Thuh lasht leaf of Autumn!

You can shtart Chrishmush shopping nao!

Winston is the cutest leaf-peeper evar, Jess R.!


  1. Nice choppers there, little guy. And if you are not using that soft, nommable right ear, may I have it?

  2. I am speechless! Too Stinkin’ Cute!!!

  3. A Sean Connery dog?

  4. Give me a ping, Vasily. One ping only, please.
    ….and a snausage.

  5. “Red October” ref for the WIN!

  6. Leaf and let die.

  7. Oups that was Roger More, I meant:

    You only leaf twice.

  8. * double snerk *

  9. The Hunt for Red Leaves in October

  10. Cwishmish. Part your lips slightly and barely move your mouth when you say it. That’s how I imagine this puppington doing it. :-)

  11. Second shift pup is here to re-leaf you.

  12. Lookin’ spry and ready to take the ‘elm!

  13. Good thing, because this job can be a real beech.

  14. *snerk*

  15. Yup, takes a constitution of oak. *nods*

  16. Bumble the Bunny says:

    oh, i cant be ashed…

  17. Careful it’s slippery!

  18. His bark is worse than his bite, the poor sap.

  19. I bet he’d LOVE some porkchopsch and appleschaush to go with that leaf!

  20. Moi, Actually says:

    Cuter than a punchline by O. Henry.

  21. Another Winston? So much qte in such a small package!

  22. Yes Winston’s are totally cute! Puppies rule!

  23. Puppy Chub: Check
    Wrinkulars: Check
    Sunshine whiskers: Check
    Eyebrow Dots: Check
    Velvety Earsies: Check
    Beepable nose:Check

    You are now Ready for cute take off Captian. Clear on runway 2 adorable for words.

  24. Sigh… seven AM in california and I am already stuck in the Moderation Lounge.. Pulls out Coffe cake and lovely cup of coffee to go with and sits down to wait for some one to rescute me

  25. Mary (the first) says:

    I’d be more likely to come in for coffee cake than to recute you.. was at the store yesterday and friend had to keep saying “step away from the pastries”.. sigh.

  26. Fird Birfle says:

    *Hands KA a couple of decks of CuteOverload cards for Solitaire :) *

  27. Did you know with two decks you can play speed solitaire against an opponent My Hubby and I used to play thsi all teh time. OF course why it is called solitaire still confuses me LOLOL.. also think of it… every card could have a different cute kitty puppy bunny fenec fox… animal on it. :D

  28. Hey Firdie!!!

  29. Fird Birfle says:

    Hey a vous, Theresa!!!

    Didja see Our Pal Craig-y last night?
    AVEC les filles dansant qui ont venu de la Moulin Rouge a Paris?
    Qui ont danse AVEC SECRETARIAT le cheval????

    (Note aux Moderators: don’t worry, nothing unseemly or disturbing, I promise!
    Just off-CO topic fer a minnit :) )

  30. Fird Birfle says:

    ….”les filles dansant quit SONT venuES de…”


  31. Hey THERE’S an idea! Cute Overload playing cards!!! May we have some for Christmas 2013, pleeeeez?

  32. Good idea indeed!
    And how about Cute-opoly?Cute-tris?Cute-puzzles?Bet theyd sell like hotcakes.

  33. And I recommend a repeat visit to Curly Winston and his baby Bobby. :D

  34. I have already been back to that post like 5 times already

  35. Anybody note the espesh beepable nose?

  36. Say that ten times fast….

  37. Fird Birfle says:

    “that” “that” “that” “that” “that”
    “that” “that” “that” “that” “that”.

    Will that do????

    Sometimes I Enjoy behing Very Silly Indeed.

  38. Preferred response to the command, “leave it!”

  39. Fird Birfle says:


  40. Awww. One time my cat was trying to catch a bird, but she couldn’t so she brought me back a leaf as a gift instead. This reminds me of that. :D

  41. Personally I’d rather have the leaf than a bloody bird. What a thoughtful, generous kitty you have!

    Winston here is obviously secure in his masculinity, as he is sporting a fuchsia collar. It’s a good color for him.

  42. Lookit how proud Winston is of his Gift to you! The leaf! It is bigger than his face! The feets! They are bigger than …. you might expect them to be. He’s gonna be a biggun!

  43. Fird Birfle says:

    ….bu’ …..bu’ …..there aren’t ENNY leaves changingk colors here in Fla,
    [SNIF] and it’s still 85 degrees outsiiiiiiiiiiiiiide & hoomid here…….

    *pouts in corner with arms folded*

  44. I’ll box up some cool Chicago conditions for you Firdie. No leaves changing just yet (well, maybe on the poison sumac) but it’s deeliciously cool here the past few days.

  45. Fird Birfle says:

    @ TrixandSam:
    Thankye kindly!!! “deeliciously cool” is a Wonderful Thang.

    Once Upon a Time we lived ‘way up they-uh
    in Virginny, whar them leaves do change kuh-lors.

    [pitiful sniff; wipes dribbly nose, on shirtsleeve]

  46. Ahh, life in “The Big Terrarium”!

  47. Fird Birfle says:

    *peeks out around the corner, & gives one more Overly Dramatic “Sniff!!!”*

  48. Fird Birfle says:

    When I first read this storyline, without scrolling to the photo, I figgered
    it would be a pic of our fave Pom/Papillon pup [I forgot his name at the moment but I’m sure that everybody else in CO-land will immediately recall it] …the Adorable One,
    whothe tongue hangthe out rakithely fathionably in every photo :)

  49. Aww, check out Winston’s cabriole legs!

  50. I LOVE the idea of cabriole legs! These look like dachshund legs, so maybe Winston will only be BIG in spirit. He looks like a pug/dachshund mix. Duggle? Poxie? I have a Dorkie, and he has cabriole legs and rose ears. And shredded-wheat fur, so his name is Triskit. (Intentionally spelled differently from the cracker because, well, it’s cuter with the “ki” than “cui.” Even tho’ those letters stand for “Cute Under the Influence.”)

  51. Anyone know what breed this little gal is?

  52. Make sure you get the floss into all of those margins way in the back, Winston!

  53. “I’m back in the Mod Lounge again….” (singing to the tune of Back in the Saddle Again….) The least the Mod Lounge Caterers could do is replenish those big green Sicilian olives stuffed with gorgonzola that I polished off yesterday. Yeesh!

  54. oh, yeah, about those olives. the morning delivery was hijacked and um, they will be requiring a moderator’s signature from now on. how about some potato chips?

  55. For shame, Sharpy!!


  57. Fird Birfle says:

    *pats Sharpy consolingly on the hands*
    *says “there, there”*

    *wonders whut POSSIBLE assistance,
    anybody ever thought, could result from the phrase “there, there” ….*

    *gives Sharpy a large slice of triple-fudge chocolate cake instead*

  58. Well, not that I’d look a potato chip gift horse in the mouth, but they get rather soggy in my martoonis. Teh olives were purrrrrrfickt.

  59. Now my comment about being in the Mod Lounge is in the Mod Lounge. It’s like some weird mobius strip comment phenomenon with no beginning and no end.

  60. I missed that Twilight episode….

  61. ROFLMAO… Life you gotta just love it. :D

  62. Fird Birfle says:

    @ kimmaroo:

    “What we got hy-ah izzz…..” the Proverbial Catch-22 !!!111!!!
    Evahr red that buk???

    Misspellings porpoiseful :)

  63. Can I call matchingks between pup and leaf?

  64. Mmmmm… I’m envisioning a bigger version of this pup, with a palm frond in his mouf, gently fanning me as I recline on a beach chair with a cool drink at hand.

    What? I’m in an office chair, and it’s not even lunch yet? Dang.

  65. I <3 his tubby paws. :)

  66. That puppy has perfectly coordinated his foliage to his fur coat. How clever of him!

  67. [sigh] Not a kitty, but…… *snatches pupster and runs*

  68. Fird Birfle says:

    how vereh vereh non-speciesist and Noble of you, v :)

  69. Puppies are just as good as kitties when they are soft, cute, cuddly and do sweet things like play with leaves! God Bless little critters!

  70. I totally love his puppy chub and his little whiskery hairs on his chest – too cute!!


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