In The Beginning

There was a great void.

And Box said, “Let there be Maru,” and there was Maru.

Maru looks like he’s in his own little world.



  1. For a kitty who’s in Box Heaven, Maru looks rather . . . disapproving.

  2. Ha! of all the boxes to choose from, Maru goes for the teensiest bit of real estate available. Maru RULES. (Don’t tell our girl cat I said that. At 16+ lbs and 20 years of age, she owns this place and don’t you forget it! 🙂

  3. I love Maru. So much.

  4. That cat is something else.

  5. did he find the smallest box and squeeze his
    great self into it??!!
    I’m going shoe shopping & would like to donate my boxes.

  6. Looks like a bread pan 🙂

  7. Well, he’s Japanese! Of course he’s good at making the most of a limited space!

  8. bob drummond says:

    Everyone’s favorite fat cat is at it again, gettinginto tight situations !!!

  9. Just gonna say it now…


  10. I’m not certain that Maru’s owner is being a responsible caretaker. They KNOW Maru needs boxhab, and yet they’re enabling him with multiple boxes!

  11. Forget Thundershirt. I can has Thunderbox?

  12. I can’t even believe his entire body is in that tiny box.

  13. 15 pounds of awesome in a 1 pound box.

  14. HRH QueenCat says:

    *cartoon balloon*

    Maru thinking: I am one with mah Universe

  15. Moi, Actually says:

    Exactly–the Maru muffin-top.

  16. The Maru-ffin top, as it were.

  17. Kid in a candy store.
    A Mosquito in a nudist colony.
    Maru in a room full of boxes.

  18. Niiiice….

  19. I love the first pic! He looks like he’s going – Oh…oh…wow!! So many boxes….boxes!!!!

    Kinda like me if locked in a chocolate factory…

  20. Excellent! 😀

  21. Lol, and he chooses the smallest box to get comfy in 😛 so cute!

  22. One asks the question; Can you fit a round cat into a square box 2 sizes too small?

    Maru Answers: But of course. We cats are things of Mystery. Here to confound you humans and rule over you.

  23. omG… I have somehow managed to find a baby picture of Maru.

  24. They always choose the box that just isn’t quite big enough for them!

  25. When Maru discovered heaven…

  26. Not only did he fill the void, he overfilled it. ^_^

  27. Like. That’s a very Yogi Berra/Zen quality to that pronouncement.

  28. And the MaRules say, “thou shalt chooseth the smallest box of all to smoosheth thyself into.” I Love Maru!

  29. Fird Birfle says:


  30. Fird Birfle says:

    **Can we call “Matchingks Tag” for the elegant Tabbee Shag Rug near Maru??**

    And — T.U.M. — you’ll need to *EITHER* adjust your trademark phrase to THIS:

    (or alternatively, you could
    still *SAY* “tineee tabbee” but just be In Denial Mode…?? 😉 )

  31. Fird Birfle says:

    PS: “And the Void was scrupulously, medically, biologically & disinfectantly Clean”.

  32. He can fold himself into the smallest shapes….Marugami?

  33. “A Mosquito in a nudist colony.”


  34. Maru’s a loafer all right….

  35. I’m hearing “Thus Spake Zarathustra” while looking at these photos.

    buhhh… buhhhh… buhhhhhhhhhh… BUH BUHHHHHHHHHNNN!!!!

    “And Box looked upon Maru and said, “This is good. Hold on, wait, what are you doing, you can’t fit in there… ouch!”

  36. Ahhh-mennn

  37. arachnophile says:

    Something could be said that using Maru’s box choices as a basis for political decision-making could, in fact, be a superior form of governance!

    Indeed: Maru for Emperor of the World!

  38. It was his owner’s birthday present for Maru! She knows what he likes.

  39. Snf! I find Pyrit’s commentry oddly moving! In a good way, of course.

  40. sunnylessmum says:

    That completely rocks as a kitty bday present!
    I love Maru! Round soft smooshy fluffy wonderfulness. 🙂

  41. sunnylessmum says:

    That’s not even funny Marthava! My brain just melted after seeing baby pics of Maru! I so cannot handle that level of cute. My coworkers now think I am insane, thanks a lot! 😉

  42. We recently watched “2001: A Space Odyssey” for the first time (I know, I know). I knew about the use of “Also Sprach Zarathustra” beforehand, but it’s funny to see just how much that movie has influenced popular culture.

    And I agree absolutely: that should be the theme music for Maru and his boxitude.

  43. I want to visit planet Maru… like now!! What a puss, gotta love him!

  44. Insertclevernamehere says:

    He looks like a loaf of bread! I want to nom him up.

  45. Mary (the first) says:

    Yes, that crazy Maru takes the smallest box. What the heck??

  46. Mary (the first) says:

    I don’t think Maru was born in America. Actually, he appears to live in Ikea.

  47. NASA really needs to study Maru, because he’s clearly composed of some amazing space-age polymer that allows him to compress his mass into the smallest space possible.

  48. came home with two new pairs of shoes.
    cats not interested in the boxes.
    or the bag.

  49. Maru needs some serious Boxhab

  50. PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWERS! Itty-bitty living space.

  51. I can’t seem to find any kitten photos. I clicked on 2008, which is as far back as they seem to go. Can you provide a link to the actual baby pictures? Thanks!

  52. Ruby loves cute! says:

    She should have picked a bigger box. My kitten is always charging in bags.

  53. joools in PDX says:

    The Gospel According to B. Kliban:

    “Cat: one heck of a fine animal. Frequently mistaken for meatloaf.”

  54. Alice Shortcake says:



    Please direct me to the kitten photos or I’ll have to eat an entire chocolate cake to make up for my disappoinment!

  55. Alice Shortcake says:

    I can remember when the BBC used that music to accompany the Apollo moon launches.*

    *She said, giving away her age

  56. One word: Amen!

  57. I wish there was a video of Maru confronting this embarrassment of box riches. Maybe there is! [goes to look] Well, didn’t find one yet, but I did watch a great one where Maru is complaining loudly when his person is on the other side of a door. Then I got distracted reading people saying swell things about Maru in French. Then I dozed off for a bit. Wait, what was I doing?

  58. Having a tough time getting this comment to “stick.” Here’s the correct link:

  59. Fird Birfle says:

    oooooooh NICE one 🙂


  60. Fird Birfle says:

    — and furry!!!! Don’t furget tha fur!!!!

  61. Fird Birfle says:

    You were enjoying Maru. Carry on !!!! 🙂

  62. Ok, I have a theory.

    There are many boxes of different sizes, and Maru goes for the one that squeezes him the most.

    Why you ask?

    Because he needses HUUUUUGZZZZZ!!!!!

  63. *snerk* And yet, cats enjoy the itty-bitty living space so much more than genies!

  64. Mine always do that when I purposely leave out boxes for them. (Or paper bags.)

    But let me get out a box that I don’t want them to play with…….. 🙄

  65. Fird Birfle says:

    OH so you’re 17 now????? 😉

  66. This proves my theory that cats are liquids, and can take the form of whatever container they are poured into.

  67. What does this mean for the Chosen Box?

  68. Fird Birfle says:

    yes, v???
    go on !! What do they do, THEN?????


  69. Wow. Maru was even sturdy as a kitty. Love all the other photos on that link. Thanks!

  70. I think my cats would be happy to be in this room with Maru and these boxes… all these boxes ^^ …

  71. Santa DID get my letter, he knows I’ve been good! >^.^<

  72. So, do Maru’s people just get boxes for him to play with?..Seems like they always have boxes. Regardless, he seems like one happy camper.
    He looks as if he would be so cuddly!! :’I ….missing our Stinky.

  73. YES !!!

  74. Oh! OK, thanks. Maru!! (hums happy little tune)

  75. baby birdie says:

    Yeah! Can someone please add the “Disapproval” tag to this post?

  76. me too, i mean LOVE…

  77. wah hahahahahaha, gasp. snork

  78. oh, how i agree. so sick of enemies of the state. poor state, getting gray hair. enemies would never figure out the box mandate…

  79. **snort** gives a whole new meaning to muffin top. Why can’t we all have a Maru?!?

  80. some serious box enabling going on here. boxhab failure…

  81. Oh, of course he had to choose the tiniest little box to squeeze his big bum into! Hilarious yet adorable! 🙂

  82. *snerk*

  83. 😀

  84. I love Maru! Such a cute fluff head in that tiny box!

  85. 😆 You got that right 😆

  86. Actually he is a Scot, residing in Japan with a very good servant!

  87. I wanna see the video!!!

  88. jajaja I like that, though maybe it’s “purrr-ed into”…

  89. I can’t live without Maru!