You Know You’re Having a Bad Day When

You eat your own homework from the Obedience School.

Sender-Inner Linsey tells us, “This is our puppy, Augustus Pullo (or Gus, as we mostly call him). He is a pekingese-chihuahua mix, also called a pekachu.”



  1. OMG!!!! [ded]

  2. Wait for it… BEEP!

  3. What a difference one letter makes, I detest Pikachu but a LOVE that pekachu!
    WANT !!!!

  4. (reaches through screen and places puppy stealthily under desk)
    “Peek a who? Nope, haven’t seen him around lately.” (RUNS with puppy loot!)

  5. That doesn’t look innocent to me…..(says in sing song voice)

  6. Okay, now I have the urge to go around to shelters and pounds until I find a Peke-Chihuahua mix, just so I can shout … (wait for it)…

    “I choose YOU, Pekachu!”

    (Followed by adopting it, of course.)

  7. *dons bouffant wig* “Obedience School Dropout…. Ate your midterms and took a poo…”

  8. Peka! Peeeka!

    Those ears are the bestest. I shall nom theem.

  9. That is a face that you’ll never be able to angry at, no matter what he’s done.

  10. Gus looks like trouble wrapped in a cloak of cuteness.

  11. Such an adorable face and I love his perky ear!

  12. *gigglesnort*

  13. Awww, he’s sooo Cute! With a capital C, for sure! 😀

  14. The wheeskers! THE WHEESKERS!!!


  15. (The Original) Mel says:

    Juuusssttt the right amount of kissable dogjowl.

  16. Such a defiant little face!! I googled other pekachus and not one of them was anywhere as cute as this little guy!!

  17. oh so adorable with a little naughty boy thrown in and who can resist??..
    not me I wanna eats him all up!!!!

  18. Reminds me of the Anwar Sadat joke from I Love You, Man.

  19. Pekachu?

  20. Heh. Pekachu.

  21. That one ear is like, “Homework? This ear didn’t hear anything ’bout homework.”

  22. motorcycle ears!!! vroooooooooom vrooom vrooooooom!! our doggie LOVES it…but then she’s a particularly special breed of doggie 🙂

  23. i want to beep that nose SO BADLY 😀

    beep beep.

  24. Hmmm….shouldn’t that be – Gus is having a rrrrrrruff day?

  25. Fird Birfle says:

    victoreia, do you SEE the reprehensible impact your influence has held,
    over the denizens of CO’s readership, hmmmmmmmmmmmmm????

  26. Fird Birfle says:

    @ tracylee:
    I had a similar mental picture … but rather than the bouffant wig, I was reminded of
    (Sean Penn as) Jeff Spicoli in “Fast Times/ Ridgemont High”

  27. Say what?