Great Story. Can You Tell It Again?

Hi, I’m a Silkie. I used to be a cab driver in Manhattan. Now I am a musician. Everyone calls me Bob. I like to take daily walks around the lake. Mostly clockwise. I once went roller skating. Billy Joel is so under appreciated, don’t you think? For me, there is nothing like a good game of croquet. Or is it cricket? Either way, my grandmother was a great knitter. We are planning a funky dance party – perhaps with pimento loaf and mayo sandwiches, washed down with a nice Dom Perignon that daddy has been saving for just such an occasion…

You don’t say, Kim S.!



  1. This is one silly lookin’ boid! Cute and silly….

  2. ok, what the heck is this… it makes me think of an albino version of Animal from The Muppet Show. Don’t get me wrong, I totally love the floof but I’ve never seen anything like this (except, said Animal from TMS)

  3. This thing looks like it belongs in a Jim Henson movie, or Sesame Street.

  4. “AND, when I bought this hat at Macys, they said they had the coat and leg warmers to match!”

  5. What is it? Where do I get one?

  6. It’s a chicken!

  7. My local zoo has a few of these chickens and they’re hilarious to watch! One day I was watching them, and one of them had something it kept tossing up in the air like it was playing with it. I finally realized it was a dead mouse. lol…

  8. No kidding? What kind? I’ve seen some funny looking chickens before…but usually by the time they are big they aren’t so fluffy…

  9. The breed is called a Silkie, and they make great pets. I would never eat one but when they are put on the menu they tend to be called Chinese Black Bone Chicken, ’cause their flesh and bones are black.

  10. Adding it to the list (list of barnyard animals I’d like to own someday, that is). 🙂

  11. Full body case of “bed head”. Oh, and cutest chicken in the barnyard!

  12. Bob suffers from flight of ideas.

  13. I was thinking muppet, too, Andi! Does it have eyes? And if so, how does it see through all of the lovely white floof?

  14. You remind me of my favorite bit EVER from The Muppet Show:

    Animal comes loudly crashing into the room. Host Carol Burnett shrieks, “WHAT IS IT?!” Kermit calmly says, “Oh. That’s Animal.” Carol Burnett yells, “Well, I didn’t think it was vegetable or mineral!!”

  15. Josh Scholar says:

    I can’t believe no one mentioned Dr Suess!

  16. OMG!! WHAT is it?!?!?!? Where di it leave its spaceschip??

  17. ooops, I meant spaceship. Or intergalactic transport. SpaceRider??

  18. I’m doing this weird trying-to-adjust-my eyes thing. For a moment I thought there was a gravestone behind the fence on the left. Then it looked like a mousehole-style doorway. Now I’m just confused.
    But anyway, beautiful chicken, and such a scintillating conversationalist.

  19. If you haven’t, you gotta watch “The Natural History of Chickens.” It originally ran on PBS, but it’s on YouTube in segments of about 10 minutes each. Very entertaining.

  20. Yes, he looks like he could be Big Bird’s cousin. =D Or part alpaca (that alpaca I’ve seen on CO somewhere with the Napoleon Dynamite ‘fro and ‘tude) and part Big Boid.

  21. It’s a Fraggle!

  22. That is the silliest-looking bird I’ve ever seen, and I want one to keep around my house to give me a smile every time I look at it. Plus, fresh eggs!

  23. His flesh is blue.

    True. Silkies have blue meat. Makes me wonder what other colors dinosaur meat might have been…

  24. I think it’s a tipped-over houseplant.

  25. Maybe we could have Invisible Stables of Extra-Dimensional Livestock?

  26. I totally see it now–an urn on its side. Thank you, I wouldn’t have slept tonight.

  27. I was gonna say maybe an igloo… like a dog house kind of thing…

  28. and we can keep them at the animal sanctuary I’m gonna have once I find the rich animal loving man i’m going to marry. I’m sure he’s out there someplace…

  29. I love Silkies, and if my hubby would let me I would have a whole flock of them in my backyard. LOL =) Too bad I have to settle for regular looking chickens…lol (mine are still pretty cute though, if I do say so myself) I got Easter Eggers so I might get some blue/green eggs!! (…or pink or brown…still waiting for my babies to start laying…any day now!)

  30. Wait…I thought you were married?

  31. *waving hand* Go crazy.

  32. I adore silkies. They get so broody, you have to peel them off the nest to get them to eat. They’ll try and hatch a golf ball if you let them. So laid back and friendly. Pekins are my favourite breed, and frizzles my favourite coat, but silkies have perhaps the best overall personality.

  33. What the everl-loving??? O.O

  34. *snerk*

  35. hehe I love it! Looks like a fuzzy little bowling pin 😀

  36. *snortlaff!!!!*

  37. Silkie chickens are hilariously adorable.

  38. Loved the story of Liza, the silky who wanted so badly to be a mom (parts 5 & 6). What a sweet girl and what a perceptive farmer her human caretaker is!

  39. Fird Birfle says:

    A Most Literate and Astute Point!!!

  40. Oh you are sooooooooooo lucky. I love chickens but am renting my home. One day when I own a place I will have a few ladies. 🙂

  41. Hahaha! I couldn’t decide between muppet or fraggle, but yeah, fraggle really fits!

  42. That made me burst out loud laughing. Awesome.

  43. Wow

  44. I love my chickens and would love to have silkies but we have hawks in the area so no little chickens for me… The hawks get them every time I have a smaller hen

  45. We just bought this house in April…getting chickens is one of the first things I did…LOL =) Good luck on your quest for your own backyard flock!!

  46. I have heard that stringing CDs around the back yard will deter hawks…or anything really shiny and flashy for that matter. I guess the bright flashes mess with their vision so they steer clear of the area. =)

  47. What is this? I don’t even…

  48. Kinda reminds me of Dr. Bunsen Honeydew’s assistant, Beaker. But waaaaaay fluffier!

  49. Fird Birfle says:

    **makes necessary Beaker noises**

  50. Fird Birfle says:

    “part Alpaca” = WIN

  51. Fird Birfle says:

    or, alternatively,

    “Wot [in] the Sam Hill????”

  52. Fird Birfle says:

    OK So now I want a fuzzy bowling pin 😦

  53. Fird Birfle says:

    and, ka-POW!!! Cute Overload strikes again!

  54. The other Stephanie says:

    We used to have these when I was a kid. We had one in particular that was practically a house pet and he loved to come in while I was drying my hair and stand in front of the blowdryer. He would lean into it like that old memorex commercial. He would stand there forever. I love silkies, one of my favs!

  55. I don’t even eat your average, run-of-the-mill chicken but there’s no way I could ever eat something that looks as adorable and fuzzular this guy. Or gal. 🙂

  56. Pig in a wig. Dursleys will understand.

  57. It’s Suki!!! Jerry Blank’s pet. She’s eat grapes out of anywhere she puts them. ANYWHERE!

  58. what in the sam hill??

  59. jerri blank! the same woman who named her baby, “dizzy” after it fell off her dresser!

  60. It’s a real Shmoo!

  61. MommaMackie says:

    We are showing our ages! I haven’t heard the name Shmoo in, uhm, WAY longer than I want to admit! But I thought they were extinct…their own fault, though, for being delicious and wanting to please people so much that they used to jump into the frying pan voluntarily! VERY poor self-preservation instincts there.

    Wonder how many of them Little Abner ate while growing up…..

  62. Thank you for that. Dat boid needs some meds!