Tower of Will Power

So! You think you are strong because you can balance a treat on your nose?! Now submit to the ultimate test of Zen mastery — the Milk-Bone Jenga Tower! Hai!



  1. 😯

  2. I, on the other hand, think I am strong because I survived the soft cushions. 😛

  3. I believe this is the best trained dog ever.

    Also, Oolong has a run for his (late and great) money

  4. patient doggeh is patient….

  5. If I tried that with my cat and Feline Greenies, I’d be sporting some serious mauling wounds.

  6. Color me impressed…

  7. OMG. I agree with Mel above — best-trained dog ever, and how sweet is that! Also, note the fact that the dog is obedient AND skilled — if he stayed still to keep that whole thing balanced…

  8. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    She must be made of stronger stuff. Cardinal Fang, fetch — THE COMFY CHAIR!

  9. I need that dog to be my diet coach.

  10. He/she would make a great spokesdog for Wait Watchers.

  11. Woot!

  12. Alice Shortcake says:

    I love the oh-so-gentle blinking. Mustn’t dislodge the treats with those fluttering eyelashes!

  13. LOL

  14. What a good dog!

    But is anyone else reminded of the Far Side cartoon where the guy’s making the dog balance a treat on his nose and the dog is thinking, “I’m gonna kill him”?

  15. Impressive…………however,
    I do that for myself on our *Eclair Saturdays*
    I’m up to 10 stacked. Beat that!

  16. Please tell us more about Eclair Saturdays?

  17. Cruel and so awesome!

    Poor baby!!!! And yet he seems to love…something about it. Lol!

  18. Indeed, Blanche–do tell. How do I get in on that action?

    Cute pupster!

  19. Yes, Theresa, but were you any match for the rack?

  20. best NOM sound at the end. hahaha

  21. it’s that thing, where his boss says “Get it!” and then he *gets all the bones…* I mean, really, twenty milkbonez for 16 seconds of work? Where can I sign up?? GOOD DOGGIE!!

  22. Wow, I couldn’t resist eating a treat for that long!

  23. Now I’d like to see the video before this video. The one that explains how the tower of treats got there. Please?

  24. MY rack? Of course I was!

  25. Wow. That’s so amazing, I’m completely amazed. The discipline. The quite stillness. The googly eyes.

  26. Those are not googly eyes! They are focussing with zen-like intensity on the inner chi to enable the …… drat! Oh, well, treats! Wotta good doggie!

  27. Oh, boy, Blanche, I’m not that good, I can’t ever seem to get past one stacked!

  28. Zing, and 260O does it again! [Enthusiastic applause at 260’s Zinger, waves one eclair in one hand and one pom-pom in the other hand!]

  29. I think this pup has probably learned to associate “longer wait” with “MORE TREATS!!”

  30. Always great to see new dog tricks. This takes the whole balance a treat on your nose to a whole new level!

  31. Lewis n' Clark says:

    I think Eclair Saturdays should be offered 24/7 in the Mod Lounge

  32. Annd, he does it while lying on his back!

  33. Crewel. All that saliva running down the goggies throat…

  34. good doggie!

  35. I’m impressed that you can manage stacking two before eating, never mind ten!

  36. I Haz a Funny Bone says:

    But, but… how many noms did he get out of that whole tower? I hope enough to make it worthwhile! Good, patient goggie! 🙂

  37. most amazing, disciplined, skilled pup evar.

  38. OK then. My place this Saturday. byocc. Bring your own coffee cup.
    Prepare to be overly impressed…..and sticky.

  39. SHUT UP……that is one Awesome Dog! I counted 28 treats (could be more), including the one on his paw.
    Must be an engineering student testing the limits of canine patience.
    That dog deserves to eat all those treats for laying there for almost 2 mintues.
    What a good dog!

  40. i totally yayed when he got to get it

  41. Yes, Juno, absolutely! Some day that sweet doggie is gonna bite that master’s face right off!

  42. MAD SKILLZ – the goggie and the owner. It only took me four years to train my beagle to balance one of those on his schnozz.

  43. Now that’s delayed gratification.

  44. *applause* 😆

  45. I wouldn’t have the patience to be the STACKER, let alone the stackEE.

    What an amazing canine friend!

  46. If he got to eat them, I bet he could hold more. Determined dog is determined 🙂