Survival of the Frigidest

The lone wolf, sacrificing the warmth of its den, goes out in pursuit of a manna in the frigid air and whirlpool winds of winter. Driven only by instinct and no kitchen aid, it pushes on through the side-by-side snows and worn out seals, wondering where kenmore snausage snacks be found.

Belinda D.’s Alfie has some n-ice hunting skills.



  1. Pyrit, in addition to Pups, I think you “maytag” this as “Punny Posts.” Very cute! Oh, yeah . . . the dog, too.

  2. Ohhh, the tailio…

  3. All dogs aren’t that far from their “Call of the Wild” origins as relentless hunters.

    Its just that some are, ummmm, a block or so further up the road.

  4. Arm&Hammer [top right] is no match for a mobile orange floofball.

  5. I just wanted to say WOW what a GREAT tail!

  6. I’ve been on a diet for so long I had forgotten what a chill (e) dog looked like !

  7. He’s a Bea{s}t poet!

  8. One ear up, one ear down. Always a great look.

  9. Low fat? Atkins? What diet am I on this week again?
    Is there ANYTHING I can eat???

  10. “Could you move out some of this stuff please? I want to find out if the light stays on.”

  11. I vote best comment of the day 🙂

  12. Fird Birfle says:

    ditto. That was my slaying, as well 🙂

  13. Superior Touch – Better than Bouillon in the fridge (top shelf jars)?! My kind of people!

  14. Pyrit this has to be one of my favorite intro’s I’ve read on here. 🙂

  15. “I KNOW I had a bottle of Coors left in here. You better not have taken it!”

  16. Mary (the first) says:

    In addition to the tailio that’s some amazing ear floofage, as well!

  17. Celery.

  18. Alice Shortcake says:

    The wild called – it just wanted to say that most types of prey now come pre-packaged but you still need opposable thumbs.

  19. Poor Alfie; alla good fuuds are securely wrapped, or in glass jars, or lok-tite plastic refrig containers: he doesn’t stand a chance unless sumfin scrumptious falls off the shelf and its lid pops off………….!!! 🙄

  20. Most incredible tail evs. The fringe is longer than the tiny hound is tall! Tres elegante.

  21. I’ve felt like jumping into the fridge myself on some of these hot days. Chill out, little dog, chill out.

  22. Whoa! Processed Food Overload!!!

  23. You may also have water.

  24. Sure, it’s cute on a dog. But my sister’s ears did that once and she had to completely change her hairstyle.

  25. I have never nuffed but this is a bit weird.
    Clean as my dog is, I sure wouldn’t want him inside my fridge, even for a second., …

  26. Seconded!!

  27. Maybe with a leeeetle help from an enquiring nosicle, or a persistent paw-paw? 😉

  28. Why Thank You ! (blushing & kicking dirt with my toe )

  29. I actually don’t see a lot of processed food. Most everyone has a few things here and there… they even have sprouted grain bread, I doubt they eat a ton of processed food. Besides its about the painfully cute main course of fuzziness NOT their eating habits 🙂

    That little uns tailio looks so much like my big shep mix’s tailio!

  30. Now I know where dogs get their cold noses!

  31. I know, right?? I want them to invite us all over for dinner — and to pet their pup!!

  32. What kind of adorable pup is this? I have a tripawd who looks EXACTLYYYYY like this little one except he’s firefox colored.

  33. “oh! uh, what…. what am I doing? I was going to fix you a sandwich! Yeah, that’s it!”

  34. Point well taken, Ivy! The irresistible unprocessed goggie caused a momentary lapse in posting etiquette. He does seem rather surprised, no? “Um, I was just checking to see whether we need to put bacon on the grocery list…..”

  35. Shades of Mother Goose and Grimm. The Lone Wolf is frequently channeled by Grimmie-Poo. Mike Peters is a genius and he can really capture canine and feline thoughts in a delightfully twisted fashion!

  36. She’s looking for amana love.

  37. Its a Longcoat Chihuahua. I had one and she was also an avid hunter. I was holding her once and she jumped from my arms into a box of leftover pizza.

  38. I’m pretty sure that’s a long-haired Chihuahua. Our Cassidy Dogzilla looks very much like this but she has more variation in color and a rather Shepard-like black saddle. Also she weighs 14 lbs, strands 18″ and is 25″ long. AND she’s a pure-bred.

  39. I would like to know too my boyfriend has a Papillon but he looks exactly like this dog.

  40. It’s actually a poorly bred papillon. Long haired chis have different bodies(shorter legs, different faces) and less impressive tailios!

  41. Well, don’t just stand there…pass me the natural peanut butter!

  42. You said one day if I could only cook — so I was going to try it — u know like sit, roll over/etc….

  43. No don’t look at me like that… I am not a hot dog.