Shocking Bear Attack Captured on Video!

WARNING: Ladies and gentlemen, the video you are about to see contains scenes of bloodthirsty creatures locked in fierce, unrelenting combat! So savage was the brutality that stunned onlookers could only gape in horror! Press play — if you dare!



  1. OMG… they’re so dangerous… dangerously cute!

  2. Oh the horror! I think the camera man was going to be killed…..with delight and cuteness.

  3. It is a little worrisome that they were so close to the people and mom seemed not concerned at all.

  4. Oh, I dare . . . I dare. 😛

  5. The little one is so skinny! So vewwy scawwy.

  6. Wow, that was like watching a scene out of a Mortal Kombat game.

  7. Wee Teddy Bears! Wish we could hear teh growlingks and snarlingks that probably accompanied that fierce battle!

    Gweat lead-in there NTMTOM !!

  8. Guinea Peeg Lover says:


  9. Skinny arms!

  10. They are fighting just like my sister and I did at that age, but my mom wasn’t as clam about it as this mommy bear seems to be 😆

  11. Looks like the wee wittle dude has a little mange too. He’ll probably fluff and bulk up more in the fall.

  12. Okay, sorry, but did those humans get out of their car? Nearer the end I heard car doors open and close and the cubs stopped their play and looked over at the videographer and then headed toward mom. Yes, they are cute but people aren’t supposed to get out of their cars.

  13. Around the 58 second to one minute mark. Not a good idea.

  14. I enjoyed the miniaturised cub’s pwning the much larger cub until the total Darwin moment with the stupid human getting out of his car!
    Please don’t reproduce, sir, or rather, go right ahead and please ignore the warnings and get between a Momma Cinnamon and her cubs.

  15. (The Original) Mel says:

    Ditka. Ditka. Ditka.

  16. Yeah, little bear. Go towards the car and try to climb in. Then watch Mama eat those people, like the Bronx Zoo bears with the pumpkins.

    Yes, I’m bloodthirsty. The bears were adorable.

  17. um…yeah – WANT! Not so much the momma bear, but she sure was beautiful. Hope those little guys put on some weight quickly. Lookin’ a little scrawny.

  18. Yeah – that’s what I thought I heard to. I know that the lure of cute is strong, but with mama bear that close, I would remain safely in my car and admire from afar.

  19. “be good little cubs and go play over there while mommy prepares the tra… dinner”

  20. FINISH HIM! 😀

  21. That video is so sweet, I just got a cavity.

  22. Momma bear seems more mussel to me than clam. 😉

  23. Da Bearsss! 🙂

  24. if one of those silly humans makes one false move and momma bear going into protective mode and – heaven forbid – hurt anyone, then mr. ranger will be looking for her followed by orphaned cubs. too close.

  25. BEARPANTS!!!! I am ded.

  26. I think the intention was the maybe get the cubs out of the road? That is what I got from it, as we didn’t see any one actually get out, but he could have been off from view still I suppose.

  27. Appalling cuteness! Just appalling. 😀

  28. They apparently did, which is not very smart. Mama bear will keeeel you if she can, since she’s not worried about overprotectiveness or overreacting. If she feels you’re a threat, she deals with you the way she feels necessary. So I would have stayed in my car and kept filming the cute bear babies…

  29. More wild mama with cute offspring images:

    This mama lion carefully climbed down to rescue her tiny cup when he fell down a steep cliff—very cute and very sweet pictures!

  30. Those little guys put the minor in Ursa Minor!

  31. Fird Birfle says:

    Profound-sounding News Coverage Background Music

    *And now* it seems worthwhile to reprint here, the following insightful discussion of Bears in the Woods, from another location in CO, in the past 48 hours.

    Queen of Dork says:
    September 25, 2011 at 6:05 am
    I think bears will eat anything. Including toothpaste, lotion, toilet paper, people…anything. Camping can be tricky in an area that is heavily populated with bears because they’ll come into camp and be all, “Move aside, beeyatches. All this crap is for me to eat. And that includes you.”

    *sigh. I’ve been there*

    Fird Birfle says:
    September 25, 2011 at 6:24 am
    Da Beahs say “beeyatches”????
    Gangsta has reached the Great Outdoors now….

    Queen of Dork says:
    September 25, 2011 at 6:48 am
    Yeah, they say “beeyatches” And then after they call you that, they say, “Word.”
    It’s nothing new…bears have always been somewhat thug.

  32. Around the 30 second mark one of them stands up and looked so much like Little Bear from those old story books, I think Maurice Sendak wrote or illustrated (or both?). Not that the Berenstain Bears aren’t cute in their own way, but Little Bear rules!

  33. I think they just opened and closed the car doosrs. But for a minute i thought, “are you crazy… the MAMA bear is right there”!

    PMG I am sooooo dead from the cutness. Also even the guys talking on the video were killed by the cutness.

  34. Martha in Washington says:

    The Number One Threatdown…BEARS!!!

  35. Well I was struck but the shaking camera – the videographer was laughing no doubt, and most likeky Mother Bear knows a fool tourist will not be a danger – so she ignored them – camera and laughter and all – no doubt this would have changed for the worsr if they had gotten too close in there.
    They ran to her all like “mommeee – they are watching us” “OK hon, and I am watching them – don’t fret”

  36. Oh my.

  37. Oh how I loved the Little Bear stories! People named Claire/Clair/Clare tend to be bear aficionados (we really can’t escape that), and, in my expert opinion, Little Bear is the best!

  38. I loved Little Bear! I had the book where he goes ice-skating and catches a cold, and then Mama Bear brings him soup.

  39. The cubs remind me of Red Pandas – “I’M COMING TO GET YOUUUUUUU!”

  40. Read Dog! Yrros! ;lol:

  41. That was absolutely stellar! Made my day. Thank you for posting it.

  42. What kind of mom lets her kids play in the street?

  43. I know, I know. I have been around bears and I run the other way as fast as I can. And mama bear don’t care you are in a car. She was a big mother and she could punch out a window. Squee and run ,that’s my advice.

  44. I like at the end when they’re leaving, Mama is walking and then you see *bebeh head-bob* *bebeh head-bob* *bebeh head-bob* (repeat forever).


  45. Can I fave this comment?

  46. Yes, fav it. If you don’t I will. Only a man would get out of the car.

  47. Um, don’t think mama bear can’t rip open that car door. Because she could if she wanted to.

  48. Maybe the bears are getting like the humans and expect other to watch their children! Eh, I’ll keep munching, the humans are watching the brats.

  49. *slumped in my seat from cuteness*

    Now, whose idea was it for Silly Main Dish — er, Man — to get out of the car? His demise would have been photogenic, but sent straight to NatGeo (not very cute being ripped apart by Mama Bear).

  50. To Queen ROFLMAO, “Bears have always been somewhat THUG”

    Also from my own experience… they really only want the chocolate chip cookes!

  51. THat asnad to rescute (For their own consumption) the honey in the honey bear dispenser.

  52. Sharon Wilson says:

    Mama bear should have been yelling at them to stop playing in the road. She didn’t seem to be watching them very carefully. What if another car had come by?

  53. Sigh, no matter how many times people are told that it can be dangerous, people get out of their cars in the pursuit of an “amazing” picture. It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye. Literally.

  54. It’s a traaaaaaaaaap!

  55. Sadly, bears get like that in parks like Yosemite. Too many years of humans feeding them, and being too friendly with them.

  56. Not a lot of good views of mama there (specifically, no profile and no look at the claws), but if I had to guess I’d say black bear – meaning that the idiots weren’t in much of any danger, but the bears are if they get too familiar with people. Black bear mothers don’t protect their cubs by attacking, but by sending the cubs up trees.
    It is not, however, generally recommended that one get a good close look at the mama bear with cubs to decide whether it is a grizzly or a black bear.

  57. i seriously thougt i was going to watch a bear attack. ive come to site OFTEN, for the last four years. never dissapointed until today. i wanted blood thirsty bear attack, all i got was cutie pants babies. dont get me wrong, thats why i come here. but please next time dont be so misleading with the title.

  58. My favourite Canadian joke! How to tell the difference between a brown bear and a grizzly:
    Hikers wear little bells on their boots so that bears can hear them coming, and avoid a confrontation. Some hikers also carry pepper spray.

    Canadian hikers learn to check for bear scat: brown bear scat contains the remnants of berries. Grizzly bear scat contains little metal bells and smells of pepper.

  59. LOL! 🙂

  60. Very cute and precious, yes I agree 🙂
    And I agree that Mom is unusually unconcerned about the proximity of humans to her cubs because she has become accustomed to humans.
    And then the video gets to the part where the guy “Please come to my car” and gets out of his car to film the cubs, and at that point I have to shake my head and make the obvious statement that there is a reason Darwin Awards are passed out every year.
    Just because Mom is used to humans does NOT mean that she wont rip your face off if you get too close to her babies.

  61. The illustrator was, indeed, the great Maurice Sendak! Here’s a link to the audio and transcript of an interview last week on NPR:

    Not cute–just incredibly moving and highly recommended.

  62. Umm…yes, they are CUTE as can be. However, the guy filming is just asking for trouble – even if Momma is used to humans being close by, she could turn on a time and attack if she felt their was any threat to her babies. Not a smart cute!!

  63. Tiggywinkle says:

    Actually, squeezing and running is *not* the thing to do. There was a man killed by a bear in Yellowstone earlier this year, and it turns out that one of the reasons the bear attacked was that the man and woman who ran into it did exactly that
    –ran away screaming, which prompted the bear (which was a mama with cubs) to attack.

    If you encounter a bear in the wild, the proper thing to do is back away slowly. If you are going to be in bear country, carry bear spray. If the bear charges you and you have a back pack, throw the back pack at/to the bear–especially if it has food in it. The bear will usually stop to investigate the pack and give you time to get away. If all else fails, play dead. Fall down and cover your head/face with your arms.

    And remember, if hiking in bear country, make noise! Talk to your companions (don’t hike alone!), sing, rustle the brush as you walk along. If the bear hears you coming they will likely get out of your way and avoid a confrontation all together.

  64. unless the bear is Gentle Ben. then you can hug him.

  65. I have a friend who is a wilderness ranger for the Park Service. You don’t want to know some of the horrifying things he has to deal with after humans get too close to bears because they’re “cute.” Enjoy this video, but remember, even when they seem tame, bears are powerful wild creatures and they can kill you. Treat them with respect and leave them alone.

  66. so no hugging?

  67. 😐

  68. Nunya Bizness says:

    That was, OBVIOUSLY, the point.

  69. Nunya Bizness says:

    *screams in horror at blood-thirsty animals* HOLY PENGUINS THEY’RE GOING TO KILL THOSE PEOPLE!!!!!!!! 😀 lol soooo cute!

  70. I agree!!! Momma bears kill humans who mess with her cubs. People are not very bright sometimes.

  71. Emily, i was not sure however when the link opened to “Cute Overload”, i understood immediately… it was a rather clear hint! I’m happily relieved to just see the cuteness!