Another Cute Overload True-Life Tale of the Unexpected and Bizarre!

Persistence paid off for sender-inner Stacey C., in a weird way:

I took the sloth pic at the Aviarios Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica and submitted it like 12,000 times until you gave in and put it up. Then you put it in the calendar for 2011.

Then I was at a pizza place for my sister’s birthday, and as I was standing at the cash register I realized they had the Cute Overload calendar out, and it just happened to be on the date where my picture appeared! My niece & nephew posed with the calendar.

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  1. I have that very page from the calendar hanging on the wall in my office cubicle….I love it!!!

  2. Sloth Serendipity: it may take a year or two, but it’s bound to happen eventually.

  3. Does this qualify as “meta” or just a really amazing coincidence?

    Cute kiddos, too!

  4. Threellamabeans says:

    I’m so glad it finally made it because this is one of my favorite pics! I have it saved to my desktop at home. Thanks Stacey C!!!

  5. Fird Birfle says:

    A SLOTH sanctuary?????
    Who’d’a thunk it?????


  6. eeeeeeeeeeeeek! human children! how could you, CO?!?!? hahaha… just kiddingks!

  7. Guinea Peeg Lover says:

    Sounds like that finally paid off. Years of putmyslothpictureoncuteoverloadputmyslothpictureoncuteoverloadputmyslothpictureoncuteoverload
    and then it finally paid off when it showed up in the calendar.

  8. So, it’s a picture of a picture that the picture taker in the picture took on vacation that was discovered at a random establishment. I feel like I’m in a Phillip Dick novel er, something.

  9. But why exactly did it take 12,000 submeeshons for something that cute to go into the calendar? Eh, CO? Do you have sloths working there? Or worse, do you have a hidden sloth dis-liker lurking there, disguised as a normal (?) COer? You must immediately investigate this problem!! Immediately as in regular time, not sloth time. Anti-slothism must not be tolerated at the workplace. Or any other place.

  10. Yeah, I threw up in my mouth when I saw them!

  11. By the way, does anybody else think the female one looks frightened?

  12. Agreed! We must do everything we can to fight specieism!!

  13. She looks like she’s thinking, And WHY are we taking a picture with a calendar???

    They are cute kids! I have a couple of little blondie nieces and nephews too that I do some serious bragging about when the opportunity arises…

  14. So Meta… So cute…. so funny.

    Slothfully yours
    KittyAdventures 😀

  15. And cheesy goodness abounds too. XD

  16. Whooooo! *cue the theremin music*

  17. Theresa, have you ever played a theremin?

  18. Fird Birfle says:

    o no not biped human young’uns!!!! Noooooooooo!!!!!

  19. EXACTLY.

  20. No, I never have. But cats do it so well, I don’t think I could do it better. 😛

  21. *clutches pearls*

  22. Not just a santuary but there are also Slothspital

  23. I once played a theramin!!

  24. Dueling banjos playing in the background.

  25. Metapost is meta. 😉

  26. I think it was an homage to sloths. By “it” I mean taking such a long time to put something so cute and sloth-related into the CO calendar.

  27. (…wups, AuntieBellum said it… uh, first…)

  28. Hmmm, too much kids, not enough sloffie, methinks.

  29. I have this one hanging up on my office wall!

  30. bookmonstercats says:

    Anything to do with sloths usually does 😉

  31. bookmonstercats says:

    Pourquoi? I’d never seen one until I just looked it up on Wikipedia.


  32. @Barbarella: I’m witchew, def more sloffies, pliz.

  33. We have ours taped to the front door! love the caption as much as the pic.

  34. Actually, I just asked about it. You confirmed it. So it’s all good. 😀

  35. If CO is using hooman childrenz to promote its calendar, it probably won’t work.

    just sayin….

  36. Exactly right! pulls out lilac and trys to take apicture of her holding a CO Calendar!

  37. China's Human says:

    I do too Holly! I can get a serotonin fix whenever I need it at work which is often!!!

  38. Is it just me, or does that little girl have a slight resemblance to the sloth?

  39. I got to try one at the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix. They have a hands-on room for “kids” 🙂

  40. Actually…there’s a pizza place in my town with free birthday buffets that often has the CO calendar up….the same pizza place mayhap???

  41. Thanks for putting kid pictures on C.O. – because I never see kids ANYWHERE.

  42. Me too! It’s one of my faves this year– I am often cheered by it. It really is a serotonin fix. In fact, it’s so popular that I’m afraid one of my coworkers is going to kidnap it. Stacey C., on behalf of myself and my coworkers, I thank you for this submission of monumental cuteness!!!