Must be a Jimmy Chew shoe

Remember, always thoroughly chew your food. It’s better for your digestive system.

Chanel’s never too busy to chew each bite at least 34 times. She is adored by Roberto Macfie (photo) and Brent Baldwin (sender-inner).



  1. bookmonstercats says:

    So pretty!

    But not the poor shoe, obviously.

  2. If I had become a dog person before I became a cat person, Beagles would be my Tiger Tabbies. (That should make sense to my CO peeps.)

  3. This pup is perfection. *head splode*

  4. beaglepops are irresistable even when they’re nomming your manolos

  5. He is just making sure your shoes are stylish and have the BEST Artstic Tears available, SO you are never out of STYLE! 😀


  7. kibblenibble says:

    The shiny black lower leep! The teensy teefs! The caramel-edged earses! Gah!
    *head splodes, rainbow glitter and streamers fly in all directions*

  8. I tried but I cannot say that 5 times fast.

  9. kibblenibble says:

    Perfect sense! 🙂

  10. Karen Sertich says:

    Clean-up on aisle B!!

  11. please don’t post that! name is wrong!

  12. eeep! Comment following kibblenibble should have read CLEAN-UP ON AISLE B.

  13. I love the facial coloring.

  14. What a charming puppeh! Want!

  15. Well, of course, we understand perfectly!

  16. Guinea Peeg Lover says:

    They aren’t the ONLY people that adore Chanel. WHAT ABOUT ME?

  17. Puppeh says: They keep yelling “heel, heel,” at me, and I’m like “Yeah, yeah, I’ll get to the stilettos when I’m done with this sneaker.”

  18. I feel exactly the same way, T!

  19. I had a dog when I was a small rug-rat; he was a beagle. I’d get another one, if I had room…..

  20. *snerk*

  21. YAYYYYYY, a Beagle pic!!! Can’t have too many of ’em!
    A happy Beagle owner

  22. YAY SNOOPY DOGS!!!!!! Beep da nosie!!!!!!

  23. We had a beagle puppy who would give us that same exact look and then proceed to attack my fingers until they bled. Fast forward a year’s worth of (mostly) patient training, firmness, and consistency and she is the star of the agility club to which we belong. It just goes to show that dogs are sometimes like horses; the best mounts are always the most difficult to break in. lololol At least, that’s what Roy Rogers told me. 😉

  24. Does Nylabone make a chew shoe? Just wondering…..