There’s a Simple Explanation for This

I was abducted by aliens who force fed me ice cream.

This is a Fuzzy photo, I mean, photo of Fuzzy, by Lindsay A.


  1. Moi, Actually says:

    That looks like the kind of ice-cream that is called in some parts of the world a…. (ahem) Nutty Buddy.
    I can only assume that in this case it is a Nutty Bunny.

  2. Before you know it, Ben & Jerry will be selling Nutty Bunny ice cream!

    (Except Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream is Nutty Buddy-flavored.)

  3. All in flavor of Nutty Bunny, say IIIIIce cream!

  4. I just had Americone Dream B&J’s ice cream last night. I think the look of awe and delight on my face was not unlike that of the bunny’s.

  5. Must have been the Cone Heads.

  6. Did they say they were from France?

  7. All depends on whether you mean these ones:

    or these ones:

  8. num-num-num….bunny luvin’ dat cone!

  9. Where’s the disapproval? Is this one of those rare photos of an approving bun?
    *rubs eyes with fists and studies photo again*

  10. Perhaps Fuzzy was captured in mid-disapproval.

  11. Surely the piece of chocolate hanging out of his mouth has something to do with it. From the scientific evidence presented in this photo, are we to deduce that buns can be bribed with chocolate, peanuts, and vanilla ice cream?

  12. I would not recommend feeding chocolate to a bunny. It’s poisonous to practically every animal in the world except us and rats.

  13. except mickey the rat. he don’t like nuffin.

  14. That’s right, Meaghan ! I can’t believe the bunny’s owner allowed him to have that. :o( Poor bun-bun — I hope Fuzzy is okay after that. I wouldn’t be one bit surprised if he didn’t get sick afterwards and have to be rushed to the vet……or died even *sniffle*

  15. He disapproves of NOT having ice cream.

  16. Fird Birfle says:

    Well played, TUM :)

  17. I agree…it’s more of a look of…’what do you mean this isn’t on my diet?’

  18. oh my goodness!! one would almost think this bunny is *gasp* HAPPY?!? holy great googlie mooglies, call in the press!!!

  19. “Great Googlie Mooglies”

  20. Of course Fuzzy is almost happy!! Wouldn’t you be if you were munching on that Nutty Buddy? I feel an automatic smile reflex coming on just thinking about it…

  21. like FORCED is the right word here! More like strongly encouraged the consumption of said sweet treat!

  22. Look at happy sparkle in bunbun eyes… Yay, ice cream!!

  23. Yes. The eyes look full of wonder. “Oh, my floppy ears! What is this heavenly concoction?”

  24. Nobody should fed his/her bunny with ice cream or choclete. This is crazy, the rabbit can be sick because of this.

  25. *Tries to figure out how to quietly pop popcorn so as not to alert the n*ffers. Gives up and makes a batch of pudding.*

  26. *snerk*

  27. Mmmm Nutty Bunny…. I mean Buddy.
    Nutty Buddy’s are awesome. I love how they coat the inside of the cone with chocolate. The best part is the bit of frozen chocolate at the very end of the cone. How could any bunny disaprove?

  28. I can’t even describe how much I love this. My bunnies like ice cream cones more than anything! LoL

  29. That happened to me once (abducted, fed ice cream)…no one calls me “Fuzzy”, though.

  30. Fird Birfle says:

    We could call ya “Fuzzy”, here, M. … :)

  31. By far better than some of the other adjectives people use. ;)

  32. Cares About Rabbits Very Much! says:

    This is EXTREMELY disconcerting. Chocolate = POISON to bunnies. Bunnies cannot handle high levels of sugar – CARROTS are to be given in moderation because they are so high in sugar. Your bunny is adorable, but please only feed him nuts that have never touched ice cream! (Even nuts can upset a bunny’s belly, so please be careful with them as well!)

    See the list of no-no’s here:

  33. am i the only one thinking that it’s probably a little late to warn Lindsay A?

  34. It might be a little late, but better late then never. My rabbit got into my candy the other night and I was worried because sugar is so bad for buns. As long as the Original Poster is reading ALL these comments, they can learn. That said PLEASE do not ever feed your rabbit chocolate or ice cream or anything with so much sugar! They can get Diabetes. :( You really should follow a bunny safe food list, the HRS has lots of information too.

    Yes, it’s an adorable picture, but your bun’s life is more important then super cute pictures, right?

  35. I want a cronshe-hance of that tiny mouth!

  36. Okay, I’ll be the nuffer. DO NOT FEED CHOCOLATE TO ANIMALS
    Any animals. A little cheap stuff like this may do no harm but it sets them up for the drug in it. Humans are only lightly affected by what is a powerful drug. Animals can overdose on very little, even just one square of a hershey’s dark could kill a sweety like fuzzy. So please peeps, stick with vanilla, caramel, strawberry, etc. and keep the chocolately treats to yourselves!
    Cute bunny!

  37. Not so fast, sister! I’m an animal and I love chocolate! Go ahead, feed me chocolate. See? I’m good. I can also eat raisins, cantaloupe, hot peppers, broken glass and nuclear waste. I like chocolate for my birthday, though.

  38. And you’ll eat through ten feet of reinforced concrete to get to it! I would add prawn crackers to the (beginning of the) list if my dear departed girls were anything to go by. And cardboard boxes.

  39. Obviously, adorable. However, I should think it goes without saying that you shouldn’t be feeding your rabbit ice cream cones on a regular basis.

  40. Is that a Blue Bunny™ ?

  41. Fird Birfle says:

    heh heh

  42. He should get a cake cone.

  43. he should get a cake cone…

  44. and a side of fuzzy duck.

  45. We actually have a bunny at our shelter who was found in a box by the dumpster. He was malnourished and partially dyed blue! Now he is healthy, and most of the blue has grown out. His name is Levi

  46. Fird Birfle says:

    blue + Levi + bunny = YAY !

  47. Heehee!

  48. haw!

  49. Margaret Cassidy says:

    Isn’t chocolate toxic to bunnies?

  50. LunaChickFringe says:

    As a hyper bunny mamma myself I can tell you that, like other pets, buns should not have chocolate. It can be dangerous. Unlike a standard nuffer, I can see that it is an itty bitty piece and I’m sure those bunny parents don’t do that every day. Now I can SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE over the adorabuhl floppy eared bun!

  51. LunaChickFringe says:

    OOOHHHHH I’m in moderation. Can I please have a margarita, ice and salt?

  52. Natch, LCF! Here you go….

  53. Great face chub action.

  54. why would you give chocolate to a bunny.. it’s cute but still..

  55. just to get a cuteoverload spanking. duh.

  56. And the legend of the blue bunny nutty bunny moon pie took a turn for the worst as Steven Spielbeurg decided it was a great idea to make a new movie…
    Alien bunny encounters of the nutty bunny kind.

  57. I forgot to add, Moon Pies for every one. :)

  58. Hi, I am not trying to be a downer and this bunny is super cute, but please be aware that chocolate can kill some animals, including rabbits.

  59. Why is Mr. Fuzzy Bunny sitting on a pile of Jimmies????
    Shouldn’t they be on the ice cream cone?

  60. Just looked at this bun again and thought that piece of chocolate looked like a big ol’ brown toof !

  61. Bunnies really do have the best faces. I mean seriously. Just look at this cutie pie with his crooked mouth. Sigh.

  62. Fird Birfle says:


  63. Insertclevernamehere says:

    I’m going to eat this whole thing, even the sweet, delicious, crunchy cone…….but I won’t like it. Nope. Not one bit.

  64. NOT OKAY! Too much sugar will cause an overgrowth of bacteria leading to bloat that KILLS within 24 hours! Never give chocolate to rabbits!


    And to all those going nuts over chocolate, honestly it’s not like they’re letting it eat the entire thing. Every website I’ve read has say that there’s only danger if several ounces are eaten.

    If you want, just delude yourself into believing it’s DARK Chocolate. Less sugar :D

  66. It’s not the sugar that makes it poisonous, it’s a compound called theobromine.

  67. Bunkeh Rabbets says:

    Exactly. The type of ‘chocolate’ used on top of these ice-creams (called Cornettos where I live) is not even ‘chocolate’ at all, just “chocolate flavoured confectionery” and as such, does not contain theobromine. It’s barely a step-up from dog chocolate drops.

  68. it’s a sighting of that rare species of fluff: the nutty-bunny

  69. Hey CO, why would you post a pic of someone feeding their rabbit chocolate and not someone feeding their dog chocolate? ‘Cause I know you won’t.

  70. This is a cute photo and all, but I just can’t approve of someone feeding their rabbit chocolate. I know it’s just a small amount, but it doesn’t take much for a bunny to have tummy problems. Processed foods like chocolate and other sweets shouldn’t be given to bunnies. Would you post a picture of a dog being fed chocolate? :/

  71. i think it’s actual caramel.


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