Soooo (Scroll down) Comfortabuhls…

Will you please check out this redonk scene (involving a silly, silly Pomeranian, natch) that looks soooo tie-tie-comfortabuhls. I wanna get one of these little houses for my own self:



  1. I love how he feels COMFORT-A-BUHLS!

  2. They sell those little houses at CVS drug store. They are $10. My cats love theirs!

  3. I want one of those houses for me.

  4. Mary (the first) says:

    I want one of those little puppehs for me!

  5. Currently at work, and I am seriously wishing I had something like that beside me right now. I could use some comfortabuhls when the going gets tough here…

  6. Do those come with the doggy? Because I’ll take five.

  7. Pup tent by Pawtagonia.

  8. Snug as a bug in a rug. No, I mean snug as a pug in a rug. No, it’s not a pug, so that’s a Pom I could Nom!

  9. Too cute. However, I have to question the paw prints on the exterior of the house. Would a human want footprints on the exterior of his/her house? I think not. Just sayin’, is all.

  10. I bet pomster was hiding in the back so photographer reached in an arm, pulled out cushion (complete with sleepy pomster) and snapped this classic.

  11. Oh gosh, I need sleep. I misread “pomster” as “pornstar” both times you used it. I was like, “Did I miss something?”

    Adorable pommie is adorbz!

  12. too funny!

  13. My kittehs would love to have a house like this one mostly because it contains a floofy goggie on whom they could make biskits (from scratch).

  14. Pomstar !

  15. I took this picture. Her name is Lola. She’s a long haired chihuahua. She pulled her pillow to the front on her own.

  16. Or just scratch.

  17. paul byrley says:

    I’m going to my CVS as soon as they open, 8:00? I don’t know why because my Lab loves her crate, but she may change her mind when I show her the pornstar – whoops, I meant pomstar.

  18. yah, house well suited for kittayns.

  19. baby birdie says:

    That house looks so cozy.

  20. I bought my cat the most comfortable-looking kitty bed in the world, and she’s afraid of it! If I was her size, I’d totally sleep in it, but instead it’s her toy bin now 😦 Maybe she needs a house like this one!

  21. Not so much if the goggie is lying down or sleeping. They take that as an open invitation to knead. Now, if said goggie is up and running around, that’s a WHOLE different ballgame especially for my burly tom.

  22. I would love to know where the cozy dog house can be gotten. so far I can’t find it on the inter webs. A link would be wonderful if anyone knows, thanks!

  23. Never fails, hilz. I bought my pup Trixie a lovely new soft bed and she treated it like it was going to sting her. She much prefers her old stinky pillow. Of course Sammy prefers her pillow too, but he also is an equal opportunity sleeper so he claimed the new bed. Well, when he can’t get her pillow. Or the couch. Or the other old stinky pillow.

  24. Fird Birfle says:

    Thees pom-pom haz Tha Guud Life 🙂

  25. I have one of these! My dogs adore it in winter. It’s made of fabric and foam and velcro and folds all up for summer. My hairless runs in with his blanket still on him and it jams up the door and he can hide in there with the door closed. He’ll root around digging and snorting, the whole thing warping and shaking and snorting as this tiny dog scuffles around happily stirring up his blankets or hiding a chew.

  26. CVS. If you’re in the U.S., you can find the nearest location here:

    This is a link to the dog accessories available on the CVS Web site but unfortunately, I don’t see the bed:

    The beds on this eBay page seem to be pretty similar, though:

    I found the eBay link by googling *dog house made of fabric*

    Good luck, M!

  27. Lola sure does look like a Pom from that angle! I used to have neighbors who had a pair of chihuahuas. When they opened their front door, the dogs would shoot out, as if from a cannon, at about 90 mi. per hr. and race up to me. They would come to a screeching halt right at my feet, look up at me and smile, wagging not just their tails but their entire bodies! It was so precious! My nickname for them was The Greeting Committee. Their unbridled enthusiasm never failed to make my day.

  28. Hrrrrmph! I’m in the mod lounge and I’m fresh out of tuna sammies and Diet Sunkist. Looks like it’s martinis and olives for lunch again….

  29. Does that come in human size? I’d really like one for myself.

  30. I want one of those.. for me.

  31. Link of this product please 🙂

    My cat would love this. Every night my she onto the bed so that I can fold the cover over her. She would immediately start purring loudly. She would peek from under the cover. She’d stay under there for so long initially I had to check if she’s still okay.

  32. I bought mine at a discount reseller for five bucks. Sorry but it’s no use to you. It looks like others have posted links. If I could find it, I’d show you a pic of it in my house but it’s dark now and I can’t figure out where I put the pics from last winter. Ours only stays out when it’s cold.

  33. i dunno. for a lot of pooches, a plushy house would be edible

  34. This…
    is the kind of sh*t i live for.