wars costume, and second of all, he’d look a lot less startled if it wasn’t pulling on his left eyelid. (The right eye looks okay.) But all quibbles aside that’s a amazing costume. And a long-suffering pooch.

  43. So, so wrong but SO, SO adorable!

  44. victoreia says:

    If I tried this on either of my cats, I’d be a bleeding, shredded hooman……

  45. victoreia says:

    I feel compelled to send someone to back to the Mod Lounge after clicking on your link, Queenie. I’m not sure who, though–you, for suggesting that get ‘shopped on, or me for looking! 😯

  46. victoreia says:

    …..Aaaaand I just sent myself to the Mod Lounge. Any chance of a hot chocolate with some Godiva liqueur in it?

  47. Queen of Dork says:

    *passes victoreia a steaming mug of hot chocolate with Godiva liqueur* Here ya go! 🙂

  48. Momof13cats says:

    Um. Yeah. Perhaps you should save your ire for the people who actually harm animals. Dressing up a well-loved pup for fun is hardly homicide-worthy.

  49. Right now the dog’s like…”I’m going to kill you in your sleep.” LOL, but seriously, amazing costume! 🙂

  50. Awesome!

  51. Fird Birfle says:

    cha CHING

  52. Fird Birfle says:

    so true.

  53. Fird Birfle says:

    BUT would you be smilingk ????

  54. Fird Birfle says:

    @ Michael:

    about a year ago, Meg added an Italian Greyhound to her household, b/c evidently IG’s are relatively light in dander. The pooch’s name is “Goose” 🙂

  55. I love the face in pic #3!!!!

  56. Karen Astner says:

    I ditto Laurie’s comments. Can’t imagine she allowed you to do this to/with her! Amazing!

  57. Watch out! George lucas might sue you!

  58. I think Bones would love to strut his stuff on the runways of Milan. Keep building that portfolio, Bones! Ciao bella, baby!

  59. Looks really uncomfortable, but SO AWESOME.

  60. emmberrann says:

    Hah! I knew that someone here would post something like this, Mr. Picky would TURN INTO a war machine if Anything Like This were to be attempted to be put on him! The pointy bits would be aimed OUT at anyone (me) who tried it!

  61. “Sir, we have licked the rebels!”

  62. joe-pet-lover says:

    Let me try to translate what I see on that lovable dog’s face – “GET THIS @$%&#%^#%$ CRAP OFF ME!!!

  63. Fird Birfle says:

    *is puzzled by the “Drumrollio Iglesias* bit ….* but slightly
    apprehensive to find out the meaning….

  64. I could never do that my to my two four legged kids.
    The face on that poor thing…sad.

  65. Poor dog..It cannot help to be thinking “Why, oh why???????”

  66. Queen of Dork says:

    I saw Meg on T.V.once upon a time. I think it was a Martha Stewart show or something. Anyway, Meg is really pretty. 🙂

  67. victoreia says:

    Ummmm, not so much. Any smiles would be of the “They’re coming to take me away, haha!” variety…… 😮

  68. Wow, y’all… I’m late to the party… But as a greyhound (a biggun’) caretaker, I wholeheartedly approve of this. And I truly think Miss Schnozz needs one. That is all. Over and out. 😀

  69. These pictures have forced me to reevaluate my perspective on everything that happened during the Battle of Hoth.

  70. Fird Birfle says:

    sounds accurate — and reasonable — to moi.

  71. Fird Birfle says:

    hmmmm….doggeh’s name is “Bones”. That brings to mind all the best “Star Trek” (original show) references. “Bones” in the show is the ship’s doctor. Hence the following:

    “DAMMIT Katie [JIM] !!! I’m an Italian Greyhound, *NOT* a transformer!!!”

  72. and then, “oooh, that itches! i’m hungry! feed me feed me feed me feed me, SNARF SNARF SNARF SNARF hey where are you going? oh, okay. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.”

  73. baby birdie says:

    The face is so cute in that last photo!

  74. They bribed Mr Bones with cheese in order to get him to pose for these pictures. I have not met many dogs who would turn down cheese/biscuits/om nom noms for a picture or two.

  75. bob drummond says:

    Yes, that last pic is so doggone cute . It’s as if he is trying ssay “okay, you had your fun, now get me outta this thing before I choke!”

  76. Poor pup. This looks extrememly uncomfortable.

  77. This really has nothing to do with the picture, except “Bones” reminded me of it because of the name. I met a puppeh named “Rope” yesterday. Rope is an Australian sheepdog, a working farm dog, and was such a well-behaved dog. I was at my brother’s birthday party, and there are a LOT of kids under the age of 10 (most of them under the age of 6) in my family. And Rope was getting lots of kisses. He was at exactly the proper height to smooch a toddler. 🙂

  78. I did ask how Rope got his name, and his human responded that it was short, simple, and difficult to make nicknames out of. I replied, “Oh, come on. Here Ropey Ropey Ropey!” 🙂

  79. as a fan of italian greyhounds and star wars, my only comment is that this is soooooo wrong. and so not cute. like barfdom, really.

  80. Kim Linds says:

    Mwah!!! The funniest pic all year!

  81. Love the picture. I have an IG. She (Shade) is eight years old and still thinks she is a puppy. She would let me put this costume on her but would probably just stand in the same spot as long as she had it on. Iggys are great pets and companions.

  82. Fird Birfle says:


  83. Apparently, being an italian greyhound without much fur, Bones is already used to wearing doggie pajamas (from which the undersuit was modeled). The owner seems to work for some kind of design company and built the rest of the costume out of superlight foam which is lined with soft padding, so the whole deal weighs next to nothing. The other parts attach with snaps & velcro and were designed to be as uncombersome as possible. Throw in some cheese treats and lots of extra attention, and I’m guessing the pup doesn’t mind all that much.

  84. If the Empire’s Walkers had a tongue-hance capability like this stormtrooping puppeh, the first transport would never have gotten away, ifkwimaityd.

  85. Bones doesn’t seem too horribly upset by the whole deal. Some dogs just always have that “worried” looking face. With the ears pulled back it’s harder to tell his emotions of being in the costume.
    To the people that absolutely hate pets in costume, lighten up. They’re obviously well looked after, and they should do something to earn room and board 😉
    As a fan of star wars, and goggies in general: AWWWWWWWWWWW!

  86. magnoliasouth says:

    Love this one! That had to have been a time consuming costume and so creative. That needs to be featured in magazines and such.

  87. Redundant Redundant says:

    …to the happy home! where life is beautiful all the time..!

    for the record I do a very nice rendition of that song–with banjo accompaniment 😀

  88. Redundant Redundant says:

    *wink wink* *nudge nudge* Saynomore Saynomore

  89. Oh. My. God.

  90. Wrong, he just spotted the Rebel’s main power generator

  91. I NEED 3 of these!!!!!!

  92. FTW!!!! 🙂

  93. omg I totally forgot about that song! for some reason I was deathly afraid of it as a child so of course my brother would play the 45 we had as loud as possible over and over….

  94. random dog person says:

    if she owns other dogs, what are they dressed up as? (ponders possibilities…)

  95. LOL. I know dogs and this one is saying “I am only tolerating this for my human”.

  96. The poor dog looks scared, you wicked things

  97. Ciro's mom says:

    Meg’s from the East Bay? Coolio.

  98. Poor dog. Not cool. 😦

  99. Epic. That is all.

  100. 101. hee.

  101. Totally unnecessary. I hope the dog doesn’t get an itch.

  102. And rightfully so.

  103. Oh no! A stormpooper?!

  104. celticircle says:

    heh, heh…

  105. Anonymous says:

    “If your dog has to dress up like a human on Halloween, then you have to sleep on the floor naked and drink out of the toilet.” – Bill Maher

  106. I<3star wars.I ❤!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. christopher paulsen says:

    Totally unnecessary? That’s a bit harsh. It is absolutely necessary. Someone somewhere spent hours of love and labor on this, had a great giggle when he/she put it on the dog, and has spread the giggles all over the planet.

    Can you do any better.

  108. christopher says:

    I find it interesting that most of the comments posted about this picture are negative. Comments like “how dare you” or “the poor pup” or “I could NEVER do that to MY cat. Ha ha.”


    It is a work of art, a photo shoot, and a great giggle.

    Someone spent hours of labor on this love and has brought joy to many many people around the world. Can any of us say the same?

    Spread the giggles.

  109. OMG! How adorable! For all you non Italian Greyhound owners, all IG’s have that look on their face! Looks like my little one!

  110. The most close to reality comment of the bunch. Sharpy speaks fluent Dog:}

  111. Love it!!!
    Mine Italian greyhound would have a fit if i tired to dress her up like that.

  112. It does my geek hear good

  113. Hope you all had fun dressing up your pooches for Halloween!! And I hope none of your dogs got to the sweets like my dogs did. Find out what kind of foods to keep your dogs away from

  114. I dunno…let’s ask the dog if it’s necessary. HEY, DOG–do you think being locked in an uncomfotable costume just to entertain your master’s holiday is necessary? I’ll take the poor quivering animal’s silence as a “no”. Next time, spend love and labor on something you can’t torture.

  115. more like, “who the hell made you a ‘master’?”

    and shut the fro, yo.