Verily, a Valiant Varmint

From a hidden glen deep within Sherwood Forest, Robin Hood greets the new day. Atop his faithful steed Schmendrick, the beady-eyed bandit king surveys the dense, majestic woods that shelter him and his daring band of outlaws.

But hark! From the west, the sound of approaching hoofbeats approaches! Perhaps it is one of Prince John’s greedy tax collectors, his purse heavy with plunder wrenched from the calloused hands of Nottingham’s poor and oppressed!

His blood aflame with excitement, the valiant Robin knows what must be done. “Away, Schmendrick,” he calls, “We must ride like the wind, for while there are wrongs to be righted, we shall never rest until…” (Psst! Mom, that’s your cue!)

Marie T. doth hath captured yonder images with the aid of a magick devise.



  1. And to think, someone actually questioned whether or not possums were cute!

  2. There’s one in every family! Love the leedle tocks underneath.

  3. On, on, my noble steed! 😛 NTMTOM is all medieval on your heinie today!

  4. PS: “Schmendrick” 😛

  5. PPS: Note additional tiny outlawlets clinging to Schmendrick’s flanks and under-fur.

  6. lol

  7. fish eye no miko says:

    That must be one of Robin’s Merry Marsupials.

  8. Or Maid Carry-on.

  9. Knew this was a NTMTOM post the moment I set eyes on it. [Sigh….] [Big smile.]
    My day is now complete…..

  10. I ❤ NTMTOM and his vibrant storytelling abilities.

    That Robin Hood is pretty dreamy, too. XD

  11. HAW

  12. S.J. Hartsfield says:

    The Last Unicorn reference was my favourite part, too. =D

  13. Bravo NOMTOM! “Odds bodkins, yoiks and forsooth!” Snerk. Love everything about this post. And the little hangers-on underneath Schmendrick are adorable.

  14. Fird Birfle says:

    I second la Therese’s noting of “Schmendrick” & add also a “heh heh” !!!!

    As well as having enjoyed the crittur stating “trees are right where I left them” !!
    HA and, furthermore, HA HA!!!!!!

  15. Fird Birfle says:

    ooooooh 260 now THAT’s one ‘a yer BESTEST!!!!!!

  16. NOMTOM, you are the absolute BOMB! (BOMBTOM!)

  17. My title would have been “Hark, A Vagrant Varmint”.

  18. Possum’s got a posse!

  19. This should, once and for all, put to rest the question of whether ‘possums are cute or not! They are the cutest of all!

  20. My, that Robin Hood is quite an ebullient and furry fulminator!

  21. Yes, WELL DONE! And I spy at least two additional varlets riding in the luggage compartment. The feet, the feet! They look like they’re falling off. Maybe one of them is Will Startled …

  22. And Zounds!

  23. A Fragrant Vagrant!

  24. P’raps the other one is Friar Tucked, after a few flagons of mead? 😉

  25. Mom, Mom is that NTMTOM?

  26. Oh, good, I wasn’t the only one! 😀

  27. The flagon with the dragon or the vessel with the pestle?

  28. A FLAGRANT fragrant vagrant!

  29. LOL

  30. mscrankypants says:

    Too cute!!! Is it just me or are there other Robins on the side and underneath mommy?

  31. They’re adorable, but disticntly odiferous. We had one get stuck inside our back yard one year. Lordy do they stink.

  32. I love NTMTOM’s commentary. Always just perfect.

  33. that made me smilie 😀 btw i just saw and met Peter, the guy who created the last unicorn, at comic con chicago. it was like a dream come true :3

  34. You beat me to it, savvy_geek. This should settle that question once and for all.

  35. snorkle at your own risk……

  36. Yikes! Even though I’ve always been firmly in the “opossums are cute” camp, I have to admit pouches do skeeve me. I didn’t even notice the siblings hanging out there until I scrolled back up to see what tocks you were referring to. Then I shuddered.

  37. Trying to imagine Marsellus Wallace writing commentary for CO . . . .

  38. In search of varmint varlets among the violets.

  39. Sooooooooooo cute!!!!

  40. Aw, you met Peter S. Beagle?!! Awesome! I’m still waiting for the movie version of the book, even though I love the cartoon.

  41. I’ve come to this conclusion:

    Adult possum = not cute.

    Adult possum with one or more babies = cute.

  42. methinks the lady doth protest too much….

  43. NTMTOM, you have somehow channeled my boyfriend. He always calls people “Schmendricks”, most often in traffic. I’ve never heard anyone else say that!

  44. anyone else notice the wee pawsies and tailio action around Schmen–er, mama’s pouchal area?

  45. No She doesn’t. the boys are pretty odiforous. They have a distinct musky smell but worse than that is their scat. We can always tell when one is in the garage and we need to leave the door open until midnight when they are out wandering and foraging. We love having them around though as they eat lots of snails. Skunks too.

  46. Yep, those are the Merry Men… er, persons… no, wait… um…

  47. I call the big one “Bitey”.

  48. positive-thinking possums?

  49. Merry Marsupials, of course! (after smacking forehead to loosen up brain circulation)

  50. Okay, this is tewtally pawsome — I mean, awesome! First, the possum cuteness; then, the refs to the legend of Robin Hood and _The Last Unicorn_; finally, the squirming wormies hanging out of Mama’s pocket. So. Tewtally. Anerables!!!

  51. I didn’t notice the additional passengers until the third picture.

  52. Blue Footed Booby says:

    I love their little pink hands 😀

  53. Aherm, geek alert: a “schmendrick” in Yiddish is someone who is inept, oafish.

  54. I do not think Possumamma is a schmendrick, it’s quite a neat trick to tote all the possumposse at one time, and there are lots of possuminis to tote!

  55. The Chalice from the palace has the brew that is true.

  56. As an honorary Jew, I really should have guessed that!! LOL!! Goy vey!

  57. Love ” The Court Jester” references! My siblings and I still quote from this movie.

    (It’s a long clip, but worth it!) 🙂

  58. Snortlaff, forsooth! 😉

  59. Yay for possums!!! Double YAY for bebbeh possums!

  60. oh I believed her. the quote just seemed to fit, Wendy”Lady” and alll….
    never mind 🙂

  61. Tiggywinkle says:

    I think possums are adorable, even the big ones. We frequently have at least one living in our laundry/work area between our house & garage (inside, covered area but they can’t get into the main house) and they have never bothered me. If we happen to walk in and surprise one, they usually just hiss and then waddle away with all the dignity they can muster.

    I have never noticed any smell. Maybe we have been hosting girls? Never noticed any babies either, sorry to say–too cute for words! I call them “mega-rats” due to their slinky, pinky tails.

  62. I almost thought this was too cute to be real. That little schnoss up on top! Mike, I’ll LARP with you any day. If I larped that is.