Rhumba on a Roomba

Prairie dogs. Roomba. Bossa Nova. Five minutes. Nineteen seconds.

It’s… it’s… beautiful.



  1. Lewis n' Clark says:

    It looks like he’s waiting for a wayward bus

  2. Want.

  3. So many things I don’t understand. Where did the Japanese get Prairie dogs? and why can’t I have any? Do they import them just to make super-cute videos?

  4. Must have prairie dogs……and roomba. It looks like so much fun!

  5. All I know is I’ve never been happier. They’re some well cared for prairie dogs and…SOMEONE RIGGED THE ROOMBA FOR RIDEABILITY!!

  6. What? Huh? I am at a loss here. In what developed country can you keep prairie dogs as pets? How do they provide for their digging instincts? Is there a back story?

  7. *Pretending holding the remote control*

  8. Lewis n' Clark says:

    wait – do they live with Maru? Look at those floors!

  9. Really, where IS this magical place with indoor/outdoor prairie dogs and a giant hamster-wheel and a recessed-into-the-wall multi-story den of some kind? PLUS all-day ride-a-Roomba? Where? Where?

  10. Well, that’s easy. They are not pets. They ride the Roomba to their job site, where they are employed as tunnel-diggers in undeveloped countries.

  11. Pimp My Roomba, a new reality show.

  12. looks like they have their own special game going.

  13. I love how the window sill seems to be the official Rooma Station where the prairie dogs wait to get on. Cute.

  14. Over the rainbow and through the woods that is where.

  15. Prairie Dog (PD) 1: “Move over”
    PD 2: “No, I was here first”
    PD 1: “Stop hogging the Roomba”
    PD 2: “Fine, come on”
    PD 1: climbs on, nudges PD 2 off. “Oops.. heh heh”
    PD 2: “Mom!”

  16. do they have to take seasick pills for when the roomba spins around?

  17. Exactly what I want to know! How hard is it to become a citizen of this country where they have Roomba riding prairie dogs? Can one retire to this paradise? I need to know.

  18. Arrrrrgggggghhhhhhh! I guess i neet to move to Japan where Prarie dogs are kept as pets to ride roombas all day long and have their own indoor outdoor sanctuary!

  19. Cholmondeley says:

    Yes OF COURSE this is happening in Japan. *Nods knowingly.*

  20. That’s exactly what I thought as soon as I saw the floors…….Maru has pet prairie dogs!

  21. Was I the only one thinking IHOP–International House of Prairie (Dogs)?

  22. LOL.. that’s what I wonder.

  23. Love this comment x) ❤

  24. I’ve seen Prairie Dogs sold as pets when I lived in Las Vegas, Nevada. I believe it varies from state to state, since some states consider them pests, along with hedgehogs (Sadly, I live in one of those states right now).

  25. LOLOL Well… NOW all of us are thinking it.

  26. am i the only one who spied Piglet?? Put Piglet on the Rhoomba…

  27. Monkeypox never looked cuter!

  28. Oaky she has 5 prarie dogs and a cat that gives them bathes… OMG I am sooo Jealous!

  29. cavykatie says:

    I wonder what is on top of the Roomba. Whatever it is, the prairie dogs seem very interested in chewing it. I’ve decided it’s some kind of prairie dog attracting straw, but beyond that I dunno….

  30. Wha…I don’t even…why is…but…how…Prairie Dog Bossa Roomba?

  31. Way cool.
    They seemed so casual about it, I’m thinking it wasn’t their first Rhumba on a Roomba.

  32. *squee*

  33. Is it just me or are those some pudgy prairie dogs ?

  34. JohnnyJohnny says:


  35. I wonder what those prairie dogs are thinking o_O

  36. This vid is downright mesmerizing. There must be subliminal messages buried in the audio. *must acquire roomba. must yearn for prairie dogs. must watch this video again.*

  37. To be a prarie dog is to be pudgy… they are egg shaped even in the wild.

  38. swampdiamonds says:

    I keep thinking of those old cartoon gophers…”Indubitably!”

  39. According to this rather grim web page http://www.emagazine.com/archive/3274 “The Japanese have been shipping prairie dogs to their home country for keeping as pets. They view these animals as a status symbol of western exoticism.” “The animals are prized there because they are small, not too loud, and social animals.”

    And I thought of Maru too, but more likely that’s just a really popular flooring product.

  40. That’s really sad, but I thought ‘Maru’s floor!’ as well 😀 Maybe it’s standard Japanese flooring?

  41. This:

    There’s a whole other bunch of vids featuring BABEH PRAIRIE DOGS from the same user which I will not repost for fear of their lethal cuteness.

  42. Are those guys living in a retrofitted fireplace?

  43. 😀

  44. I would love one of these – abd a Kitty – methinks this shall be arranged and SOON

  45. Just checked all thru my house… no clean floors, no roomba and worstest of all, no adorabuhl prairie dogs. Terribly verklempt.

    Who knew Japan even had prairies?!?!

  46. How do you get a pet prairie dog??!! I feel like I should know this, since I live in Nebraska and they’re plentiful.

  47. Try to catch one! Better two, and send one to me! I already ordered a Roomba…..

  48. flutterby says:

    Note to self: Get Roomba so I have nice clean floors too. Must be the secret to having an immaculate appearing home with fuzzipals running about, espesh the sort who leave pellets behind them.

  49. It looks like they have an indoor / outdoor capability, with the flap in the door. I think it’s a retrofitted fireplace, too, with some great ceramic planters. Those babies are really well cared for!

  50. lolol

  51. I love that the cat has figured out the prairie dogs “play ded” button.
    “Lie still!” Hits button. Goes back to cleaning baby prairie dog, including it’s little paws!

  52. Maybe it was a special order thing we all missed. Order a Roomba NOW and we’ll throw in a couple of prairie dogs at no extra cost! Call within the next 15 minutes!

  53. starlinguk says:

    Here in Britain hedgehogs are getting rarer and rarer. They are definitely not treated as pests.

  54. Edward and Bella. 🙂

  55. Me too! I saw that and asked “Is that a mounting block?!! I think it is!!”

  56. The other videos at the link are great too. Inspired musical choices all around!

  57. Cat is caught between nurturing instinct and “mmm, tastes like rodent.”

  58. Love it!

  59. I am not sure it will work – I went to my usual supply store and the gentleman got on the phone – with a very suspicious look on his face and his colleagues were laughing at him – was it something I said !!!!!

  60. OMG, I just puked a rainbow its so f-ing CUTE!!!!! WANT!!!

  61. Sasha's Mum says:

    I love that the little proximity-detector thingie on the Roomba looks like a rapidly wagging tail. 🙂

    So we’ve seen kittehs riding Roombas, and now gophers … is there any critter that is incompatible?

  62. “Next time, on Prairie Dogs Companion…”

  63. I visited a large pet store in Nagoya and could have purchased a wallaby, kinkaju, owls, marmoset monkeys, prairie dogs, squirrels, chipmunks, etc. Virtually any animal is available for a price. They do however cost a fortune and are usually treated like this, travel with their owners a lot as they are accepted there.

  64. Speaking of Japanese, does the prairie dog live in Maru’s house? The floors match.

  65. The Prairie dog became a ban on import from 2002 in Japan.
    Two animals which ride on rumba are the elder brothers and younger sisters of the Prairie dog who were born at my home.
    Their ability to adapt over people and a life is wonderful.
    And it is very lovely.
    This is not a house of Mull.
    And we moved out one year ago.
    Our house became very narrow.
    Probably the same thing as this video will not be able to be recorded any longer.

    They rode on rumba themselves from the beginning.
    It is their habit.
    I would like to check a long distance at as high a place as possible.
    However, as for rumba, everyday they seem to merely enjoy themselves by this video.
    Japanese floorings are white, cream, brown, and dark brown. — It is variously.

    The cushion has put for the prevention from failure of a switch.
    Since it walks around with a pellet (Food), and eats and they spill it.
    And a cushion is a cushion peculiar to Asia.
    It is made of straw.
    Therefore, they will smell a smell just instinctively. XD

    It is not status but a maniac to keep the Prairie dog in Japan. ;P

    Please enjoy yourself. /~~~

  66. You can have prairie dogs in the US. (check your state regs but most allow them now. There were bans because a load of prairie dogs shipped with other animals picked up monkey pox from them, and as it’s transmissiable to humans there was a huge US ban until about 2 years ago. I had a pre-ban PD but the rescue I got her from weren’t very well versed in PD’s and they sent her to me in a carrier that had horses and cows. PD’s can get bovine and equine diseases, so when I got her she was already counting down. Many farmers in the south/southwest blanket exterminate prairie dog villiages, but some rescues go in with vaccums or bubble machines (vacs suck them out (it’s a little scary but injury’s are suprisingly few) and foamers just make them say “Lets get the heck out of here!” but otherwise they would be killed. There are also PD breeders now as well. (pups are usually available April/May yearly)
    We only had 3 months together but it was an amazing experience for me. Prairie dogs bond to you as family and are SOOO social that if you neglect them, or leave them alone, or travel all the time they will eventually become sad and just die. And they are BRILLIANT. In the short time I had her I could identify 4 distinct barks, but research is just starting to now show that they have one of the most complex languages outside of humans, and when “tested” they had different barks for “Wolf” and for “Fake wolf the researchers have brought in again” *lol*
    My big “WOW” moment was about a month into my PD ownership. Moya LOVED cheerios, (those were her reward treats) so one day in the kitchen I’m sweeping and I spill her treat bag (about 2 cups of cheerios) into the floor where I already had a pile of dust/nasty floor stuff. She comes running in to see what’s up, and I’m kneeling down picking up the cheerios and putting them in the dust pan (as they’ve scattered around a bit.) She looks at me, walks over picks up a cheerio sniff it, watches me, then drops it in the dust pan and helped me pick up all of them. I threw it all away and she got a cheerio AND a banana chip for being such a good/smart girl. She KNEW she was helping “the family” do something that needed to be done, she may not have known why but she’s was like “Hey I can help at least!” I really miss her and I will get another once I get a new house settled. I’ve had pretty much every normal pet you can imagine but she was by far the smartest and the most eager and curious by far. And there’s nothing like a PD’s happy “Yahoo” bark to let you know someone is happy to see you, especially when it’s the super yahoo followed by the falling over backwards “because I got way too into it dad!”

    PD’s run about $200-300 Usually air shipped to you. ALWAYS make sure they don’t share transport with livestock (if your breeder/rescue doesn’t know GO ELSEWHERE)
    I’m not a fan of PD’s in pet shops as they’re usually not socialized correctly and are kept past the point where they’ve already bonded with their cellmates.

    Prairie dogs “BOND” for life with you, you can never give them away, send them back, administer physical corrections, etc.. and they live to be 13-15 so it’s a big responsibility and you have to be very patient and understanding.
    It actually makes sense that Asian cultures like prairie dogs as PD culture has it’s parallels. (sorry for massive post but I loves me some prairie dogs)

  67. Oh yeah that’s the other thing about PD’s,.. “kissing”
    PD’s kiss as a form of family ID, they usually just touch teeth.
    I was laying on my back and almost lost it when my new PD ran up my chest and shoved her entire head right in my mouth *LOL*
    (I thought maybe she thought “here’s a hole to run down” but she was just saying “Hey we’re all cool here right, everything’s good yeah?”

  68. Thank you for sharing! I totally believe you have to be a maniac to keep a prarie dog 🙂

  69. Anne Packrat says:

    What song is this? This sounds like Yoko Kanno’s French songs on the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack.

  70. Well maybe if you Victor Meldrew types would stop mistaking them for slippers!

  71. This is what I will be picturing at the Arturo Sandoval concert in a couple of weeks.

  72. Just me but I think that I would’ve kept my cars with me at all times.

  73. that is an amazing piece of writing. thank you for adding up all the things i’d want to know about prairie dogs as pets. except…

    do they smell?
    does it make them sad if they’re used to living in a huge population?
    and can you let them out in the yard?

  74. Banquo – Regarding the farmers exterminating prairie dogs. One of many domino effects of that, is the black-footed ferret, No. America’s only ferret, and extremely cute, is now extremely endangered. Not to be mean, but PDs are/were their noms. (Of course, PDs are extremely cute too.)

  75. It’s Carnival by the Cardigans (a Swedish band). Lovely song!

  76. Yeah it’s really sad because the impact of prairie dog villages are microscopic compared to the acres and acres and acres of grazing land they have available that they’re “a nuisance” to. (PD’s a Buffalo lived together just fine before we ever put up the first fence.)

  77. Of course they smell that’s how they find their treats! 🙂 J/K
    Nope no odor at all, and they’re really tidy in their cages. In their natural environment their burrows have “potty chambers” and sleep chambers (they actually engineer airflow, heat, as well but in a cage if you give them a couple of boxes/chambers (I used shallow terra cotta flower pots) they’ll make one the bathroom and one the bed. And are “pretty good” about using it. So I could clean her “bathroom” pot and didn’t have to clean the cage nearly as often as bunnies/rats etc.. When she was out and about though (like on the prairie) she would let go here and there (small pellets, easy to pick up).

    As far as them bonding and their community, you have to get PD’s as pups, that’s when they’re imprinting and still open to bonding with new people. Getting and caring for an older PD is VERY hard, and usually they’ll never truly bond with you, you won’t be “Family” you’ll be “the animal that comes around the family that we tolerate like squirrels” It’s best to get 2 PD’s or to have another pet that the PD can “be friends with” as well as yourself, but you want to the MOST contact with them when they’re little and introduce other people animals in small doses.
    PD’s will get VERY defensive of you (more than a dog) so if someone new comes in and starts taking your attention, you may get a very angry PD. Usually repeated exposure (and treats) can get over this but it’s important for other people to know the rules to. No Yelling, smacking, swatting. There are two things to do with a PD when they’re bad and only 2 things. If they’re biting too hard (they play bite too hard sometimes) you give a little squeek/yip/suprise noise and they’ll stop (that’s what other PD’s do when play is too rough) And if they’re being bad/tempermental they go back into their cage for a time out. (just for a little while).

    I’ve heard (only having had 1 I can’t verify) that some PD’s are just not human sociable, (they are still wild animlas after all) and will be bad and tempermental, and you just have to love them anyway even though they’re not going to be the cuddle type PD you want. (I think this sometimes happens if you have 1 PD with no others or other animals around. (Oh and you HAVE to get them fixed or they go into “PD from hell mode every season)

    Becuase they have such an amazing “RUN AND HIDE!!!” instinct, you can’t really let them run free in a yard, if they get spooked they can be gone in 2 seconds. (plus a hawk or kitty might make a treat out of your friend and no one wants that) but Moya would walk on one of those kitty leashes and it only took her feet hitting the grass for her to get over the “Hey what’s this weird thing on me!?” feelings.

  78. Your prairie dog Cheerio story is amazing. I knew they had to be smart when I saw in this video how they figured out to wait in just the right spot on the window ledge where the Roomba would bump so they could climb onto it.

  79. Thanks for the PD info! They’re really great!

    However, I want to clarify about your rabbits comment: rabbits and PD’s are very similar and rabbits can be very well litter trained!

  80. I wish my Roomba had worked as well….maybe I needed to get a couple of prairie dogs!!!!!