Ear ye! Ear ye! We May Have a New Rule of Cuteness

If you have spots on your ears it’s cute. But what to call said spots? Help!

Recently, on this post, flutterby suggested “flap frecks”.

Sender-inner Jen M. says her charming hamster, Romeo, has “ear splotchies”.

Jen M. says, “..ear splotchies.. they’re very “in” right now.”



  1. Fird Birfle says:

    Why not just go for a Fashion Classique Term?? “Polka Dots” !!!

    — Related:
    Why ARE they CALLED “POLKA” dots?? Discuss amongst yerselves …..

  2. Romeo!
    Cute as a button, Romeo!

  3. Why Fird, that’s simple. Why are the called “Polka” dots? Because..

    In heaven there is no beer
    That’s why we drink it here
    And when we’re all gone from here
    Our friends will be drinking all the beer

  4. Well, Freckles are on your Face. So Earckles are on your Ears.

  5. well, if measles has koplick’s spots, ears can have “Pollock’s Spots”

  6. (The Original) Mel says:


  7. Hey angela, are you fatgrammafinn?

  8. nom targets

  9. I like ‘Earckles’!

  10. Ear Dots

  11. I think that’s my couch.

  12. Have you checked it for hamsters and loose change lately?

  13. because that’s what’s left when you POLKA HOLE in something

  14. When the spots are that small, they must be “spreenkles”.

  15. Any freckle on such an adorable, pokeable animal must therefore be named “Pokey Dots”!!

  16. I love flap frecks!

  17. So logical.. Earckles.

  18. flapdoodles

  19. Dalmeartians.

  20. I agree with you, Grace! Animal part a-litter-ation makes the term flap frecks nearly as cute as the phenomenon itself. I think flutterby’s flap frecks suggestion is the way to go here.

  21. Sasha's Mum says:

    Awww. My beloved Sasha-cat had freckles in her ears. (She died at the end of July after 19 wonderful years together. Just when I think you can get through the day without crying … something like this comes along and starts me weeping again.)

  22. Hugs to you, Sasha’s Mum… I lost my Joey at the end of June, so I understand what you’re saying… the most random thing can do it…

  23. Since you all seem to be distracted by the flap flecks/ ear splotchies, I call Matchingks! for the lovely couch and cute hammie!

  24. Dippin’ Dots.

  25. Yes, very lovely.

  26. ceejoe, I thought you must have lost one, because you’ve mentioned a couple of times recently that you have ten, but I couldn’t think of a way to ask. So sorry about Joey.
    And hugs to you too, Sasha’s Mum. So sad.

  27. Mary (the first) says:

    Ear splotchies.

  28. Jillian Robbins says:

    Ear splotchies or nom targets have my votes! ^_^

  29. Thank you, skippymom. Joey and I were together 12 years, after he showed up hungry in my backyard. He was such a good boy. I used to call him my Mr. Congeniality, be/c he got along so well with ALL the other cats – and in a crowded cat household, that is something!

  30. Hugs to Sasha’s Mum & to ceejoe. Losing a fur-baby is always hard. And sometimes, even years later, tears can hit.

  31. With such a lovely couch, you know darn well she does not have cats. 🙂

  32. I know! How about “When your eyes are dialated it’s cute.”

  33. Oh, so she probably doesn’t have puke stains ALL OVER her carpet, either? Wonder what that’s like….

  34. lol, that’s why I have all wood or tile floors!
    I spend alot of time sweeping, but way easier – and I can throw the small rugs or runners into the washing machine.

  35. Ha ha, before I got to the end of your sentence, I thought you were going to say you could throw the small rugs over the puke! I mean, not that that’s anything I would even consider doing, you know, er, um……..

  36. Ear splotches are “in”!!!!

  37. SphEARacles!

    Sorry, I hadda doit….


  38. My cat Tyler has those spots on the roof of her mouth, only visible when yawning … which is when I chant, “Cow Mouth! Cow Mouth!” at her.

  39. I luff the bright little eyes and the explosion of whiskers around his prosh nosecicle!

  40. Adorable. Audible? There’s a good name in there somewhere if only i could think…of…it…ehn! **gives up** Friday afternoon brain fail.

  41. heh heh, yeah, I know…
    I should really not tell this to other people, but since we’re all kind of anonymous here, what the heck… One of my cats has been *pooping* under my bed, and I have to move the damn bed almost every day! But trying to find a positive spin, I tell myself that I should be grateful that I don’t have carpet under the bed. How’s that for twisted thinking…

  42. Sasha's Mum says:

    So I guess I’m the *only* person who’s ever let a puke just sit there until it dries out because it’s way easier to vacuum out of the carpet that way? (Only doable in a feline-only home of course. Because we know what happens if a dog finds puke …)

    Eww, how did this absolutely adorable thread degenerate so fast?

  43. Sasha’s Mum, I do the dry-and-vacuum thing. And sometimes, if the puke sits there for a while, Eddy “cleans up” after himself. And he’s a cat, not a dog.

  44. Ewww! Lol… I guess with 10 cats, I’m kinda concerned with avoiding the “crazy cat lady” label, and so I’m kinda obsessive about cleaning things up. Plus, I’m an accountant, so being a neat-freak probably comes naturally to me…

  45. The ear flaps are dappled, so how about “flapdapples”?

  46. or “fleckles”?

  47. Lewis n' Clark says:

    I, too am a “vacuumer” for cat gack. And I vote for flap frecks.

  48. Fird Birfle says:


  49. Pokey-Dots! That’s perfect, hilz

  50. I second Flapdapples!!!

  51. I vote for Ear Dots!! Trace adorableez.

  52. Sasha's Mum says:

    Thanks ceejoe, skippymom, and victoreia. I know I’m not the first to lose a furry family member, but she was my first cat, and an only child, so the void she left in my life seems extra large. But I have no regrets, and of course I have all the memories.

  53. that would a “yupperz” how goeth it?

  54. I think we should have a Rule of Cuteness that if you have a spotted tongue, you are cute.

  55. I like “ear splotchies” 🙂 or “ear freckles” perhaps?

  56. Also, one of my cats has little freckles on the skin right around his eyes… it’s super duper cute!

  57. Painted Pinnae? Dotted D-earies? Pokey Dotes?

  58. Because of this post I just realized my 19 year old beloved boy Oliver (cat) has ‘ear splotchies’….but, they have also been serious ‘nom targets’ for years so I am torn.

    Just to share, my boy is sleeping inside my fleecie hoodie (with me in it too)…chilly night up here in New England!

  59. *chants* pictures, pictures, picutres… oh well, you get the idea.

  60. That earsplitting “SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” that just deafened you. It was just me spotting this post.

    SO Cute!!!11!!!1

  61. I thought of inky dinks or dinky inks but then where I come from we call sprinkles “jimmies” so maybe they are ear jimmies?

  62. kibblenibble says:

    It’s comment threads like this one that remind me why I love all you CO peeps. 🙂

  63. tanya_ballerina says:

    My beagle has the same spots on her belly – we tell her we can see her “cow print”!

  64. Pinna Dots. (Bonus: If you look up Pinna on Wikipedia, there is a picture of a cute sleeping Fennec Fox.)

    I like the black marks on the ear-tips of snowshoe hares. Also cute: the nifty black-and-white shape on the backs of the ears of tigers and other big cats (check out Big Cats vs Laser Pointers for examples).

  65. 😀

  66. ^ this. I second it!

  67. oh Sasha’s mum i always hug asha when she gets mad I’m attending too much to the other animals and whisper I love her so much cause she’s my “firstborn”…huge bond there. hugs for you and ceejoe (!!)

  68. you guys are cracking me up….

  69. Actually, those splotches are called “smooch spots” because they compel one to plant a few smooches.

  70. hmm…ears…lobes…freckles…spots….nom targets…



  71. haha I like this one. But I’d be afraid to mix up hamster ear sprinkles with regular hamster sprinkles. O.o

  72. oh this one is my pick for winner! flapdapples! Love it!

  73. Looks like a might fine Hamsteed!


  75. Freckears…though do like nom targets.

  76. How about EarBling?

  77. Ear Spronkles