Pumpkin Rumpus

This is what happens when you leave your pumpkins out too long.

Cheetah, cheetah, pumpkin eatah…

Soon the pumpkins turn very fuzzy…

Hunting pumpkins is one of the most important skills a cheetah will ever learn…

Photos by Matt Marriott/Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. Sent in by Jill R.


‘Cause it’s a Twit-taaaaahhhh!

Cuteness falls across the land
Halloween is close at hand
The pumpkin-carving costumed set
Will terrorize y’awl’s Internet.

From ‘Salem’s Lot to Sleepy Hollow
They know which website’s best to follow
Where black cats from the depths of Hell
Look cute inside a pumpkin’s shell.

And though you fight to stifle “aww”s
Your heartbeat starts to flitter.
For no mere mortal can resist
Cute Overload on Twitter.

Photos (from top): Don HankinsAlisha Vargas, Michaela M.

Haunted Meerkat Manor

At Marwell Wildlife in England, the annual Halloween Festival includes some time-honored cuteness: Giving meerkats a Jack-O-Lantern to play in. (And don’t miss the sleepy little trick-or-treater at 0:25!)


It’s shocking we say. Owners going nuts over their pets, treating them like super heroes, taking them out and showing them off to everyone on Halloween. Puh-lease, this should be happening every day!

Happy Dog-O-Ween, Ellie, Marley, Shep and Ashley C.

A Dog’s (Awesome!) Life

This is Tosti the Chihuahua:

…and he has an awesome life.

Apparently, Tosti jets around the world with friend Sebastiaan in various fabulous cities…

While being carried in various fabulous bags…

…in all the latest fashions.

But don’t take my word for it, check it out the Poshness for yourself!

Fashionista Bas Thijjsen of We are niche has a Facebook page, natch. JEALOUSSSSS!!!

Tiny Pup, Big Sad.

Says Sender-Inner Dr. Turkan E. of the Bay Beach Veterinary Clinic in Virginia Beach: “This little guy was brought into the veterinary clinic this past weekend not feeling so good. So we hooked him up to some fluids but he was still a little sad. So cute. So tiny. Big Sad. p.s. he’s doing much better now :)”

THIS JUST IN: Tigger Cubs!

The Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia recently unveiled three new bundles of bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy fun, fun, fun, fun, fun! The cubs are endangered Sumatran tigers, of which only 400 are thought to be left in the wild.

Good Eefneenf!

I, Nofferatu, haff riffen frum teh grafe, firfty for fumfink I can fink my teef into!


Edit: Mandie W. is not just the sender-inner; she goes to bat for bats, and other critters every day!
She “hangs out” at Animal Ark Rescue and all donations are very welcome!

Mandie W., all we can say is, fangks dahlink.

And so, as the unholy hour approaches, we light the ceremonial candle and offer our chant to the dark Elder Gods

Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn (ow)
Et in uno dominos parcheesi scrabble (ow)
E pluribus unibrow, caveat nabisco mausoleum (ow)
Amday atthay andlecay eeallyray urtshay (ow)…

Dude! Dude dude dude dude listen

[Clock on the wall says 4:20]

[Maniacal laughter follows for 15 minutes]

Whoah [Keanu Reeves voice]

Oliver Donovan, spokeskitten with a FaceBook page, officially has the most wonderful, giving, sweetest, biggest heart.