I CUte!

With my powder pink nose camouflage I can has peeker and booer skillz.

This is Melissa L.’s brand new kitten who, at only 5 weeks old, was found in a dumpster.



  1. horray for kitty rescue! looks like a sneakster!

  2. Guinea Peeg Lover says:

    Who threw away this perfectly good kitten?And why? Did he look at them funny?

  3. Ohh, I hate to hear about dumping kittens. 👿 Bless Melissa for digging out this little treasure!

  4. HRH QueenCat says:

    POOR Kitty *sniff*

    a pox and a curse on whoever dumped this sweetheart …

    how COULD they ?!?

  5. The Pink Panther Returns

  6. That’s how I got my Legolas too. Someone tossed him into a dumpster on the southside of Chicago. I was working for PAWS Chicago at the time a Hispanic man who spoke very little English brought him in saying he’d been scavenging for cans and such and found a kitten instead. He was such a gangly, scruffy little creature (the kitten, not the nice Hispanic man). Since it was the height of kitten season and he was a bit of an ugly duckling, I took him home (again, the kitten, not the dude).

    Now he’s a gorgeous sleek boy who often gets mistaken for a purebred Russian Blue (by vets, even!). Apparently only gorgeous kitties come out of dumpsters. 🙂

  7. Oh noes! Moderation! What did I say?

  8. Tickled………pink

    to know you were saved!

  9. Those are some beautiful amber eyes for a five week old kitten! Glad you guys found each other! I

  10. What a sweet little snuggler! So glad she is in such a safe and fluffy new home!

  11. Grocery stores these days… Throwing out perfectly good stuff!

  12. I’m taking up dumpster diving if that is what you can find.

  13. Yay for nose-towel Matchingks. 😀

  14. Likewise. Thanks Melissa, I hope you and this little cutie have a lovely life together.

  15. Rushes HRH QueenCat to the Intensive Cute Unit…
    (I had trouble typing the last 5 words of this post. Really didn’t want to but there it is.)

  16. [ded]

  17. Bless you Hooman!! And BEEP on that pink.

  18. PINK a boo ! we see you (you lil’ cutie)

  19. Yay for kitten rescues! My kitten was also rescued from a dumpster. Well, she *was* a kitten. Now she’s a plump, spoiled happy cat! =)

  20. Ditto. At least this one had a happy outcome. Spay and neuter, People! Spay and neuter!

  21. And a blessing on your head, Melissa L.!

  22. I like him. Very interesting nose.

  23. 🙂

  24. Matchingks with nose and pink blankie. 😀

  25. Hurray for the little one being rescued! And for getting such a cozy place to hide!

  26. kibblenibble says:

    My George was a throw-away kitty too. I don’t know if he was in a dumpster, but he was abandoned as a kitten. He looks just like a Nebelung cat, (related to a Russian Blue, but with long hair.) He is gorgeous, and SO grateful to have a forever home. He’s my sweetheart. It breaks my heart that people abandon cats. I’m so glad this darling little one was rescute.

  27. Yay for resqte!
    I do believe thems are early onset whackadoodle eyes on that thar kitteh, peeps! 🙂

  28. Also, shouldn’t that be Pink-a-Boo?

  29. Fird Birfle says:

    Don’t forget the FUZZY PINK BWANKIES!!!

    Regressing, quickly….

  30. Fird Birfle says:

    *calls Mighty Mouse, to save victoreia*

  31. we got Magneato from a dumpster… well one of my daughters friends found her in a dumpster. Then took her with them to the coffee shop where it was decided that some how i would agree to take her in, never mind I was not there for that part of the conversation. She was so small she could sit in the palm of your hand.

    She turned into an excellent farm boss.

  32. Kittens… Always clowning around.

  33. Moi, Actually says:

    Er…Fird. I don’t think there’s any further back to regress after Fuzzy Pink Bwankies.
    There it is. We’ve hit the wall and it is pink.

  34. Niiiice!

  35. bob drummond says:

    I think the expression should be PEEK-A- BOO !!! THANK YOU!!!

  36. I’m really glad to see how many kittens have been rescued here … Like 2 of my cats 😀 😉 …

  37. Yep, I think Pink-a-Boo should have been more appropriated too 😉 ^^ …

  38. Fird Birfle says:

    y’know, that’s a Dang Good Point.
    you Da Winnah!!!! 😉

  39. Perhaps Peek-a-Boop in this case? ‘Cause if there ever was a nose that needed a booping, that one is it.

  40. is it just me, or does this photo look like it was snapped seconds before this ferocious beast jumped out and starting gettin’ everyone?

    crazy eyes!

  41. Melissa rules!!! I found my Saffron in a parking lot where someone probably left her. She is now 14 and floofy and happy. Saffy, go make Mummy a cup of tea…

    A plague on people who dump and hurt animals. 😦

    Reading other CO’ers tales of rescue is awesome. Yay for rescuers!

  42. Cheez….I am in the mod lounge. And the spply of Thin Mints in the freezer is running low…..

  43. Sniff!!! Poor little kitty – and lucky kitty to be found by Melissa. I found my 4-weeks old calico in the midddle of a parking lot, stuffed in a small can and covered with rags. The cruelty of it is hard to fathom. Had to put in place her dislocated hip, and nursed her with a tiny bottle for a while. She’s now a spoiled two years old, sleek and sassy and beautiful, bosses everybody including the older cat, but she still tries to nurse on fingers and on every corner she can find (boxes, pillows).

  44. For some reason I have a craving for Nestle Strawberry Quik.

    Well off to the grocery store to search for Strawberry Quik and a little dumpster diving to search for perfectly snorgleble day old kittens.


  46. Some of my best cats have started out as dumpster kittens. Mama cat hangs around to scrounge food, and bebbehs end up getting trapped in there.

  47. My dear, departed Tabby’s nickname was Magneto!
    There was something about her coat that made her give us frequent electric shocks when we petted her.

  48. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    To all of you who rescue abandoned animals…thank you!

  49. Sweet, adorable little pink-nosed kitty! 🙂

  50. Mine wasn’t a dumpster kitty, but she was found in an abandoned barn all by her lonesome. I’m not even sure how my friend found her, she couldn’t even meow! She’d just look at you and open her mouth but no noise would come out. Even today, now that she’s 5 and 1/2 years old, if she just woke up she has trouble making sounds 🙂 My guess is that she went off playing and lost her family (and I’m pretty sure she was the runt too, even now she only weighs 5.8 lbs… and 5 of that I swear is fluff!!) Yay for saving kittens 😀

  51. That little guy has no idea what he’s gotten himself into.

  52. i can picture this little cutie slowly sliding down under the blanket, eyes locked on mine, not blinking, the whole way down, down, down then popping out, paws all splayed with claws out, scaring the bejeezus out of me.

  53. Yay for Chicago ResCutes!

    I just recently lost my beloved PepperBunny, who was discarded in a south side park as a “used easter bunny”. She was bossy and sassy and ruled my home for nearly 6 years. Now I’m fostering for Red Door, until I can save up to adopt again – a speutered pair this time, I think.

  54. TUM You are TOTALLY TABULAR! 🙂

  55. Raise your paws: who else wanted to say exactly what the hovertext says as soon as they saw the photo?

    What a cutie!

  56. So sorry about PepperBunny. And good on everybody here for rescuting (yep, I actually typed that) kittens and other “unwanted” anipals.

  57. LOL THe girls named Magneato (I spelled it wrong) anyway they named her that becasue they were into Xmen and because she was fearless, and ruled the house with an iron paw!! 🙂

  58. martha in mobile (no longer) says:

    My daughter and I went geocaching in June — didn’t find the cache, but we DID find 2 abandoned tortie kittens who have grown into holy terrors who crave my knitting with an unseemly lust…

  59. HRH QueenCat says:

    ahh, the purrfect place, Pyrit 🙂 thank mew;

    think I’ll live there furr a few months

  60. There is probably a little 6 year old girl/boy with a fixation on Barbie Dolls and Hello Kitty hiding behind the camera just waiting to play dress up with that wee little kitty.

    Side note while at the store looking for Strawberry Quic a young, 35ish, gentleman in front of me pulled out his debit card to pay for his items. It was a pink and white “HELLO KITTY” debit card. Yes I did let out a little squeal. He turned bright red and flustered when I asked him how he managed to get a Hello Kitty debit card. Hmmm he thought I was strange. snicker….. Everyday should be filled with smiles and giggles.

  61. My Bucky was a rescue of sorts. He was about 8 weeks old and came from a hoarder. He was wormy and full of fleas, which would crawl all over me when I held him. Certainly not as dramatic as being found in a Dumpster, but he was ugly-cute and I’m keeping him now that he’s huge, fluffy, fat, fixed and funny.

  62. Guinea Peeg Lover says:


  63. Fird Birfle says:

    YAY Hello Kitty.

    I’ll admit it. I’m a Hello Kitty (and Simon’s Cat and Maru and….) disciple.

  64. I feel the same way- I can’t stand hearing about people throwing out animals!

  65. AWW 😀 I am glad to hear that you were able to rescue that little kitty, Melissa L. 😀 Is the kitty a boy or a girl 😀

  66. AWW 😥 I am so sorry to hear about you losing your dear sweet bunny, PepperBunny, Wendy 😥 I am glad to hear that you are able to foster another bunny 😀 Good luck with the adoption 😀

  67. :twised: Who, besides me, wants to find the dirtbag (polite word) who put that sweet little kitty in a dumpster and put them in another dumpster with some fire ants 😈

  68. 😈 Who, besides me, wants to find the dirtbag (polite word) who put that sweet little kitty in a dumpster and put them in another dumpster with some fire ants 😈 (Reposted due to error)

  69. My two kitties are also rescues. No cool story though, they were shelter kitties. Except neither was what I thought I was looking for, at all!

  70. Catch! *tosses more Thin Mints to Saffron*
    Isn’t it someone’s job to keep the lounge supplied? tsk *shakes head sadly*

  71. *Raises hand high* ME, ME!!
    Shouldn’t people have to take a TEST or something before being allowed to be in charge of an animal?!? The cruelty in some of these stories angers and saddens me, but unfortunately, doesn’t surprise me. *sigh*

  72. in moderation? why? Some pass me some brownies please?

  73. So pink and beautiful!

  74. Don’t forget to consider rescuing an adult kitty, People! There are so many wonderful adult cats out there looking for loving forever homes! One advantage over adopting a kitten is that the adult kitty’s personality is already formed so you can get a clearer picture of how it will ultimately fit into your household.

  75. How about these ones here which I’ve enrobed in chocolate ganache, 6R?

  76. Fird, me too!! I lived in Japan for a few years and caught the Hello Kitty fever. Love Maru too — if I recall correctly, the name means “round” in Japanese, and Maru is the roundest kitteh ever!! =)

  77. You are clearly a kitty companion!!

  78. Comment box too far from kittie kittie. Me has to see kittie kittie……*whoosh*
    Awwwww |:’3

  79. Ummmmmm…delish! *smacks lips* Dankeschön!

  80. Ohh, the silent meow! That always keeeeels me! I could never deny my fluffy babies anything when they did the silent meow….so piteous, and so prosh!

  81. badgerpaw says:

    i know right?! 😦