Carpe Dream

Fido figured he would have better luck in his recurring dream of chasing the cat if he went to sleep in the cat’s bed. Little did he know the nightmare that lay ahead…

Sender-Inner Carol B., tells us, “Charley loves seepin in the cat’s scratcher hammock.”, and dreaming of bacon, no doubt.



  1. ah, yes… this is more like it! The ear tufts, the daintily crossed pawses… *sigh* sweet puppeh…. I swear I’ll always be a dog person 🙂

  2. I want to rub his fuzzy ears in between my thumb and pointy finger. And then, of course, beep his nose.

  3. Mary (the first) says:

    Beautiful pupper! What kind is that .. anyone know?

  4. Are you sure this shouldn’t have an “Impending Doom ” tag ?

  5. I think its a papillon breed.. so adorable! I want to stroke its soft ears. 🙂

  6. Long haired chihuahua?

  7. The ears..Oh the ears! I think he has some Papillon in his ancestry,

  8. Maybe he’s my favorite breed of all….a mutt!

  9. I wish there was room for me to snuggle in with the pup. Unfortunately it would require a hammock just a titch bigger.

    (Ok, maybe more than a titch.)

  10. Terrific hover-text. Really nice.

  11. Famous last words, Tracylee, famous last words. 🙂

  12. bah! in my neck ‘o the woods, that’s usually “hey, hold muh beer!, y’all watch this!”

    those are famous last words…

    me nommin’ on some puppeh ears is nothin like that 😀

  13. I’m amazed that the dog managed to get into that sling. My doggie was barely coordinated enough to get into a dog bed, let alone something suspended that needed a sense of balance.

    On the plus side, I bet this really hacks off the cat.

  14. Sweet dreams little puppers.

  15. Lovely! 😀

  16. Oh no way… no way! I was just thinking that I must NOT take a nap, unless I want to ruin another night’s sleep. But just look at that feller.. I’m sure he smells of warm, sleepy puppy… sucaaasszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  17. Very, very cute. 😀

  18. 175827_133013363435079_100001792492539_217416_422435_o

    *sips tea*

  19. He’s mostly Papillion with a quarter Maltese (you’d never know it). He’s my dainty little guy.

  20. Carol, It looks like the hammock is slung under a piece of furniture. Did you make it yourself or is there a puppy hammock supplier out there?