Hark! A Carrot Being Peeled!

Recently washed, judging by the sound of the dripping water… Somewhere within a six-block radius… Definitely a carrot, too short for a parsnip; seven, maybe eight inches… Rougher texture on one side, possibly damaged in handling… Peeler is stainless steel, with plastic handle…

Expert bun reporting brought to you by antaean.


  1. firsties?

  2. Yeah, so what?

    (Cute bunny, by the way.)

  3. Mary (the first) says:

    Don’t let Theo catch you.

  4. catch me?

  5. The management frowns upon ‘First!’, aka ‘Bleen’.

  6. OK. I didn’t know. I just didn’t know. I was just surprised that no one else had commented, that’s all. I was just expressing my surprise and posed a question. I didn’t mean to do anything wrong.

  7. (…and I ain’t exactly management anymore, but the standards still apply ;) )

  8. Ask yourself: What does “FIRST!” add to the conversation?

    Would you say the same at a wedding when the minister says “Speak now or forever hold your peace”? Would you even say the same at, say, book club? Or heck, at the dining room table, in response to Grandma asking “Now then, how was everybody’s week?” (…and if you did, how much dessert were you expecting?)

  9. Also meant to thank you, ashagato, for explaining that part of it. I certainly did not mean that when I commented. It’s not that I don’t use that word, but I definitely did not mean to imply it in this case.

    Such secrecy here! I’m not sure how to take it all, I guess.

  10. Oh. I didn’t know that. 8O

    Not sure the meaning of bleen. There’s no def. for it in the Glossary although it is listed (def. is blank). I checked Urban Dic. and none of those defs. seem to apply here.

    Many thx for explaining, wuyizidi. :-)

  11. Thanks, ceejoe! That’s exactly what puzzles me about being scolded for my comment which was made innocently.

  12. bit of a euphemism, you might say, for the “F” word…

  13. hey kimmaroo, it’s all good, all in fun! :)

  14. Secrecy… is not the point. (That’s my CURRENT job.) Just trying to make the internet a better place, one CO Regular at a time. ;)

  15. Actually, Kimmaroo, I’ve been wondering about “bleen” for the last 6 months, since I went to the same sources you went to and remained confused, so I’m glad this came up. Don’t like to be in the dark! *throws chocolate to kimmaroo in gratitude* ;-)

  16. Gorgeous bun. I’m mysteriously drawn to the asymmetry of one ear up, one ear down.

  17. It looks like it could be a workout lifting a big, fuzzy ear like that. I imagine this is one of many ear-lift reps. Bunnercizing: and ONE and TWO and LIFT and TWITCH…

  18. Quoting Al Gore: “Quiet! A whale is in trouble…I have to go!”

  19. (The Original) Mel says:


  20. Moi, Actually says:

    Carrot interruption while browsing in Handley’s catalogue. Perhaps bun was picking out some cowbun boots for those delicate toesies.

  21. Excellent NTMTOM! HA.

  22. in bunny clock time, looks like 10 to 5, mmhh?

  23. Indeed! This one’s way cuter than my Timex.

  24. Mine too. Bunny watch. Want!

  25. Ear looking like a leaf, priceless. *Looks outside at the pretteh fall leaves*

  26. furry back foot sticking out in front! I love buns…..

  27. Years ago, a SF Giant baseball player named Jeffery Leonard used to run the bases after a home run with his left elbow held away from his body and his right, down against it. He called it “one-flap down”.

    Looks like bunny is trying to revive the tradition.

  28. Oh MAN, Jeffrey Leonard! I was just thinking about him!

  29. Ahhhh I want to snorgle that fluffly chest and tummers!!

  30. That’s the problem with this site, it produces a strong urge to snorgle furry bellehs and earsies and toesies. I’ll go look for my kitteh and risk losing a small portion of scalp. =)

  31. …”problem”?

  32. It’s true! I was using my new Swedish peeler with the bright red handle. I prefer to think of my countertop tile as “bright seafoam,” tho.

  33. victoreia says:


    Yes, “bright seafoam” does sound nicer than “nasty shade of turquoise”!

  34. How about “hazy shade of winter”?

  35. That guy is so cute!

  36. I bet he can tell that the carrot was grown on the south side of the hill on Framer John’s 5 acre homestead in Calaveras County. ;-)

  37. Bunneh must be Frawnsche to be so keenly aware of zee carrot’s terroir. :-)

  38. Naturally bunneh has a deep appreciation of such things: the terroir on the south side of the hill consists of stoney and gravely soils; producing a taste that is both masculine and complex. That is not to say he does not also enjoy carrots produced in neighboring micro-climates, such as one where the mist caused by very slight temperature differences during the day, when combined with the clay-limestone soils, create a taste that is joyful, fruity, and exceptionally “round”…

  39. ROFLMAO! A true carrot connoiseur.

  40. Natch! :-)

  41. I wager ze bun could tell us what breed of carrot it is and when it was planted, too.

  42. R U Sirius Satellite Rabbito

  43. *snerk*

  44. Totally cereal. No Trix. :)

  45. They went that-away…

  46. :-)

  47. I love buns who have taken the time to hone their intellect and awareness to such a degree that their communication becomes a delicately balanced precise art, expertly pinpointing the crux and the essence of the subject, i.e., carrots.
    And I watch PBS.

  48. d’aww dat’s the cutest widdle aficionado I’ve ever seen, yes he is!
    *ah-hem* Sorry, couldn’t help myself…

  49. Okay I know this will totally date me as OLD as the hills but this reminded me of the lone ranger show.

    And various comedic skits.

  50. I had a crush on him when I was seven years old. Do I have good taste, or what??

  51. Also ROFL and OMG that bunny is adorable!

  52. Don’t feel alone kemosabe !
    Hi Ho bun bun AWAYYYYYYYYYYYY !!!

  53. C.U. you’ve got competition….look to the right of this post. Any chance of getting a muzzie enhancement on the book cover Boston on “You Had Me at Woof?

  54. fer reals, yo.. that is one serious pout!

  55. For the record, said book is AWESOME. But I’m biased, I love me some Bosties.

    And bun reminds me of, well, me whenever I hear the words “Almond Joy”. It’s that “Ok I’m paying attention now” look.

  56. He’s in ground school for Bunway Airlines, learning how to bank a turn.

  57. Or directing air traffic. According to Wiki, his ears are in the C/3 position, which meant Acknowledge/Correct.

  58. Acknowledge/Correct? So he’s an Approving Rabbit?!?

  59. I know, weird, right?

  60. I just visited the Museum of Flight at Boeing, yesterday. I believe you are correct. Gotta paint those earpaddles red and put on a yellow vest, tho.

  61. Dear God….the cute…it’s overwhelming.

  62. Excellent deduction skills – he must watch a lot of PBS. Poirot or Sherlock?

  63. Poirot AND Sherlock! BTW, The more recent Poirots need some kind of award for set design or production values or whatever its called that make them look so classy!

  64. If you’re talking about the ones with the actor David Suchet – why then yes, I do agree. I must say a HUGE part of their success is HIM! I doubt they could find a better actor to portray him.

    We have a TON of them at our local library – went through them all last winter. There are the sets with 3 episodes on each DVD and then there are a few full length movies which are even better productions, if that’s possible.

    A friend who is also addicted to David Suchet’s Poirot says there are a lot on Netflix too. We saw some through Blockbuster and the rest at our library.

  65. Looks like a young Mini-Lop. Their ears are actually upright until later when they drop, of course not both at the same time. It is funny watching them learn to re-hop and not step on their ears. I had one who’s ears didn’t completely drop for almost a month after the rest. They were at half mast and he looked so funny. His name was Radar O’Rabbit because he always looked like he was scanning for something.

  66. Well named.


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