New Printer Feature

If your kittens like to laze on your printer, you may be interested in this new model, which has a “kitty eject” system. For best results, put printer near edge of desk.


  1. This baby is darling…poor little thing.

  2. Deb!:

    I was thinking the exact same thing-so scared of the paper printing out! Suprised it didn’t arch up it’s back furher than it did, but the crab walk was cute.

  3. The latest round in the eternal bout of Cat vs. Printer. Just seal up cat and printer together in the negative magnetic corridor and let them duke it out. The universe will be saved.

  4. ST:TOS ref for the WIN!!!!

  5. Fird Birfle says:


  6. Star Trek, the original series

  7. Fird Birfle says:

    Gracias, Mme La Therese, for the anti-obfuscation Assistance!!!! :)

    After I wrote my “Erm” [of course] and looked again and noticed the ST and thought in that direction but truly as a Nerd of the Goofiest Credentials, I didn’t comprehend t’other.

    Peace & tribbles to all.

  8. Disagree. Clarity doesn’t hurt anything.

  9. “Star Trek” just IS. It’s sorta an insult to qualify it with “original series”–that’s for the successors! IMHO :-)

  10. *does Vulcan salute* Live long, and Prosper.

    (And I can salute with both hands! At the same time! ….. Wha? Oh, sorry, Trek geekery will stop now.)

  11. Printer wins….

  12. Fird Birfle says:

    so twue. :(

    Also: comme c’est un chat(te) gris elegant(e)!

  13. Ce sont les gris qui volent le coeur, vraiment. Que me manque le mien, Mr. Picky.

    Aherm, Geek Alert: translayshuns: Eet ees ze grey cats who steal ze heart, trulee, and how eet meesses to me mine, the Late-and-Much-Beloved Mr. Picky.

  14. Fird Birfle says:

    BWA HA & HA for the Outrageous Frawnsche Acksent Translashon :)

  15. But, sank yew, My dear Meez Birfle! I am ze charmed by your so kind complimawngs!

  16. OMG. I never LOL´d so hard in a while. :D At the same time feeling guilty about laughing so hard about poor little kitty. Awwww.

  17. I did too! I wasn’t expecting the end!

  18. I was!

  19. i love the kitty’s permanently round face! the ear movement is also key.

  20. Fird Birfle says:

    Once ‘pon a time, I had a gato named Buddy.
    Big circular face and extraordinarily thick/ dense, but not long, fur. Methinks that both Buddy and this guy/ gal are a breed called the British Shorthair.

  21. I would have to agree. I own a brit (mine is black though).

  22. For being so mean to your kitty…May your pc become infected with malware, viruses, and trojans causing your mouse and printer to shrivel up and drop off. HA!

    Send in the Airbun A380 to save the kitty.

  23. …and may you find some way to a-toner for your sins.

  24. *groans* :lol:

  25. …And for the maker of this evil device, may your company be taken over by a CEO whose last venture was to pay $43 per vote in a failed gubernatorial race, who would immediately seek to ‘unlock’ the full value of your assets by selling off said “printer (cat bed)” division, so that HP Printers will cease to bother kittehs everywhere ever again. The End.*

    *Kidding of course. Good luck HP.

  26. wuyizidi: hahahahahaha, that was awesome!

  27. . . .” Our Russian chauffeur, Pickup Andropov . . . “

  28. :lol: :lol: :lol:

  29. :lol: :lol: Took me a sed to get it…! :lol:

  30. <3 Cartalk!

    Also, doesn't this qualify for "Cute or Sad"?

  31. My thoughts exactly, especially with the additional high risk of paper cuts to delicate kitteh nosicles!

  32. Also a hearty “Hey guys, watch this!” :D

  33. Snortlaff! :-)

  34. bookmonstercats says:


  35. yay cartalk! :) this wouldn’t work for my cat vs printer battle; my cat likes to hold down the button on our printer, which eventually shoots out a ‘test page’, much to her delight. When we are out of town we have to unplug the printer so she doesn’t test it 100 times in our absence ;)

  36. You have an awesome cat! I love cats that do quirky things like that! :)

  37. She totally is! She also carries her toys up the stairs every night/down every morning to have them near us for ‘safe keeping’ – she doesn’t even want to play with them, just bring them to us. It’s hilarious to see this little cat dragging this big ol’ string on a handle toy (like this teasers? is that what you call these? I never knew! hehe ) all the way up and down the stairs daily, along with a stuffed cat. :)

  38. The kitten is so shocked! It’s all “Wuh? What’s happening? Did that actually happen?” Poor kitteh. :)

  39. I love how cats have the ability to, like, shuffle <3

  40. I would name the cat “Grayscale.”

  41. This comments wins the intertubes!!

  42. I think that’s a British shorthair.

  43. Fird Birfle says:

    Who owes Whom, and what item of de-jinxing, shall it be, ma’am?????

  44. You both owe me chocolate cupcakes. It’s a sacrifice, but I’ll do it. [martyred sigh]

  45. Fird Birfle says:

    Oh, so THAT’s how this works!!!
    Thanks, v, for the Noble Community Service!!!

    Here goes!

  46. Cupcakes for everyone! This way to the Snickering Lounge!

    BTW, they’re bourbon cupcakes.

  47. *hic*

  48. Well, of *course* that’s how it works! How else am I supposed to get cupcakes……

    Oops, that mike wasn’t supposed to be on….please dis-regard!

    *whistles innacently*

  49. bookmonstercats says:

    Me likeee. Especially the bourbon bit (I assume that’s the whiskey, not the biscuit, but I’ll settle for either)

    Almost as much as me likeeeee cuddly kitty.

  50. Now was that 2011 model of the Kitty-Eject system? I think the newer model comes with a guardrail. Poor kitty-cat. I bet he does it again.

  51. You know he does that at least once each day!!

  52. Mine did….. if I was I printing from computer…..

  53. LOL!

  54. This is cute when it’s a kitten…someday my 16 pound Maine Coon is going to break my paper tray!

  55. Fird Birfle says:

    16 lbs and the paper tray hasn’t succumbed YET??

    What’s that paper tray made of?? Kryptonite??? wow.

  56. I had only had my kitteh a few days before he broke off the printer’s paper tray… (in a non-repairable way.) Thanksalot! :D Also? A key off my Mac… I was just gone for two minutes! I just popped out for some milk! But the computer place repaired that one for free—because they though it was cute. (Yay Tekserve.) :)

  57. Yup – my newest kitty family member has become quite adept at amputations from my keyboard…then climbing into my lap and purring…”who, me???”

  58. my Mac is missing three (!) keys, including ENTER, from three entirely different kitty “incidents”!!! good thing they have me wrapped around their spiky little paws…

  59. Methinks kitty-cat meant to slip off edge of desk….

  60. That printer is just a bully.

  61. Most printers are.

  62. Fird Birfle says:

    A Most Astute Pernt.

  63. needs a good bashing with a baseball bat, doncha think?

  64. Of course, if you bash the printer with a baseball bat, it’s no good as a printer, and not much good as a kitteh bed, either, so I think bashing with the baseball bat is kinda not such a choosable option, becuz then you have to go out, buy a new printer, which the cat will make itself comfortabuhls on, and then you’ll have to bash the new printer with the baseball bat, and there you are.

  65. Fird Birfle says:

    …..see yer point, there …..hmmmm …..

  66. worked for the guys in Office Space ;)

  67. (The Original) Mel says:


  68. Fird Birfle says:

    ALSO: Matchingks !!!!!

  69. Kitteh thinks the printer is scary and Aw-fall! ;-)

  70. Actually the old dot matrix printers were the best – my cat always tried to ‘catch’ the printer head – hours of fun!!

  71. I can still hear in my head the noise those things made. Also, the tear-off margins from the paper (tractor feed, doncha know) made great cat toys.

  72. Fird Birfle says:

    ahhhhhh tractor feed paper …. Great times …..

    *Goes out onto the sun porch, with a cuppa, to Reminisce*

  73. AWW, what a mean thing to do to that poor kitty :( Come here, kitty :D I will give you lots and lots of cuddling and I promise you will not have to worry about getting scared by a printer at my house :D My printer is covered up to prevent such a thing to happen to poor little kitties :D

  74. I am ashamed to say I laughed aloud.

  75. I’m not ashamed to say I did too. I’m sure kitty just ran off and cleaned itself in an effort to save face :)

  76. They really do do that…. “I did so mean to do that fall off the edge of the desk, I was just demonstrating my landing on my feet skills, yeah, that’s the ticket….”

  77. I am totally buying that printer.

  78. Requisite:

    That kitten should call this troubleshooter in.

  79. She rules. That precious little calico is the greatest thing ever on the Internets.

  80. Yeah! Go Kitty! K-I-T-T-Y! *waving pompoms frantically*

  81. Yes, I hope Gray Kitty will learn from this master, and beat the crap out of the printer next time it gets uppity.

  82. That’s pretty much what our IT guys do when there’s problem with our equipment at the office.

  83. My favorite is the translated version:

  84. that just made my whole night. I’m sure now my husband is downstairs going, she’s supposed to be asleep what the hell is she cackling about?

  85. saintstryfe says:

    Printer Wins…. Cute-tality!

  86. there’s always this cat to defend against “The Evil Printer of Doom”

  87. Obviously much braver than the little gray kitty above!

  88. Fird Birfle says:

    Evil Printer of Doom BWA HA & ALSO HA HA HA !!!

  89. Annahstaysia says:

    Heheh! :3
    My cats too big. He’s ginger,gorgeous and sometimes grumpy! (he’s kinda fat too:)
    I didn’t oversees him I swear!

  90. Definitely a disruptive influence in an office environment! However, if you’re really determined to share this little gray fluffy ball of cute make certain your & even more importantly your employee’s health insurance is paid-up & in good standing. It’s not something we see in the white collar world too often but it does happen. After the ‘oh look how cute’, comes the “Aaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww”! This can in fact be quite dangerous to men of middle age & older. It’s not a verbal maneuver generally seen in men of this age but when it DOES happen their “Aaawwwwwwwwww
    wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww’ just keeps going & if there’s no one around (they’re all hovering around the cuteness) to see they can’t stop & give them a nudge (Ok, a kick) in the shins to get ’em breathing again they keep going till they pass-out & can suffer brain damage from hypoxia! Depending on the length of time the brain was without oxygen the disability can be minimal to being in a chronic vegetative state at worst!
    Ok, better stop now before I go crazy and take everybody with me!
    Thanks for the vent! (I did NOT just say that did I………………………….?)

  91. Nunya Bizness says:

    LOL! That was awesomely funny.


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