Purrgonomically Correct Laptop

I’ve worked my whole career to be your laptop. Do not even think of replacing me with any other so-called laptops.

Next Bobbie will want an ergonomic mouse, J. Plante.



  1. Tummy snorgle!!

    That looks like one big boy! 🙂

  2. I love the disgruntled kitty face. Great photo!

  3. Love the Cagney tough-guy look on his face. “You dirty rat…I am going to nom you”

  4. Moi, Actually says:

    Thems the kind of laigs that wear elasticated stockings–the kind that go orange in the wash and bunch up. I think I see them bunching up right now–it’s the look on this cat’s face.

  5. Looks like “death ray eye”is preparing to deploy……zzzzzzzzZZZZAP!!

  6. Not an ergonomic mouse – an earnomnomic mouse.

  7. Guinea Peeg Lover says:

    What career?

  8. OK, that is, definitively, the most undignified position I have ever seen a cat take. Ever.

  9. Hi, I’m Bobbie and I’m a PC (pudgy cat).

  10. Barn owl ears, terminator eyes, leetle chicken legs. This kitteh is all over the place and very cute.

  11. “I’m not pudgy – don’t you know the camera adds 10 pounds?!!!”


  12. BLORP.

    That is all.

  13. Those legs are adorable! He looks like a hand puppet — an angry hand puppet!

  14. One big, unhappy boy! 🙂

  15. Of course, I could also be a Mac, since I’m shaped like an Apple.

  16. Better a laptop than a doormat, Bobbie, that all I’m sayin’.

  17. Goodness! That’s a face that challenges you.

  18. SO disaproving.

  19. Total WIN! 😀

  20. 😀

  21. You can see by the placement of her hands that she just put him in that position on her lap and he’s NOT happy about it.
    I would love to see what happend right after the photo was taken, I suspect there was claws involved. 😆

  22. I think the face may mean he doesn’t like being held in that position!

  23. Titanic Tabbee!

  24. Fird Birfle says:

    We ARE Large [or, if you prefer, “fluffy”] and We are In Charge.

  25. Well played!

  26. Somebody’s supposed to be giving me a used laptop. I sure hope it’s this brand.

  27. 🙂

  28. Hahaha! Hysterical caption, Pyrit.

    That face of deep content and those legs are killing me! So veddy proper and stubbular.

  29. ROFLMAO.. I had to read that twice you know.. Because at first I read Tinee Tabee and then I went WHAT???? and then I reread it and went HA!

  30. Looks like he’s been around the glowing green kitties – or they tried to make HIM glow. Apparently they only managed to control him enough to affect his one eye…hmmmm – I think I’d leave this bad boy alone.

  31. AWW 😀 Come here, Bobbie 😀 I would just love you to be my laptop 😀

  32. But he isn’t black and white!

  33. His expression is all so:…..I need a litter box and I mean I need it now.

  34. P.S. Theresa, I think of you every time I am with the adorable black and white cat I’ve been feeding. He’s a tom, but extremely friendly and affectionate and really wants to come inside my house, and I can’t figure out whether or not he has a home. I call him Uncle Frank. My Francesco is smitten with him and makes goo-goo eyes at him through the screen door.

  35. I love the clawies…I miss playing with kitty toes…

  36. If ever a face perfectly defined the “impending doom” tag, surely it is this cat, with his angry ears, wild eyes and crooked little muzzlepowche. The position makes his back legs and hips look so hilariously disproportionate. Oh the indignity! 😀

  37. His name should be Toulouse.

  38. Touché, skippymom! His penchant for absinthe would explain the glowing green eye.

  39. “That’s the last time I book a flight with that little pointy hatted bearded dude! No catnip allowed, AND I have to share a seat! Hmmm, here’s the safety card…what the…why does the flotation device look like Uncle Oscar?!?!”


  41. Unhappy obedient cat hehe super cute!

  42. He’s not fat, he’s floofy. Just like my cat, who managed to get out of a really small hole in his carrier this morning (in the CAR!), despite his floof.

  43. This is definitely an “Impending Doom” situation for the lapmaker — who might better be aware of the pointy ends of them ‘chickenlaigs’! This bad boy’s a-fixin’ to Move!

  44. I’ve often thought about trying to attach a note to a stray kitteh somehow saying, Does this cat have a home? Please check yes or no.

  45. blobbulence!

  46. Oops, my boo-boo. I was writing to Theresa but this is Teresa.

  47. Perfect!

  48. It was the great escape 😀

  49. I think you mean Bobulence (his name is Bobbie)

  50. OMG!!!! This is the most adorable cutie pie I’ve ever seen!!! I used to have a cat who sat up like this but she was always leaning up against something. This picture brought back a great memory and thanks so much for all of these adorable pictures.
    Whenever I’m having a challenging day I come on over and check out these pictures because they always make me smile. Thank you.

  51. Either one is fine just so long as everything ap-Pears to be in order!

  52. Don’t worry about that 😀 It is not the first time someone has called me by “Theresa” instead of “Teresa”, skippymom 😀 As for that black and white kitty, I suggest you take him to a vet and see if he has a micro-chip in his neck 😀 If no chip, then I suggest adopting that cuddle-puss on the spot 😀 I would if I was living where you live 😀

  53. Boy oh boy! The things I do for tuna! Me dignity is definitely ragged and somehow dirtied.

  54. Fird Birfle says:

    “Toulouse”, & “touche”, Together!!!! 😉