Sleppy Mode

After 5 minutes of inactivity, kittens automatically enter sleppy mode.

If only they would stay asleep all night.

Unfortunately, your settings will be lost if you were in the middle of a game and you’ll have to start all over.

Foster kitty Tazzy, sent in by Jan W.



  1. Awwwww……zzzzzzz

  2. Moi, Actually says:

    Adorable shot. Pleeeze tell me that Tazzy has a sibling called Razzama.

  3. A marmie to start the day. All is well.

  4. Is the peeenk nosicle the touchpad? *leans in for teeeny smooch* Or is it the earsies… *nibble*

  5. Since kittayn is sleeping, I will do this quietly…


  6. It takes more than a tap to wake kittens–baby animals sleep like the dead!

  7. 😀

  8. What a beautiful way to start the day! I would like to pet his nose with one finger, veeeerrrry gently.

  9. OK. So, first the dog in the sleep house, and now this. Who decided this was the day to torture those of us who are barely clinging to consciousness, having had to drag ourselves out of a comfy bed covered with snuggly kitties? Damn you, CO!

  10. Sleppy mode? All my bwain could come up with was “warm apricot crisp a la mode, as his color is so delicioso !!!!

  11. oh that is so funny! they DO enter sleepy mode!

  12. I think looking at this snoozing marmie just lowered my blood pressure about 50 points. Highly thera-cute-ic post.

  13. Fird Birfle says:

    *shakes fist in the air, in righteous indignation, for skippymom*

  14. Right there with you. I have plugged my ears to the siren song that my bed keeps singing to me. Must….go….to…workzzzzzzzzzzz

  15. Haha, siren song. Sooo accurate!

  16. Thanks, Fird (yawwwn) Hey, I’m having limas for lunch today!

  17. There’s a new promotional logo for the site: CO is thera-cute-ic!

  18. Awwwww. That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I want to give that kitty loves.

  19. Looks just like my ginger…His name is Oliver James…proper ginger name. He distracts me just as much as this kitten did

  20. Moi, Actually says:

    dottiebj, you are a mensch. You liked my joke.

  21. t i n e e t a b b e e e e e

  22. It could be worse…….they could have posted these on Monday.

    Is it nap time yet?

  23. Llamas!? You are having llamas for lunch??!! And bragging about it on CO???!!! Shame on you, barbarian!!!!

  24. So that comment put me in Moderation? Clearly, the Mods are ok with eating llamas. Shame on you.

  25. just testing. our official stand on the matter is that llama-licking is okay, but it stops there.

  26. very clevaire, moi

  27. This is me in 3… 2… 1… zzzzz

  28. AWW 😀 I could just very gently kiss that little foster kitty, Tazzy, who is under Jan W.’s tender care 😀 Jan W., you are one lucky lady 😀

  29. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    Yeah, with that whole sleeping through the night thing? My dearly departed Arthur (had a sibling named Merlin who lived wif us too), LOVED to wander into the bedroom around 2 and start “asking questions”…rowwwr? rowwr? I actually kept an arsenal of itty bitty Beanie Babies (from McDonald Happy Meals) behind me in the bed headboard to wing at him. 1 or 2, thrown randomly in the dark, would do the trick. Not hard or heavy enough to do any damage to the sweet marmie boy that he was, just enough to hush him up. I do miss him terribly. He was such a cuddle bug.

  30. Heh, my neighbor’s cat is named Razzie. I wonder if it’s short for Razzama!