Coming this Fall to Fox!

When a by-the-book city cop teams up with a footloose fishing bum, the salmon start jumping — and the bullets start flying — as these crime-fighting canines turn this resort town upside down. Thursdays this Fall, get ready for action… get ready for danger… get ready for…

Cute Justice: Tahoe Knights
This lake is anything but placid.

Oh look, it’s the Neutrals again, from Marion.


  1. Respect my authori-tay!

  2. Actually, I think I might watch that show!

    The CSIs are real lab rats, the captain is a German shepherd (going grey around the muzzle…), the mayor is a no-shame calico (a real political animal), and there are some _fine_ poodles working the casinos in Reno…

  3. *snerk*

  4. Wait… which channel is this on… I want to tune in!!

  5. Which one is the by-the-book city cop, and which one the footloose fishing bum?

  6. brown one looks super serious to me, AuntieB…

  7. and the black one has a “fish tag” hanging from his collar

  8. Martha in Washington says:

    Must See TV, for sure!

  9. Yep, I’d certainly tune in.

  10. I was totally thinking of Miami Vice too! Must be the impeccable coolness* of these two and those two.

    *Even if it was in pastels.

  11. And look, they’re not wearing socks!

  12. Ha! Ha! Ha! Oh my, this just made my day!! Theo you are the MAN!! That brown dog is SO Horatio!!! ;)

  13. Yes, but I’ll be he is a better actor :)

  14. *Whips off sun glasses*

  15. But Horatio is not a “buddy cop”! I know it dates me as creakin’ old, but do check out Miami Vice. :D

  16. Correction – In my excitement I meant to say “NTMTOM” not Theo! Color me embarrassed!

  17. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    I don’t mind being mistaken for Theo — he’s clever, too. :)

  18. My thoughts exactly. That dog is SOOO Horatio.

  19. The whole this is awesome but when I saw, “This lake is anything but placid” I just lost it!

  20. I lost it too – thanks to the hovertext!
    Now my family thinks I’m completely nuts after I did the YEAHHHHH!

  21. I bow before the awesome gifts of NTMTOM!!

  22. I guess I’ll have to get TV now.

  23. joools in PDX says:

    Don’t do it, skippymom! Stand firm! In no way, shape, or form is it worthwhile!
    – Too Late for Moi

  24. How can you say that Joools ? Did you forget Animal Planet’s “Puppy Bowl ???

  25. Awesome. Totally freakin’ awesome, the whole thing. God, I love CO.

  26. I couldn’t have said it better myself, Countess!

  27. Fird Birfle says:

    These days I think the main ingredient in a Cops show is/ are the
    Shades of Uber-Coolness!!!

  28. Yessss, Fird ! And these dawgs know how to show the hoomans what uber-kewel is all about !!

  29. I would totally watch that show!

  30. So hilarious, Mike! Love the eyebrows on the brown dog.

  31. Totally read the hovertext in Horatio Caine’s voice. \m/

  32. Awesome pups! Congrats to whoever takes care of them.

    (But why a fish tag on the pup? Did the cat make him do it?)

  33. Martha in Washington says:

    My cat has a fire-hydrant-shaped rabies tag. :roll:

  34. Moi, Actually says:

    The black dog appears to have a dangling ciggie. I know it’s an illusion, but it says Maltese Falcon, or something of that cinmatic era.

  35. You’re the best, NTMTOM.

  36. ok, maybe I’m insane, but I could swear there’s the image of a kitty face hovering virginmaryesque in the brown dawg’s nether regions. anyone with me here? (i’m pretty sure i’m going to hell for even saying that out loud…)

  37. I see it! A sleeping kitten with a pink stripe down the middle of its nose. Good spotting!

  38. Absolutely fantastic, NOMTOM! But, I must say the hover text is that one extra little thing that makes this the best!!!

  39. Whoa! Coast to coast coolness! Nash Bridges on the left, Horatio Caine on the right! ;-)

  40. bob drummond says:

    These two remind me of either Men in BLack or Starsky & Hutch !!!

  41. Does anyone remember Chip and Pepper?

  42. L-O-freakin’-L at the hovertext…

  43. FYI, NTMTOM, I posted this on my Facebook and my mom thought it was a real show. She asked me yesterday when “The Dog Show” is on. She was very disappointed when I told her it was just a funny caption.


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