Step 1: Approach Kitteh Belleh

STEP 2: Attempt snorfing of stomachular area:

STEP 3: Witness either Smile or Claw swipe [Ffffft! Fffffft!]

This Snorf-a-thon Lesson brought to you by Sender-Inner Lindsay E.



  1. That looks like a fluffy bear trap.

  2. I look at this elegant snorgglekitty all spread out, with a dark serious look on its face, and all I can hear in my head is:

    ♪I believe that everyone in life should have a mission
    Making people happy is the height of my ambition
    And when I make them happy, well, they stay in that condition
    I’ve got a system all my own.♫

  3. Lewis n' Clark says:

    ehhhh – I don’t think that the kitteh’s smile is one of satisfaction; I think it is the Pre-Claw-Swipe-I’m-Gonna-Getcha smile

  4. victoreia says:

    Depending on the color of the kitty, I either get a look “Mom, you’re weird” or the belly trap runs away (“Don’t TOUCH ME, MOM!”).

  5. And what self-respecting cat WOULDN’T smile whilst mutilating the human food-feeder?

  6. Phrases like “Stomachular Area” are among the gazillions of silly things that bring me to Cute Overload. The hilariously inviting (and mischievious) pose of the kitty above is among the gazillions of reasons I stay…

  7. (The Original) Mel says:

    Floofbelleh Recon Mission: We have the belleh in our sights, over.

  8. Like pizza with palate-blistering cheese, I fall for the floofy belly attached to a ‘Why, I wouldn’t DREAM of reducing your skritching hand to smithereenies’ look. Every. Single. Time.

  9. The floofy stomache wil not be denied its snorff!

  10. Do. Not. Trust!!!!! (It is a cat, after all.)

  11. IT’S A TRAP!

  12. Flooooooooooof! /zombie voice.

  13. My god, it’s full of floof!

  14. It definitely is! The claw swipes follow!

  15. victoreia says:

    *giggle* And juuuust before you hear “I’m sorry, I’m afraid I can’t do that.”

  16. I witness this position (and smile) often. Depending in which cat it is, I get a variety of response to my attempted snorgling. Legolas will either a) straaaaaaaytche and purr and knead on the air, or b) grab my hand or face and and aggressively groom while I try to extract his very sharp little claws from either my arm or my scalp. Eowyn will either a) freak out and run in four directions at the same time, glaring at me all the way (How dare you disturb my beauty sleep?!), or b) sigh and give me that withering “Well, if you MUST. Now go get me some heavy cream in the porcelain dish to make up for inconveniencing me.” expression that cats are so incredibly good at.

  17. I’m hearing that in an Akbar voice …

  18. Four of my 6 will just stretch out more when I snorf or skritch–they just love it. The other 2, not so much. But nobody greets me with an evil grin to trap me. This kitteh is very smart.

  19. martha in mobile (no longer) says:

    Opal Marie Paddlepaw has a stomach like this. I huff her tum-tum and it smells vaguely of old socks.

  20. Without even looking I knew this was Meg. Lol! She definitely has her stamp.

  21. OMG! How do you NOT snorf, I ask?! I would very carefully secure the front paws with my hands, then anchor the back paws (known as the kicky paws) with my tummy. Then I would rub my face in that belly like my life depended on it!! (Then I would run, far, far away, again, like my life depended on it! ;P_

  22. OMG that’s a sea of floof!! A snorgle magnet! But that look from those slit eyes tells me there is danger ahead… should I dare and take a dive?? I’ve seen that look before…

  23. “the kicky paws” Hahahahahah! An apt description, Mela! 🙂

  24. DItto my floofy tortie, Mavis, except her tummy smells like stale popcorn from the floor of a shabby old movie theater.

  25. Every cat I’ve ever known would snap shut like a Venus Fly Trap if anyone tried to put their hand there!

  26. That’s weird, I swear my kitty smells like popcorn sometimes too.

  27. You forgot step 4: Spit cat hair. Every time I try to snorgle Valium’s belly, I nearly end un with a hairball myself.
    (Never ever grumbling at him for spitting one by the way, at least, he is smart enough to spit his in his litter)
    (Yes I have a weird cat)

  28. S.J. Hartsfield says:

    I just have to say that I laughed pretty hard at your cat’s name. That’s pretty sweet.

  29. or the piping hot, yet ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookie straight outta the oven…i must tickle and snorf the awesome kitteh belly and go “WHOOZAGOODKITTEHKITTEH?!?” then run like heck to the bathroom for some anti-bacterial soap & bacitracin *sigh*

  30. Kicky paws – yes! Also known in our house as disembowelling paws.

  31. Whoa, Tessy smells of popcorn too. My old cat Bryher used to smell of old library books.

  32. I admit Floofbelly is luring me despite the undeniable malice in the eyes…

  33. LOL, Alison!! A perfect analogy! I have been trapped like that many times, deceived by the purr ing and the sleepiy look. =)

  34. LOL, Alison! I have been trapped like that several times, lured by the purring and sleepy look. =)

  35. flutterby says:

    Looks kinda like my Bucky’s belleh, but to huff or snorgle that would mean having my face rearranged ~ mebbe not such a bad idea ! I could be the next “Mom discovers new anti-wrinkle……lose 10 years in 10 seconds!

  36. Now that is smugness.

  37. Just a thought – I have always thought of the Belleh-Up posture as one of submission to the gentle rubbing of a trusted hand – or perhaps that’s just dogs –

    At Clifton Zoo – one fine day
    I tickled a Tiger – Oy Veh !!
    I should have guessed
    Tiger was not impressed
    I’m Typing left-handed today.

    A warning to all do I bring
    my right hand I wear in a sling
    I should be more aware
    and take better care
    First!! throw in a steak to the thing

    And while the lovely striped beast
    is busy with THAT – at least
    The unfortunate END
    IF your hand you extend
    Will prevent you becoming a FEAST

  38. 😆 I would just LOVE to see a video of you snorgling your two kitties, Legolas and Eowyn, Jennifer M. Black 😆 (You are a Lord Of The Rings fan too huh 😀 )

  39. You have a smart kitty, Kineko 😀 Our two kitties will spit up hairballs in the most anoying places 😦 The recent one was on the sofa 😦 Guess who had to clean it up 😦 I also had to giggle at your cat’s name, Valium 😆 Must be one laid back kitty to get a name like that 😆

  40. I know 😀 *Diving face in floofy belly of this kitty*

  41. Karen Astner says:

    Kitteh Bellah Is a beautiful cat! Would love to rub her tummy! Am sure you love having her around the house and in your lap. Great kitty!

  42. My Niko does this to me all the time. He’s a longish-haired sealpoint Siamese mix. He’s always rolling over on his back, turning this way and that, and meowing to me so that I will be sure to notice his beautiful belleh floof. No kicky paws or biting follows if you pet the belleh, although I’ve never tried sticking my face in it and snorgling it, because Niko is Nervous, and is also known as Niko Freako, and might run away.

  43. Colorista says:

    Recon team: Proceed with extreme caution. Threat level at Claw. Be prepared to evacuate immediately. Alert med team for standby. Over.

  44. Well done!
    *round of applause*

  45. Karma's Mom says:

    My Karma is a Birman and looks exactly like this kitty. She is often found in this position and it is perfectly safe to tickle her tummy. As for smell, she doesn’t have much, but we used to have a half Siamese, half Tabby girl who smelled like raspberries.

  46. stomachular area, hee hee.

  47. skippymom says:

    This morning I was in bed with my face firmly planted in Chloe’s sweet-smelling white belly floof. Skippy was jealous and sat on the stool next to the bed doing his extra-loud “time to get up and feed me” purr. At one point Chloe, who is usually very respectful of the old guy, reached out and smacked him and he ran away. I told her she was very naughty, but it was actually pretty funny.

  48. starlinguk says:

    Medical team standing by with Extra Large First Aid Kit, extra bandages, and anti-bacterial spray. Over.

  49. starlinguk says:

    I don’t end up spitting cat hair, I end up removing cat hair from my nose for the next half hour.

  50. And it’s spring-loaded.

  51. Thanks! I *knew* there was a triumvirate of human DOOOOOOM: hot pizza, fresh chock’lit chip cookies, and posing floof.

  52. The flooooof! I’ve got a ragdoll mix named Alma who loves the tummy rubs too!–I come home from work, snorgle the belleh, and boom, everything is good again. I can totally understand why you named your cat Valium, Kineko 🙂

  53. Duct tape works great for that. Cut off length of duct tape. Apply to nose. Repeat as needed. (That’s from years of attempting to remove kitteh fur with fingers–always unsuccessful, ‘cuz you can’t get that last one that’s tickling you)

  54. I attempted the bellehsnorf this morning. I got the claw. I regret nothing.

  55. Hey, belleh! Where you takin’ that kitteh?

  56. Is that a Scottish fold ragdoll?