One Way to Solve a Gnawing Problem

And instantly look years younger!

Jennifer O., what if dogs, like your Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, Bentley, had thumbs….



  1. Oh wow, I am so like a puddle on the floor now!!

  2. No kidding! What a beautifully colored puppers!

  3. Beautiful Bentley the Bernese bites her baby binky

  4. Don’t you just luuuuuv how the binky coordinates with the puppeh eyebrows? (and I do hope that’s a Puppeh Binky….)

  5. OH FOR THE LOVE OF GAHHHHHHH…… this is too much qte.

  6. And we should point out – eyebrow dots!!

  7. yup! eyebrow dots are one of my favorite things in the whole wide world 🙂

  8. Is this real?!! It can’t be! Let me touch it! Let me give it a great big hug!!!

  9. ROFL I was just going to say EYE BROW DOTS!!1111!!!1!

  10. THis doggie can come rescue me any old time he wants to


  12. i loff him! calico doggie 😉

  13. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    What a gentle, blissful expression on Pup’s face. ❤

    And yes eyebrow dots are the bomb.

  14. When I was a baby my family had a Samoyed. And when I crawled around on the floor, shedding pacifiers everywhere I went, she would pick them up and chew on them. We have photographs. She liked the pacifiers more than I did.

  15. You like them better, than say, truffle noses? BEEP

  16. pffft everybody knows that eyebrow dots make the world go ’round.
    truffle noses do, however, help make the ride more enjoyable!

  17. Fird Birfle says:

    *ditto* aka “what he/ she (?) sed” 😯

    Generally more of a Cat Person, but JEEZ
    it has its own CRIB and EVERYTHING

  18. *boops nose*

  19. Utterly gorgeous puppers. I need to cuddle heem right now!

  20. Aherm, Geek Alert: The French word for “truffle” (truffe) is the word they use for a dog’s nose. This is no-kidding-you-can-look-it-up truth!

  21. If you can look at this pic without melting, there is something seriously wrong with your heart. ♥♥♥

  22. Aw. So comfy. He even seems to have a little bedhead going on. What a cutie. And Bentley is a great name.

  23. i have 2 bernese now and have grown up with them all my life, i’m probably biased but they are the cutest puppies in the world… and when i was a baby my berners used to carry my pacifiers around just like little Bentley.

  24. don’t you mean Boops Truffle? Or Truffe in french Snerk!

  25. that seriously looks like a temper-pedic memory foam dog bed. do they even exist? perhaps bentley’s owner intends for him to live up to his name… he obviously deserves no less!

  26. When it comes to CuteOverload, we are all suckers. 😉

  27. Rocky (Great Pyrenees/blue heeler mix) has eyebrow dots. They enhance his expressive face.

    And when he was a puppy, we got him a Kong Binky. 🙂 The part that goes in the mouth looks like a regular Kong toy, but the part that shows looks like a pacifier. It was too cute.

  28. Ashagato, memory foam dog beds DO exist. We bought one for our old hound Duke. He was getting sore spots on the boney parts of his “elbows” and was having trouble getting up from his old bed. We joke that he and I are alike in the morning, all groaning, stiff and sore from arthritis but it has helped him alot.

  29. Mary (the first) says:

    Add me to the list of eyebrow dot lovers!!

  30. Martha in Washington says:


  31. Nashvillemish says:

    Who wants to play “smooch the pooch?” I’ll start…

    SMOOCH! SMOOCH! SMOOCH! and a beep for good measure 🙂

  32. sweet Duke, that’s awesome! we have a human one, and I should be on a commercial because it really is the comfiest bed in the whole wide world….zzzzz

  33. I frink he’s a Bernese Mountain Dog.

  34. Oh! Whoops. Hadn’t read caption-thing.

  35. Eyebrow dots are adorbs, but you can’t do this to them…

  36. Ahahahahahahahahahaha! ;D Love it!

  37. I think Jennifer O. just won at the internet. I’m like.. Wow.. that is freaking adorable. Once agan.. Puppies for the win. Just WOW.

  38. Fird Birfle says:

    (nice rhyming slogan there 🙂 )

  39. Fird Birfle says:

    Bubbly and beneficial !!!! 🙂

  40. OMG WANT! and if I can’t have than at least WANT MORE ADORBS PICS

  41. could not have said it better myself.

  42. Le boop de truffle?

  43. rangeraspen says:

    Yeah he’s a bernese mountain dog. SOOO CUTTTEEE!