Welcome to the Share-A-Tum® Hotel

We promise to make your stay as comfterbuhls as possible and we offer complimentary nuts on your pillow.

Time to check out Coast and Canyon Wildlife!



  1. OMG, squirrel babies!!!

  2. SoCratesx53 says:

    Squirrelio toebeanz!!!

  3. When you get forcibly raped by a stranger, and then shunned and blamed by your friends, family, and significant other, it turns your whole life upside down. You think about suicide, you sedate the crap out of yourself, you cry, you can’t eat, you can’t sleep, and nothing you do brings relief. You’re afraid. You want to hurt yourself. You’re afraid of the trial. You’re afraid he won’t be convicted. You’re afraid nobody will ever look at you the same again. You’re afraid you’ll never look at anyone else the same again. Then you open your computer and the Cute Overload shortcut is there. You click out of habit before you go any place else on the internet. You start scrolling and giggling. It’s the same. Oh, my god, it’s the same. It’s normal. It’s a taste of normal life. This what I used to do before 10/28/11, and this is what I can still do with exactly the same pleasure today. This will give me my life back, because it makes me realize I still have life to go back to. Thank you for being there for me, CO.

  4. 😀 No way! Too cute!

  5. I don’t even LIKE squirrels, and you show me this? This isty bitsy cutie wootsy… (melts)

  6. I love how they’re snugged all together! so sweet!

  7. These are 4 orphaned babies in their incubator at Coast & Canyon Wildlife in Malibu, California. The volunteer rehabber will care for them until they’re strong and old enough to be released back into the wild. They had a rough start losing their moms but they’re in good hands now.

  8. This has kilt me ded and stomped on mah grave. And don’t even get me started on the clever hovertext….. 😯

  9. Snoodle, snoodle, I just want to coodle their boodles. But nuts on my pillow? Sorry, but my mind goes elsewhere.

  10. Mary (the first) says:

    Yeah, me too, the way they’re cuddled I thought, “whose nuts?? uh oh!”

  11. Moi, Actually says:

    What about the tiny tail trail on the lower left? Is it attached to head honkshu on the left? Or does it lead off-screen to even further adorabuhlness?
    (I vote for the latter option)

  12. Leslie Rink says:

    Just adorable!
    They like to cache their hazelnuts under their pillow!

  13. Oh, GET OUT!!! 😛

  14. bookmonstercats says:

    Watch out, Sheraton hotel group, Pyrit is out to get you 🙂

  15. tut, tut, tut. I honestly imagined acorns on a pillow instead of a mint and their tum is the pillow. Or, the squirrel is the nut, since squirrels are nutty. Oh yes they are. It’s how they’ve survived the ages!

  16. remember that Shel Silverstein poem, too many kids in the tub? something like “I just washed a behind that I’m sure wasn’t mine”
    that’s what I thought of…

  17. Perfect sleeping eye capsules….

    Praying for acorns in sleep…

    Full little tummies….

    FOOT ON HEAD! (kilt me ded)

    Thank you Kim and Coast and Canyon for making my morning. Excellent hovertext Pyrit.

  18. What’s wrong with their tails? All of our squirrels in Illinois have fluffy tails. Does the fluff come later or are these skinny-tail squirrels (is there such a thing as a skinny-tail squirrel)?

  19. Thank you, I love to ear stories about little “rescute” babies.

  20. Awww I love the squoon (squirrel-spoon) action going on on the right side 🙂

  21. I think the fluff comes in when they get older. In the spring I see a lot of young squirrel in my back yard and a lot of the have tails that are not that fluffy but as the summer goes on the tails gets more fluffy.

  22. Yes they will have fluffy tails when they’re older, but they’re just wee bebbehs in an incubator.

  23. flutterby says:

    Tangle of feets, toebeans, whiskers, fingers and full bellehs all snuggled in for a nice nappy before resuming their bizness of being sproingy babeh skwerlios !!

  24. I’m with you, Laura – they are a true nuisance in my area. I will never hurt a squirrel but I grumble under my breath about the damage they do and the ruckus they cause.

    But this picture really is pretty gosh-darned cute.

  25. ResQte tag added, no charge!

  26. savvy_geek says:

    SO MANY THINGS to love about this pic! Including how the one has his fingers (almost) tented – maybe he is dreaming that he is Mr. Burns….

  27. Check out the video on their website where they release some babeh squirrelios. Tear-inducing. I SO admire wildlife rehabbers.

  28. Oh, groan: Tummy pillows … complimentary nuts on your pillow … Oh no. Oh Pyrit, I don’t know if you did that on purpose but I almost spit my coffee at the screen. I’m still giggling guiltily.

  29. Pile o’ squirrels!!!

  30. Squee-rells! I once found two babies who had escaped from their rescuer’s cardboard box And were heading blindly for a main road… Scooped the little lovelies up and (admittedly a little reluctantly!) handed them back. Happy days.

  31. *rrels – sorry was slightly overcome!

  32. I understand if you don’t think this is an appropriate comment for this thread, I just wanted someone who works for CO to see that they don’t just provide cute, they provide a significant source of solace and therapy. I needed to thank you, and make you aware of your amazing impact on my life.

  33. Or they could be ground squirrels. THey have skinny tails and that is what I thought they were when I saw them.

  34. TrixandSam says:

    Reminds me of the little guy I rescued from the sidewalk (looks like he’d fallen from his nest). I picked him up with gloved hands and rubbed him a bit while Momma Squirrel watched me with that “if you harm a hair on his head…” look. I put him under their tree and sure enough, Momma snagged him took him back to the nest. Whew!

    Love dem baby squirellios!

  35. Awww, such good kind people, saving and helping da baby squirrels.

    But I thought baby squirrels had to be kept and couldn’t be rereleased?

  36. skippymom says:

    Yay Shel Silverstein! Have you seen his new book that just came out?

  37. i’m sorry you had to wait in moderation. you are so welcome here and we are so thankful for your words. thank you for sharing your pain and recovery with us. we’re not going anywhere. 🙂

  38. Funny thing – I heard a similar story from a squirrel recently chattering about the humanz… “How destructive and noisy they are and how scary the big wheeled zooming boxes are… and how the humanz destroy the trees and cut branches holding nests…”

  39. Amen.

  40. V, I just read your posts. I don’t have the right words to take away your pain, but I’m glad to know you’re reaching out for SOMETHING, just for yourself. If your family and SO can’t be supportive of you, please find someone who can. And please keep looking for more of those normal, human, and comforting moments just for you.

    My sister and I survived an abusive childhood and our Siamese cats and very cranky dog were often the only solace we had besides each other. I am still grateful for those Furry Angels, and think I can understand how CO makes things a little more bearable.

    Please keep coming back and let us know how you’re doing. As Sharpy said, were not going anywhere!

  41. baroo?

  42. skippymom says:

    “Every Thing On It”. Poems his family found after he died. It’s good!

  43. That is so sweet, and amazing that you were able to hand straight back to rhe mothership! Adding to the cuteness is mine were on the pavement, yours were on the sidewalk – if that doesn’t call for a squitato, squitato type song I don’t know what does!

  44. Coast and Canyon absolutely rocks!

  45. Thank you CV! FYI Shari, there are simple and humane methods of deterring squirrels in and around your garden and house. Internet is a great tool for learning and solving problems, as well as viewing cuteness.

  46. I’m ded, Jim…!
    Too cuuuuute! 😀

  47. victoreia says:

    It happens to the best of us, Moo. It’s a side-effect of teh Qte.

  48. luvs-the-floof says:

    good god….so cute it hurts

  49. they r adorible