Just stop it.


No really stop. This is like, unhandle-a-ble. Via DListed, bien sûr.



  1. Oh wow, that is one cute face.

    And the whale’s okay too!

  2. Totally Cute Overload.

  3. I think we have another entry for the “Cute Guys With Cute Animals” calendar.

  4. OMG!

  5. Is that Justin Beiber?

  6. Look a hell lot like him at least… O.o

  7. Apparently so: http://www.peoplepets.com/people/pets/article/0,,20526746,00.html

  8. My first thought, too. Anyone know?

  9. OK, that bowl-headed teeny-popper (who could prolly be my grandson!) looks likes he’s taking a turn for the better…. And that white whats-a-jiggy is too adorable! Definitely one for the Cute Men of CO Calendar. 🙂

  10. That was my first thought, too!

  11. MOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM!!!!!!1!!1!1!!11!!!!

    I wannabeluga!

  12. Well I finally have a legitimate reason to hate J.B. (other than to annoy my 13 yr old niece) He gets to hug a beluga & I don’t ! Harrumph !!!!! (foot stomp for good measure)

  13. okay, 15 year old girl here. im not a fan of justin bieber, but i am a fan of belugas. and a HUGE supporter of having a cute men/cute animals calendar 🙂

  14. I loved that cell phone commercial….”What’s a ‘beiber’?”

  15. The beluga looks starstruck.

  16. Mary (the first) says:

    “another entry”?? A bit of an understatement! This kid is Mr. June, for sure!! And the whale is also gorgeous! We get double cute!!

  17. Mary (the first) says:

    Oh fer cryin’ out loud. My first thought also, “Is that the Biebs?” and then I thought “naw, can’t be” so I dismissed it from my brain. Generally, I shun the flavor-of-the-month celebrities but I admit, he’s a cute guy. Yep.

  18. Mary (the first) says:

    So, is he in, or out? Curious if being J.B. is going to disqualify him. Being media-approved and all that.

  19. So I was about to ask, “is this guy the most popular man on the Internet yet?”

    And then I read it was Bieber… so, uh, yeah.

  20. OK, I was going to make some “leave it to Bieber” pun, but I’m going to show my (considerable) age and say I’ll take Jacques Cousteau and his red beanie over this dude with his indestructible hair-helmet any day.

  21. S.J. Hartsfield says:

    Took me a couple of seconds of looking, but then yeah, I thought, “Holy crap, that’s the Biebs!” He does look pretty darn cute. And so does Justin Blubber, there.

  22. bookmonstercats says:


  23. bookmonstercats says:

    In. CO is an equal opportunity blog and even Slebs can’t be discriminated against. Besides, he does look quite at home there, which is a plus for him. And being a “Man of Cute Overload” is the biggest honour that can be bestowed.

  24. alwayscataddict says:

    Not a fan of Justin Bieber AT ALL. but I will say this is the first time I’ve ever seen him and thought he was good looking….

  25. WIN.

  26. Bieber still has a looong way to go before he’s at Jamin level…

  27. That’s a guy? o.O I thought he was a cute girl with a pixie cut.


  28. swampdiamonds says:


  29. Or Justin Bieber.

    Same difference.

  30. Jealous! I wanna hug a Beluga!!
    He’s cute… but his dad his HOT!! ha ha
    I think Justin will get better looking with age and some weight. He looks like a little kid next to the very curvy Selena. Especially in their beach pics. Not so much a match in bathing suits!
    Don’t worry Justin. Pick up the weights. ha.

  31. … just had a mental image of Jamin + Belugers and it made my ovaries asplode.

  32. Ditto! Hasn’t he always something of a Mo haircut? (If that is ancient information and I’m totally out of the Bieber loop…well, I am not ashamed of that.)

  33. maybe it’s residual anger due to the Target site crashing when I was trying buy my Missoni throw at 5am this morning but, HAVE YOU ALL GONE MAD??? – the boy is MEH!…..nice whale though….

  34. Haha, I love it.
    40 years ago a woman with short hair would have been mistaken for a man.
    Nowadays a boy with a cute face can be mistaken for a woman.
    I love the progress we’ve made! ❤
    Mr. June it is!

  35. lolol

  36. Ditto. I’m starting to think the boy may have potential . . . .

  37. I thought it was the Bieber, too.

  38. He’ll be even cuter once he goes through puberty.

  39. Especially the part about being a man. Which he barely qualifies for, being a teenager and all. Having said that, I vote “in”.

  40. Ha ha! Priceless!

  41. more importantly… did you get the Missoni?

    Hate to say this, but I never thought I would create a wallpaper or slide show with JB in it. If my kids don’t already think I’m nuts, they will now!

  43. Agreed! I was like “Nooo can’t be Bieber, this guy is kinda cute!” But the pouty face…yeah.

    I’d say OUT for the calendar, though. I think the Cute Men with Cute Animals need to be over 18. Otherwise it could be awkward to drool over them.

  44. Justin Bieber is gross. Please don’t put pictures of celebrities on here.

  45. nope – still obsessively clicking the page….you??

  46. I’m glad he’s lost the bowl cut. That’s not attractive on anyone. And while I wouldn’t recognize any of his songs if I heard them, I do think he has a pleasant voice and appears to have actual talent, unlike the studio-created/marketed teen “artists.” Plus, he’s keeping his nose clean. So I’m okay with the Biebs.

    Now, where am I going to find a bathtub big enough to keep my beluga in?

  47. OMG i didn’t recognize him without his bieber hair.

  48. totally took the words right out of my mouth. what IS the world coming to?

  49. Justin Blubber….BWAHAHAHAHA!!! 😀

  50. Perhaps the same scientists who created the House Hippo and the Miniature Giraffe could come up with a MicroBeluga (patent pending).

  51. same… went to a store and it was picked nearly clean over. Still got the luggage/weekend tote I wanted though! 😀

  52. ooh – someone should tell Science to immediately cease all research on ANYTHING else and get to work on a MicroBeluga

  53. Let’s hope so…when I was a teenager I swooned over Bobby Sherman and Chad Everett. My older sister loved Donny Osmond and Tony DeFranco. At the time they weren’t even old enough to shave! But once they got to be 17 or 18, I thought they were pretty good looking.

  54. wanders in singing the baby beluga song! Wanders out again!

  55. That behbeh beluga makes beebs cute. Take away the beluga… and no.

  56. Thank You Macey ! Not only could it be awkward but being a few months away from turning 50 it could make me feel like a pedophile! Now I’m all for fair play & so I might suggest a “Men of…” & a “Boys of ….” so we don’t leave any of our younger CO lovers out of the fun.

  57. …and a little white whale on the go…

  58. BRILLIANT !!!!!!!!!!

  59. It took me a minute to realize that its Justin Beiber.So glad he got his hair cut 🙂

  60. Ravenzangell says:

    Yea the fact that the look on his face is saying “and this is my beluga that was presented to me for being so awesome” kinda ruins it for me.

  61. Is the Biebs even a real kid? He is looking kinda creepy…

  62. Nice try, Biebs–love the new cut–but nothing out-cutes a beluga.

  63. Technically, as a pubescent teenager, he’d make you a Hebephile, not a Paedophile 😛

    Pointless since paedophile is pretty much used willy-nilly theses days, but I’m a crochity old youngster and I WON’T TAKE IT! haha

    Whale is cute. I don’t know who the guy is, but he’s fairly well-known judging by the comments. I’ll withhold any judgement until he’s 18 as well. I ain’t as young as I used to be!

  64. The Beluga knows the Bieb is totally no match!

  65. S**t, I’m embarassed that I know who that Bieber kid is, and I thought it was him too.

  66. Mary (the first) says:

    Glad to hear you won’t take paedophilia…

  67. Mary (the first) says:

    I think it’s just wet and slicked up/back some. I don’t think he’s actually changed it much yet. Maybe when he starts shaving the hairdo will become more mature. Let’s hope.

  68. OMG. Jamin. I had very nearly forgotten about that gorgeous man. *Swoon!*

  69. Wait, I thought that WAS Bieber trying to look all sensitive…

  70. Not to mention his outrageously attractive Fronshe accent! 🙂

  71. I’ve never been overly jealous of celebrities. Sure, I wouldn’t turn down the money/looks/fame, but I never thought of them having something that was due to me, ya know?

    Except once, when I saw a picture of Sarah Michelle Gellar and her husband HUGGING A BELUGA WHALE. IT’S NO FAIR! I WANT TO HUG THE BELUGA!! That was the only time I would have willingly shoved another human being aside (with elbows) to take their place. WANT! MINE!

    That is, until today.

  72. Sad, this poor whale is involved in animal testing for a cure for Bieber Fever.

  73. I just went and looked…and if the Bieb looks like he’s 8, Dad looks like he’s about 17…

  74. The dolphin’s pretty cute, too.

  75. I thought this was super cute till I saw Justin Bieber. Now I am a little ill. Can we get a crop on this photo please?

  76. cathy: LOLOLOL, so true and shari, i don’t even remember them. or never heard of them.

    there is a SPLENDID pic of saturn, so good looks like a graphic on the cover of a paperback sci fi. can be found surely on NASA? it will never shave but i adore it anyway…

  77. I find it funny that people have a huge issue with human babies and kittens on racks on this site, but they don’t have qualms with mildly attractive, marginally talented young boys.

  78. Fird Birfle says:

    @ victoreia: Je comprends comme ca va, Pauvrecita!!!!

  79. Well, I think it’s sad that people feel the need to be hateful about a young man whose only “sin” is to be popular with 13-year-old girls.

  80. Now, now, ladies. Here, have some cupcakes.

  81. Was I the only one to squee over the beluga for like a minute before realizing that there was anyone else in the photo?

    And consequently, be a little bit disgusted when it was Biebs?

  82. *snerk*

  83. Actually, it’s a beluga whale. Not a dolphin.

  84. Do they have sprinkles?!?

  85. he’s a whole lot cuter since he got rid of that stupid floppy haircut, and now you can actually see his face. Gosh, i sound like such a grandma.

  86. JohnnyJohnny says:

    Can we get a picture of the Beebs in a blender….PLEAS?!

  87. kibblenibble says:

    Actually, I teach first grade, and those girls are crazy about him. 🙄
    But I like his new hairstyle. And I love the beluga.

  88. I was just going to leave a comment saying EXACTLY that lol.

  89. Thank you so much, now I’m never going to get that song out of my head. It’s too close to bed time for this.

  90. True confessions: I lusted after Daniel Radcliffe before he was legal. But I felt guilty about it.

  91. But we have Cutesters who read this who are under 18, so what’s wrong with having a few young dudes in the Calendar?? Maybe they could put a “Warning: Dude is under 18” on that page or something. 😉

  92. NormallyLurksOnly says:

    I want a Delphinapterus for Christmas.
    Only a Delphinapterus will do.
    I don’t want a doll, no dinky Tinker Toys,
    I want a Delphinapterus to play with and enjoy.

  93. Me too. He looks like he might have grown a chest hair or two. Is he going through puberty at long last.

    To debg: I was a Ron Weasley girl myself. I’m in my thirties.

  94. it’s not a whale, it’s a dolphin 🙂

  95. does noone know their freaking mammals? this is a dolphin, not a WHALE!

  96. I think Meg would have a problem on her hands if she put the Beibs on her calendar. His agent would surely demand either 1) prompt recall of all calendars OR 2) a hefty commission on all sales.

  97. Or “Warning: Dude looks like a lady”.

  98. it’s a whale. a beluga whale.

  99. Hateful? How so? I don’t like him and would prefer not to see him on this site, but I didn’t say anything hateful. I find it interesting that when there is a Cats N’ Racks picture people complain about breasts, though most of us have them, and when there is a rare picture of a human baby, people grumble even though many people adore babies in real life. I would expect the same negative feedback about a flavor-of-the-month, celeb who is not really popular among adults. I am surprised that a lot of people who have commented are ok with him.

  100. Nope, it’s a whale. A beluga.

  101. No, it’s WHALE. A Beluga whale. Try learning your animals yourself before you criticize everyone else’s education.

  102. Did I name any names? Defensive much?

    But since you insist on it, how is claiming that he makes you ill *not* hateful?

    Or others, who are “disgusted” by him? Or that he’s “gross”?

  103. William Johnson says:

    Dolphins are whales. Small ones. Cetaceans, you know.

  104. You are not alone… 😉

  105. Cameleopard says:

    Actually, dolphins and belugas are both toothed whales…


    So a beluga is not a dolphin, but a dolphin is a whale (head explodes…)

  106. 🙂 Exactly.

  107. Exactly as in the cute face Ree.

  108. Like squares and rectangles. Yep. A rectangle might not be a square, but a square sure is a rectangle. =)

  109. Turned 46 today. I still feel dirty.

  110. absolutely adorbs!! can i please take the dolphin home with me?

  111. Barb Hopkins says:

    “The singer donned a wet suit for the hands-on encounter, which allows visitors to act as trainers and wade in the water alongside the majestic sea creature.”

    WTF? When is SeaWorld going to use common sense? Remember Dawn Brancheau and the orca Tillikum at SeaWorld Orlando last year? Belugas are gentle creatures; nevertheless… Oh, wait. Justin Bieber? No loss then.

  112. Looks a little more on the post-adolecent side than Bieber.

  113. That’s one handsome beluga right there 😉
    but that boy ruins the picture D:

  114. A preadolescent teenager. Regardless, this GOES ON THE CALENDAR.

  115. I did too XDD

  116. Woah, i was all “Geez, hes got some fine looking facial features…” and then i thought, “Hey,… he looks like Justin Beiber…” and i was all “What? no, this cutie is too tall to be JB!”
    …Today was a day that my judgment has failed me.

  117. *SPIT TAKE*

  118. if i had a daughter, i would be very relieved if she were crushing on boys too young to replicate.

  119. As to the wonderful Jamin, we should all pledge to never forget him; men that good looking don’t come along very often, ya know. And he certainly gave us several days of wonderful banter. I am about to turn 71 but I still believe there is nothing wrong in looking at and admiring a good looking fellow, no matter your age.

  120. Ruby loves cute! says:

    It is Justin Bieber. He got a new hair cut that everybody made fun of. I googled images.

  121. no, that is not Justin Bieber. Waaaaay to hot to be Beiber. Uh-uh. 😀