Short Attention Spans are Cute

Admit it! I’m cuter than you.

You can’t out-cute me!

I’m fluffier than you’ll ever be!

You can’t get by on fluffiness forever!

Oh come on, I’m cute and fluffy. I win!

Fluffy don’t put dinner on the table!

Dinner? Dinner? Where, where?!

That went well, Vanessa C.

Elvis (Dachshund) and Daisy’s (kitty) opinions do not necessarily reflect those of this site.



  1. OMG PONIES! I’m first for torties and weiners! *Ded*

  2. Fird Birfle says:

    Daisy seems to be skilled at getting her point(y bits) across 🙂

  3. i support all the calico love on CO lately, cali-cats rule!

  4. Rawr! Get ’em, kitty!

  5. Yes, yes! My first cat was a calico and now I’ve got a tortie. Love, love, love! 🙂

  6. Awww, I want that kitty! Go kitty!

  7. Poor puppy, defend yourself! Give that kitten a “run for his/her money”! Or wait, is that just a love bite?

  8. The expression on Elvis’s [sssss] face is priceless. Reminds me of Kermit The Frog when he was somewhat disgusted and/or fed up.

  9. My sister has a Dachsie mix named Elvis. 🙂 This would be the same sister who has a Sphynx cat named Harry. They’re buds.

  10. Is Calico Daisy trying to carry off Elvis like one of her kitten?

    Or does she have a taste for hot dogs without the bun?

  11. A nip and tuck proceedure.

  12. or procedure.

  13. Calicoooohhhhh! Pretty Kitty just wants a closeup inhalation of the warm-corn-chip-red-dog-osity. And that facial expression is well known to dachsie owners! HEEE!

  14. Do you know if they get along well usually, wiener dogs and cats?

  15. I do believe Daisy is employing the Vulcan Kitteh Nerve Pinch on Elvis. Watch out, Vanessa C., you could be next!

  16. Brilliant, J!

  17. yep- that dramatic thousand mile moist eyed stare.

  18. He’s all “God help me, it’s eating my face.”

  19. Preciscely! This is the latest in low-cost, eco-friendly medical technology: plastic surgery using kittehs. No more stitches, no more long recovery times. Just fold all excess flesh behind the head, attach kitteh, and voila! A face even Joan Rivers would envy.

  20. I could just eat you up !!!!!(no spoon required) NOM NOM NOM !!!!!

  21. I happen to think all cats are beautiful, but that one is particularly GORGEOUS.

  22. Cat police officer makes his (her) first collar.

  23. It’s the dreaded “full Daisy” (formerly the full Nelson) It looks like Elvis is down for the count……..1..2..3 ! The new floofy weight champ. of the world DAY-SEEEEEE!
    (cue “Eye of the Tiger “)

  24. LOL BonzoGal!

  25. That’s a really patient dachshund! And of course dachshunds are AUTOMATICALLY adorable in my book–the cute little stubby legs and wrinkly paws get me every time!

  26. Doggie face lift? I love it! Kitteh is being so helpful….

  27. Elvis is all, “Hey, I thought you said this wasn’t gonna hurt one bit.”

    Daisy is all, “Hold still, will ya, or that hairy mole of yours is going to end up in a very unflattering location!”

  28. It’s wiener, isn’t it? I’m just asking, since I’ve seen “weiner” instead of “wiener” so much that I’m beginning to wonder!

  29. I before E except after C says:

    It is indeed “wiener”!

  30. I before E except after C says:

    First time in the Mod Lounge. It’s nice in here. Great drink selection and the snacks are top notch! Thanks, I will have a beer. What’s on tap today, please?

  31. Love the colors on Daisy, makes me want to sing:

    Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer, do,
    I’m half crazy all for the love of you.
    It won’t be a stylish marriage –
    I can’t afford a carriage,
    But you’d look sweet on the seat
    Of a bicycle built for two.

  32. Well, we’ve got Fail Whale Ale, Spam Draft Lite, Trollhaugen Brew, and BRB Lager… have you visited the burrito bar?

  33. Aw, kitty looks so much like my Allis.

    She’s almost 21 one now, and I’m worried she won’t be around for long. I’ve had her for far more than half my life – I don’t know what I’ll do with myself when she’s gone.

    She loves Dachshunds, and has several of them as friends outdoors – but I’ve always suspected it has more to do with them being shorter than her than anything else. She loves to stand over them, crossing their backs as if to show how much mightier and taller she is. Always cracked me up.

    Old as she is now, she won’t really walk far enough to run into her old friends anymore, if they’re even around now. But I won’t ever forget her triumphant head held high, looking down at the dog far below.

  34. Long live Allis! Give her a hug from me and my four cat masters, Nassegris. Thanks for sharing this lovely and funny story:)

  35. Which, between Miss Piggy and Fozzie, was quite often.

  36. I think I need to avoid CO for awhile, since I recently lost my Dachy and this made me cry!

  37. God made ’em fluffy and cute so we don’t murder ’em. You know what I’m talkin’ bout, Elvis.

  38. Your post made me cry, Nassegris. And I think I’ve fallen in love with Allis, as has Angus, her newest “younger man” admirer (a mere 14 years old!) Have you posted a picture of her anywhere? I’d love to see her, especially if she’s towering over a dachsie! Give her many hugs and kisses from us.

  39. about as well as weiners and buns….

  40. kitty is nomming on the wiener–I hope she doesn’t ruin her supper

  41. AWW 😥 I am so sorry to hear that, Beffy 😥 I will give you a BIG CYBER HUG 😥

  42. 😆 Yeah, and Elvis knows she is one to obey 😆

  43. I grew up with calicos and I also live with a tortie 😀 A very loudly meowing tortie 😆

  44. I’ll have a NSFWhiskey. Double.

  45. “Wait, this isn’t supper?” 😐

  46. Now we need the Dramatic Dachshund.

  47. Why is there no tag for “kronsche”? Because clearly there’s a lotta that going on here.

    Just as clearly, cats rule and dogs drool!

  48. I before E except after C says:

    Sharp’s Cornish Stout would be apropos, eh? But the burrito bar has me thinking more along the lines of a Chipotle Ale, and then there’s Teho’s suggestion of uisge beatha. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

  49. Alice Shortcake says:

    Who needs botox when you have calico?

  50. WWE fans of all ages know that there is the “sleeper hold”. That dog is down for the count!

  51. Bah Gawd, Daisy’s applied the headlock! Elvis may have to tap out, or else lose consciousness! The ref’s raising his arm- IT STAYED UP! How can he withstand this punishment?!

  52. We need a chomp-hance!!!

  53. Affermative. As in a Viennese sausage (Wiener Würstchen). A Weiner is something else entirely (though I guess you could say they have elements in common).

  54. Great… Take pictures while your dog gets attacked, nice. Kitty’s got a lot of skin in her mouth, that looks painful 😦