Double Your Simon, Double Your Fun

Apparently, Simon’s cat’s owner (who coincidentally is also named Simon) must be a glutton for punishment, because he’s just gotten a mini-Simon, and the pair proceed to doppelgäng-up on his nice clean home.

Spotted by Theresa. Thanks!



  1. … Was there supposed to be a link?
    Also you realize the owner of Simon’s Cat is clearly Simon….it’s not much of a “coincidence”. It’s logic. The cat is not Simon.

  2. llool. anyway just refresh.

  3. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Video link fixed; sorry about that. Yes, I know about Simon; I was just playing dumb for a cheap laugh. (Of course, sometimes I don’t have to play…)

  4. Technically, it’s not a mini-SImon… Simon being the human and that is not a mini-human. It’s a mini-Simon’s-Cat. Does anyone know Simon’s cat’s actual name?

  5. Omg, at 1:04 – the little sideways dance thing, where kittens try to make themselves look so big and tuff… lol…

    And when Simon’s Cat knocks over the litter box – made me laugh even the second time I watched it, even though I knew it was coming…

  6. Mike, we love you no matter what you say!!! 🙂

  7. i’m so glad i’m by myself!!! wow…does that bring memories of when I brought home a kitten to keep my munchie-girl company!!!

    (i’m glad I’m by myself because I can’t stop laughing!!)

  8. mischugenah says:

    LOL I know the feeling! We recently got a young cat, and our older, usually extremely sedate cat is NOT happy. She’s spent the last two weeks making absolutely sure that hyperactive little punk knows her place.

  9. The part that made me laugh the most was the kitten under the rug! Great episode!

  10. The best one yet! Nobody can capture the essential cattitude like Simon. 😀

  11. (The Original) Mel says:

    He who laughs cheap laughs inexpensively.

  12. This is so fantastic! Spot on kittenish with the little one’s sideways antics. Love this.

  13. Awww….Simon’s cat has his very own Nermal. he he he

  14. Greatest one ever! The utter shock when baby kitteh goes in his box was great!! Nooooooo!! LOL

  15. JLAmusings says:

    I’m not sure whether I love the accuracy of the sideways kitten-hop (as others have noted) or the kitty-using-litter-box face more. Simon has done it again! Love it!

  16. LOL! Looks so familiar bringing a new kitty home when there is already an older kitty.

  17. I love how the kitten’s reaction to everything is to roll over on its back! He’s perfectly captured the dance-and-retreat of a newbie meeting an oldie!

    (And I liked the joke about Simon’s cat’s owner’s name!)

  18. tears streaming down my laughing face.
    i do love simon.

  19. Ceejoe(okay I am slow) I just noticed you got two kitties snuggled together in your avatar.. and OMG don’t they fight…. I am jealous… My two would kill each other if they were together in a basket.

  20. Nermal! Totally! 🙂

  21. He has several cats. 🙂

  22. Some of them snuggle, and some of them hate each other. lol I guess with 10 cats, the odds are good that there will be all kinds of personality interactions. But generally, they all have learned to live with each other – some of them will get out of the way when they see the ornery ones coming – some of them just adore each other and will curl up together. I like to think that they know they’re all loved tremendously, and so they take the bad with the good. Ok, I’ll stop now…

  23. i wanted the kitty using the litter box-face to last a little longer….cuz kitties clearly don’t finish their business that quickly!

  24. Why is it that cats look so funny, and when a dog does the same thing, the only thing humourous is how all four legs are tightly together like they’re trying to balance on a pin?

  25. LOVE THIS! I burst out laughing at the end with the box flipping.

  26. My favorite “Simon’s Cat” yet! Love when the little kitten takes his turn guarding the food bowl. GRRRRR!

  27. kittens not kids says:

    I JUST had this in my house with a foster kitten and some deeply suspicious adult cats. The thumps on the head, the immediate splayed-on-back behavior, the sneakiness of kittens who can fit under places the cats didn’t know about, the sideways shuffle – it was a daily scene around here. The foster kitten went back on Tuesday, and this was a nice reminder of the cuteness AND the chaos.

  28. Catsquatch says:


    Simon has my cats…..

  29. Oh, how lovely!

  30. Glutton meets Punishment x 2!

  31. Best one yet!!!

  32. LIKE!!…oh, wait this isn’t Facebook..

  33. Sasha's Mum says:

    Having a hard time feeling sorry for Simon when he puts the litterbox next to the couch!

    Lots of LOLs here for sure — I love how he’s captured the little kitten’s inability to walk more than 3 steps without falling splayed-legged on its butt (or launching into sproing mode).

  34. JannieWolf says:

    I had the same thing with a foster, she was only here for 4 days but man did my 2 boys hate her. You’d think after just coming from a shelter full of kittens they loved just 6 months earlier they’d be fine with it but apparently not. Simon was spot on with the cat’s look of utter disgust of the kitten.

  35. Good Gravy I love Simon’s Cat and this one is my favorite. This is THE best one he’s done. I laughed so hard watching it… Gooooodness.

  36. Oh, wow. Thanks for the laughs – I needed that today!

  37. my computer at work doesn’t have sound, so i just got
    to watch this with the noises.
    even funnier!!
    i wonder if simon does the kitteh voices?

  38. Hey Ceejoe, 10 cats ?! You are my hero !!! I’m not sure I could handle ten when I think about my seven. Then again, I’m a glutton for punishment & would love to try. I’m just guessing but you don’t travel much either do you ?
    It’s so hard to get a good babysitter!

  39. Yes, he does!!

  40. “Garfield & Nermal” – That was my first thought too!

  41. Best ever! 😀

  42. SoccerSue says:

    My OCD cat spends a lot of time covering up what the other two leave behind in the litter box. Not that I don’t appreciate it, but it usually ends with more litter on the floor than in the box.

  43. Guinea Peeg Lover says:

    All too true.

  44. Alexandra Noel says:

    oh my goodness. the CUTE. and the laughter. and the leetle ‘mews’ 🙂 now i want a kitten dangit…

  45. For all my cat loving friends, especially Scout who really needs a laff right now.

  46. kibblenibble says:

    The kittayn even has the classic “carrot tail.” 🙂

  47. Anne Wiebe says:

    SO – FOSTER A KITTEN – or two or three. The shelters are always looking for foster families to help get kittens grown up enough to be ready for adoption. It’s a short-term commitment and you are helping kitten AND his forever family! You get two weeks or so of kitten-ness without the 18 years of responsibility!

  48. Alice Shortcake says:

    I love the failed-attempt-to-climb-on-the-couch at 1.11!

  49. harveyrabbit says:

    I like the part where the cat does stuff.

  50. duh.

  51. thank you!!
    happy caturday.

  52. I LOVE Simon’s Cat. They are such hilarious cartoons – even though I don’t really know any cats to relate the accuracy to.

  53. Me too … In June I brought a baby cat home to my two youngsters (one and a half now) … It was just like this. And I am ashamed of it, but I drooled on my couch because I laughed so hard at the video ….

  54. Fird Birfle says:

    heh heh

  55. One of my cats (Tango, a lovely longhaired tortie) is so fastidious that if there is anything at all in the box, she perches with three feet on the edge and one foot barely toe-touching the box bottom to balance herself while doing whatever she has to do.

    Whenever I go into the bathroom—especially if I have been asleep or out for a while—the first thing I do is clean anything that might be in the box, because all my cats like a clean box, but Tango especially is frantic if she needs to go and something is in there. She will hold it as long as she possibly can until the box is clean, and when I clean it after being away or asleep, her desperation—and her absolute relief—is obvious once I clean it out so she can bear to use it.

    Whenever I am cleaning to litter box, all three of my cats line up and jockey to be the first one in the clean box, and the two who don’t win the contest are clearly annoyed and barely willing to wait for me to clean out each previous cat’s whatever in the box. They loudly complain while I clean the box after each one so the next one can use it when it is fresh.

    When I wake up after a long night’s sleep, I want more than anything in the world to do my own whatever. (You know how full your bladder is after a long night’s sleep!) Every now and then I take care of me before I take care of the litter box, and on those rare occasions, Tango comes in, looks at the box, then at me, then at the box, and then lets out the most exasperated “Mmmmrrreoaarrhhhh!” before climbing in, perching precariously, and doing what she has clearly been waiting long, long houuuurrrrssss to do IN A CLEAN BOX, thank you very much! She has waited as long as she possibly can, she wants me to know, and simply cannot wait even one second more—and how very, very selfish it is of me to take time to take care of my own business before cleaning out the catbox so she can take care of hers. You would not believe the nasty looks she gives me if she ahs to use a box that is not perfectly clear.

  56. at :58 or :59 when Simon’s cat just raises his paw and and the kitten flops over. LOVE IT.

  57. This? Totally my cats. I’ve had Winnie the Poof for…7 years, and Hallie for 2. Winnie STILL hisses and bats at Hallie anytime she comes near. They cat fight whenever the baby cries, and generally make a nuisance of themselves. I have informed Winnie that Hallie is not going anywhere and she’d better make peace with it – to which she promptly hissed at the dog we’ve had for 3 years. *sigh*

  58. Oh my word, this is HYSTERICAL! I LOVE it!! And so, so, so, perfectly spot on! I was literally crying with laughter, that my hubby had to come in and see what all the fun was about!

  59. Jenn in IL says:

    You’re a bit of a punk, aren’t you?

  60. Is there only ONE litter box in your house? 😯 I thought the formula was “one litter box per cat plus 1 extra”–just for situations like this! (I have litter box trained rabbits and they all need their own!) Just wondering…

  61. I was wondering that, too. We have 3 cats in our household and 4 litter boxes. We initially tried to get by with 2 boxes but there were issues with the male pooping in various places where one of the females liked to sleep (she has new favorite places now). So we added a 3rd box but that didn’t make much difference. The 4th box was the charm. I go on scoop patrol every morning while our coffee is brewing. Not every box gets used every day but all boxes do get used from time to time and no one goes anywhere they’re not supposed to.

  62. Animated crab-walk for the win!

  63. I LOVE IT! Simon and his kitty(ies) are so entertaining. I have everyone of them on my favorites for a little “chuckle time” in my day.

  64. It reminded me of when we brought Maggie home. She won over the exceptionally persnickety Philo by demonstrating that she was fun to play with, and now they’re inseparable.

  65. I’m sure there is some artistic license taken for the sake of confining the action to the same general scene. 🙂

  66. My 17-year-old Gabby (calico) STILL thinks she’s the only cat and these other cats just need to go on home. 🙂

  67. Just to be clear here, it’s not like I thought about adopting 10 cats. 🙂 Most of them started out as foster cats, didn’t get adopted for various reasons, and so ended up staying. Two of them came from my backyard as strays. So I seriously have never actually gone looking to adopt a cat. lol… And no, I don’t travel much, but it’s probably more be/c (1) I love being home, and (2) I spend a good portion of my money on cat food & vet bills. But I do have a wonderful pet sitter who is a saint and a godsend!

  68. Simon’s cat lives in my house, except in my house he’s known as Beast (AKA The Beast, Beastly, Mr. B, Beebles, Sweet B, etc.). When I got my kitten (now a full grown beast in his own right) Mr. B would make a point of walking up to me while I was holding him to express his displeasure/swat at the kitten while making various diva-esque cat comments. He still intensely dislikes his two younger roommates, and they retaliate by doing precisely what Simon’s kitten does in this video. (Worse, actually.)

    LOOOOOVE Simon’s cat.

  69. I could be wrong, but ‘Shrooby” does sound. So maybe Shrooby is the character’s name as well?

  70. This is my favorite Simon’s cat episode so far! I love them all, but this one I have watched at least once a day since it has been out!