The Wrong Place to Unwind

We ferrets like to play hard, and sleep hard, too. One minute, we can be romping around, tra-la-la, and the next moment — thud! — out like a light. And depending on where you pass out, that can be dangerous.

Case in point: A good friend of ours fell asleep in Grannie’s yarn, and when she woke up, she’d been knitted into a lovely scarf. Not that it was all bad, though; she’s been worn to some very fancy parties.

Alison, Michelle & Brianne know a thing or two about romping: “My room mates and I just attached a new bell to our ferret’s collar because we like to know where she is when she’s out romping around. This afternoon we heard the bell stop so we went to go find her — Guess who we found asleep in the yarn bin?”



  1. *pokes the little pink sleeping snoz* Makes me miss my Pudding-ferret

  2. zzzz … knit 1 …. purl 3 … yarn over … zzzz

  3. Somebody knit me a blankie, please…

  4. Next time I go into a yarn shop, I’m going to have to get me one of these! Matching peenk nosie and earsies have kilt me ded…..

  5. If the matching occurs on the same animal, is it still considered matchingks??

  6. Ferret should be careful lest he get knitted into the Doctor’s scarf. Although even a Dalek, when seeing that peenk nosicle would go “Exterm…awww…BEEEP!”

  7. I WANT one of these in my wool basket!

  8. Can quilters has these too?

  9. I want one. It’s so cute. I wanna snuggle it.

  10. “With bean dip and everything!” Oh BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA– *thud*

  11. zzz… *snerf* …have this tissue paper cosy/ski hat finished in a jiff…zzz.. *snorf* Restin’ my eyes, deary! Now, where’s my glasses… zzz

  12. I’ve knit a scarf that has a ferret image in it, but so far I’ve not knit my ferrets into any scarves. So far. Who knows what will happen next time I do any knitting?

    (gently beeps fur-baby’s nose and kisses forehead.)

  13. cellarmouse says:

    ferret wakes up hearing comment at previous post … “did someone say chubby prairie dog?”…

  14. Moi, Actually says:

    There’s always bean dip at MY parties. Ferrets welcome. Pastel wear optional.

  15. Well Shoot ! I’m in the process of moving & just packed all my yarn but there was no ferret snoozing in my basket . (sniff sniff)

  16. Bottle Green says:

    Disembodied ferret head is SO cute.

  17. Bottle Green says:

    (It occurs to me that that might sound sarcastic, but it was meant sincerely. Tiny eye slits, after all!)

  18. That’s exactly why one of our ferrets was named Crash: his propensity to play hard and sleep hard, often within seconds of each other. 🙂

  19. I have to examine each of my crocheted items for cat hair worked into the stitches before I give the item to the recipient. 🙂

  20. I don’t bother anymore, it takes too long!

  21. I want to romp around like a ferret……TRA-LA-LA!


  22. Crash = great name for a ferret! Would be an appropriate moniker for my kitteh, Bucky, ’cause if it goes crash, it’s usually his doings…brat!

  23. Mary (the first) says:

    It’s not a party without bean dip!!

  24. You wouldn’t be a fan of “Get Fuzzy,” would you, flutterby? 🙂 With a kitteh named “Bucky,” I’ve got to ask.

  25. This seems like a perfect picture to me. The ferret looks like he belongs there. It’s as if a ferret not sleeping in yarn is wrong and this picture is how it should be.

  26. Hi Noelegy! Yes, I love Get Fuzzy and my Bucky looks somewhat like his namesake, but he has both fangs!

  27. Or Fewwets!

  28. The Tra-la-la is all-important.

  29. Grannie can knit me a pair of knee-socks ❤ la la la la la. Shifty eyes.

  30. The funniest part is, in my mind, I can hear the little white ferret saying that as she romps around the house. 😀