Hakuna Matata for reals

Elton John is the photographer, obvy:

Those two words will solve all your problems, Mischa M.



  1. You’re kidding me!

  2. It hurt that his friends never stood downwind.

  3. OMG…. IT is like some other universe where movies become real!

    Ques Twighlight zone music.

  4. kibblenibble says:


  5. Life imitating fart…

  6. *applause* 😆

  7. It’s out to get me! This song was being played while the band was practicing before my Tai Chi tonight, and now this? *flees*

  8. crystalrabbit7 says:

    Ack, just went to see The Lion King tonight in 3D! I’ve also heard Ernie Sabella sing Hakuna Matata live, which was awesome =D

    “Pumbaa, not in front of the kids!”

  9. Whoever smelt it…..;-)

  10. Kari Callin says:

    I have no words….except for the ones I just typed.

  11. It’s too delicious to comprehend. I dig this SO MUCH!

  12. *blink blink blink*

  13. Starlinguk says:

    And OH, THE SHAME!


  15. starlinguk says:


    Pass the pickles.

  16. Please, please don’t ruin this by telling me it was photoshopped or some such nonsense.

  17. UKTigress says:

    Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble but this really does look fake. The meerkat is in the position they use for when standing on top of scouting points; I can’t imagine a lone meerkat ever choosing to do such a thing on an open road.

  18. *hands relish tray to starlinguk* Here you go…. Three kinds of pickles. Two kinds of olives. Celery stuffed with pimiento cheese. Radish roses, carrot curls, scallion fans, and other assorted crudité. Bon appétit!

  19. Now what in THAT comment entitled me to admission to the mod lounge???

  20. *two points Theo!*

  21. OK, if this turns out to be photoshopped, don’t nobdy tells me, I wanna believe there’s a real Timon and Puumba and they get together and sing!

    What happy little show tunes they sing!

  22. When weird coincidences like that happen to me, I think that it’s either because someone’s trying to tell me something (in your case: “relax, everything’s OK”) or sometimes I think it’s just the cogs and gears of the universe lining up correctly and smoothly (in your case: “relax, everything’s OK”). It’s a win-win Tigger!

    No worries, hon. 😀

  23. When faced with the amazing, I often quote the great Shakespeare: There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

    But in this case I think I’ll quote Ted” Theodore Logan:

    NO WAY! 😆

  24. What a hoot!

  25. Red Toenails says:

    Get out!! Now, I’ve seen everything!

  26. Whaaa?! I love that they’re clearly in the middle of an important discussion too

  27. Who cares??? We CHOOSE to believe it’s real!!!

  28. must have been crudite… heehee… Is one of those kinds of pickles deep fried? yum!

  29. dudes and dudettes… this has totally made my day.
    think I can go home from work, since there’s nothing more I can do ?

  30. I was going to say something similar but without the pun. Bravo, Teho!!!

  31. @Tigger–you have a band at your Tai Chi class? I want to go to your class…

  32. flutterby says:

    What an amazing day this is starting out to be….two of my fave cats, besides my Mr. McBuckersons – MARU AND A MEERKAT ….gawwwleeeeeee, WHAT did I do to deserve this wonderfulness ??

  33. I have to say this is my go-to site when I’m having a suckish day…like today…car’s in the shop for the 4th time after the $1400 repair didn’t fix the problem, woke up with a raging sore throat (winter really didn’t disappear as I’d hoped and prayed all summer), etc. etc. etc. A dose of CO with a little extra Maru on top for dessert…and I am good to go once again! I utterly believe this website provides a mental health community service. It truly is joy-centered, and that makes ME feel joy-centered! Thank you, Meg, and all the other dear bloggers and commenters!

  34. I agree – as a photographer (and retoucher), I call foul on this one…!

  35. Sending healing energy your way, marthava! I would hug you too, but I don’t want to get your germs. 🙂

  36. flutterby says:

    Ahhhhh…just watched Hakuna Matata video,so am truly floating on a cloud of happiness as well as giggling at Teho’s poot joke earlier on !!

  37. And if nothing else works, a total pig-headed unwillingness to look facts in the face will see us through.

  38. Deep fried pickles 😯

  39. /fist bump with Gigi/

  40. So are warthogs like cats: When their tails are straight up, they’re happy? Inquiring minds want to know…

  41. CO is the best when you’re feeling blue. I am right there with ya today Martha. Life is so..so…so..not cute at the moment. I am just looking for the right rock to crawl under! But here we are at CO and it just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy!

    Hope you are feeling better soon and keep watching & posting.
    Bunnies Rule……(at least in my house of 2 dogs, 1 foster kitten and 1 rabbit)

  42. snicker at “poot”

  43. Love this!

  44. Maybe this photo inspired the movie, and not the other way around?

  45. I generally try to live my life according to the philosophy of Bill and Ted: “Be excellent to each other.” 🙂

    And I agree with the others: if this is fake, I don’t wanna know. I CHOOSE to believe it’s real, and they’re just about to burst into song.

  46. Were they singing?

  47. I think the picture is photoshopped but I also don’t think it’s completely impossible that the meerkat and warthog could have been together. I saw a nature program where a warthog sat down on the ground and a gang of mongooses (mongeese?) climbed all over him and nibbled ticks and parasites off him, like cleaner fish do. I don’t see why meerkats couldn’t have the same behavior. Free snacks for the meerkats and a cleaning for the warthog.

  48. Why do you feel the need to tell us that? The world is tuff enuff; let us have a happy moment or 2 without someone having to spoil it. Who does that hurt after all and it makes most of us feel a little better. Try to live by the motto, ” be alert, we need all the lerts we can get, but don’t be a nuffer.”

  49. Now I’m in moderation. Anyone got any creme brulee?

  50. @Countess: We usually hold Tai Chi in the Kinesiology Building on campus, but when there is a volleyball game, we move it over to the sports complex. The band practices to warm up for the game and so do the cheerleaders, both of which are in the same room as the Tai Chi. They leave, we go in! 🙂

  51. I very loudly went ”AAAAWWWW!”

  52. Guinea Peeg Lover says:

    He who denyeth it supplyeth it.

  53. thank you… I needed to know this was true somewhere.

  54. Oh, poo, poo, pa do. Who cares. Whoever did this brought a needed giggle to many people…and that’s just …hakuna matata to mee.

  55. According to Wild Kratts on PBS, they do that as a signal for when there is danger nearby. Like lions or something.

    Or….Maybe he knew the photographer was behind him & was warning “Timon” that he was about to deploy an odiferous defense! 😉

  56. Couldn’t help it. Excuse me. 😈

  57. …anyway, the meerkat is not alone. 😛

  58. Lemme just torch the sugar on top & it’s all yours! 🙂

  59. All’s I gots is this blowtorch.

  60. jinx, A-B

  61. WAY.

  62. Ya hadta say something…

  63. 😆 I remember hearing that part 😆

  64. My 3 year old grandson has the video Lion King 1 1/2, which tells Timon and Poombah’s story–laugh out loud funny! Timon and George Castanza are cousins-Timon’s mother is Mrs. Costanza’s somewhat nicer sister!

  65. real or not, this completed my life. whoever photoshopped it is a genius,and if there was no photoshopping involved, then the animals are geniuses.

  66. genius.

  67. hahaha… The only one’s missing here is Simba.

  68. Katie Foster says:

    Clever, but not the original photo. Photoshop. Did make me smile though.

  69. Katie Foster says:

    Completely agree, but the idea did make me smile. It is a photoshop job. the lighting is off.

  70. you never know what you might see out there, in the wild, in the moonlight, at certain hours…


  71. I was also trying to figure this out, since as far as I know meerkats and warthogs don’t share any common range except maybe (according to wikipedia) a few small places in Zambia and Namibia. I’m going to go with photoshopped, unless someone knows where this was actually taken, in which case I have a plane ticket to buy..

  72. bob drummond says:

    I agree with the others . I f this is fake I don’t want to know !!! I love it the way it looks !
    Please pass me the bottle, I need a drink – NOW!!

  73. lion king i love that movie

  74. jerebear44 says:

    I would LOVE to believe this is real but alas, it is not:

  75. follow the link if only to see first class commenting and snarkosity.