You Have Disturbed My Slumber

That was most unwise, puny mortal. And now you shall pay for your insolence…

… with your immortal soul!!! [booming echo effect]

Danielle M. says: “This is June plotting to kill me for waking her up during her beauty sleep.”



  1. Ooooh! That is some mighty stink-eye right there! I call for an “Impending Doom” tag, if ever a teeny cute li’l animalcule could deliver an Impending Doom, it would be this one!

  2. ….and you shall nevah rest in peace. *continues evil laugh*

  3. what on earth IS that? looks adorably evil anyhow.

  4. look at the claws!

  5. Andi from NC says:

    Love the evil ear slant!!!

  6. I’m scared and I don’t even know what kind of animal June is!

  7. It appears to be a sinister or grumpy sugar glider

  8. sugar gliders are normally nocturnal. So I would suggest sleeping with the door locked.

  9. Fingers remind me of those of Saruman when he grasped the palantir in Lord of the Rings. So hide your palantir!
    …I’m just saying.

  10. Must be related to my Chihuahua who is a master of the Stink Eye, I don’t dare wake him up.

  11. I second the Impending Doom tag! That’s one scary little critter there – *Shudders*

  12. Brrrrrr….

    That said, have you ever HEARD an annoyed sugar glider? Worse than the stink eye, IMO.

    I bet this one is waiting for nightfall to get her shrieking revenge.

  13. damn…June??? what a sweet name for such a truly evil looking critter. looks like she took acting lesson…

  14. Let’s all pay salute to the sender-inner at her funeral…

  15. dang! homegirl is not amused!

  16. Sugar Glarer, perhaps?

  17. Things are about to get stabby.

  18. Or maybe we need a “stink-eye” tag!


  20. “You have disturbed me.
    Someone had better be dead or dying…. *sinister pause for effect*
    If they’re dead, send flowers.
    If they’re dying, tell them to hurry up and get on with it and LET ME SLEEP”

  21. We need an old priest and a young priest . . .

  22. This is the definition of pure evil. Every bit of this little creature makes me shudder but I still want to snorgle it to pieces. (Well, technically I’d be torn to pieces before I got so much as a second snorgle in, but you get my point.)

  23. hold me i’m scared.

  24. one…two…on three…Wicked!

  25. Evil Poppel Plots your demise!

  26. it’s a browser logo

  27. There’s a Cute Definition here somewhere: Opposing adorabuhl ears? Striped Forehead? Tiny pink claw-paws? Curled toes. Awwwww. I’m not scared of this glider thingy… I think it’s CUTE

  28. What is it?? I’m sufficiently scared!

  29. Alice Shortcake says:

    “Revenge of the Sugar Glider”…coming soon to a cinema near YOU!

  30. Beth covered in cat hair says:

    The looks says it all…tonight when you sleep…you die!

  31. *takes notes*:
    Ears at 10 and 2: cute.
    Ears at 9 and 3: bun-air
    Ears at 10 and 4: impending dooooooooooooooooom.

  32. 😉 who knew a sugar glider’s secret identity is Silver Fox

  33. Fird Birfle says:

    aka “pointy bits” 🙂

    And June has them in QUITE the ready position — “YIPES!!!”
    *runs in utter fear*

  34. Fird Birfle says:

    *wondering if June was perhaps named after June CLEAVER?????*


  35. Fird Birfle says:

    dun dun DUN

  36. Fird Birfle says:

    “get my point”

    …..AND we get JUNE’s “point,” also !!! 🙂

  37. Fird Birfle says:


  38. That is one angry Worgen. Danielle is going to pay a price for smuggling a baby Worgen out of Gilneas. I

  39. I don’t know what all the fuss is about. That’s exactly how I look when someone wakes me up.

  40. Oh, I always wanted a Popple!

    Now, I just want a suger glider…

  41. I totally agree! There’s gotta be a new cute definition here. Maybe ‘cute fierce is cute’? How about ‘cute mixed signals’ ? ‘Cute juxtaposition’?
    Ah well, I tried. 🙂
    *The face said cute but the eye said ‘I’ll cut a bitch’*

  42. hahaha yes!

  43. are you that cute, too? 😉

  44. Pity there’s no video w sound. If that evil little furball made the same snorfling sound that Worgen make, then I think I would probably wet myself with squee! 🙂

  45. bookmonstercats says:

    Is June lying in a furry hat, or is she just unbelievably bendy as well as unbelievably eeeevviiiiiillllllllllllll?

  46. A locked door may not stop such powerful maleficence.

  47. Not just any old priest either, must be one who is having a crisis of faith.

  48. “Oh I’m so sorry, I thought this was Pikachu’s ball.”

    “Too late. You chose … poorly.”

  49. Hunched/huddled/compact body – Yoda?
    Markings – Darth Maul?
    Evil eye – The Emperor?

    I can’t decide.

    What planet is this creature from?

  50. I’m checking to see that my life insurance is paid up, and it’s just a photo! THIRDING the Impending Doom tag!

  51. Well, actually it’s the young one who’s having the crisis. Not to be a nit picker, it’s just that I watched it very recently (for the first time), and the power of Christ compels me. 😉

  52. Like the fru-it of the devil?

  53. Nope, definitely “Impending Doom” 😉

  54. Oh, ahem..”sugar”, that is.

  55. Australia.

  56. Love the knobular fingers.

  57. “Screech! Bright light! Bright light!… Mogwai!”

  58. Indeed. Sugar gliders are so tiny they could probably crawl under the door 🙂

  59. I Heart Sugar Gliders says:

    That’s her tail. Sugar gliders smoosh themselves into a tiny ball and they curl their tails around them or over their eyes when they sleep 🙂

  60. *snicker* Just don’t drink out of any gold cups!

  61. I read that title, and heard the voice of the Cave of Wonders….. (cupcake to whoever gets the movie ref!)

  62. Looks like that Darth Maul guy from one of the crappy Star Wars movies.

  63. Even though I really want a cuppycake [anything fudgily or cream-cheesily icing-ed, pls and thanks], I’m hoping I don’t know that it’s from Aladdin . . .

  64. Nope, not exotic enough. 🙂

  65. Perfect!

  66. …or cross the great seal!

  67. I used to have a 5-pound Chi and we would joke about getting him a sugar glider so he could have a pet smaller than him. 🙂

  68. LOL. You’re right.

  69. Fourthing the Impending Doom tag! I think it’s brilliant.

  70. Awww – June doesn’t need any beauty sleep – she’s already beautiful enough!

    Lorf the mix of cute and ebil.

  71. wow, if looks could kill….

  72. Stink Eye and Impending Doom! Starting at about a minute in:

  73. *hands dub1 fudgy cupcake with cream-cheese icing* We all have to admit our addictions some time…..

  74. Fird Birfle says:

    addictions? WOT addictions??

    Denial *can be* more Fun

    (mind you, not in cases of actual things of DANGER….guns, narcotics,
    ridiculing the marmoset’s mohawk hairstyle ….)

  75. *takes world’s best cupcake, eyeing it adoringly before definitely not crooning ‘A Whole New World’ while wrecking it like a bear with a pumpkin*
    Delish, thanks! You should sell them in the Mod Lounge and make a virtual fortune.

  76. Lol!

  77. bookmonstercats says:

    So she’s all bendy like the girl in the Exorcist, who walked into the room backwards/upside down like a crab???


  78. The sugar glider plots sweet revenge………. ^0\,/0v