This next song’s a little bluesy number…

Woke up this morning, I got the blues so baaaad.

Just got out on parole,

Got no food in my bowl,

I’m packin’ up my bags,

But before I go,

I’m already regrettin’,

how I’m gonna steal your soul.

Sender-Inner Leslie I. says this pic was sent around her office to find this stray kitty a home. Photo by L.C., NC.



  1. Strays…They always get to me. Walking on the street all alone.

  2. is this a siamese colored rex? to has she been shaved down? north carolina? dang! too far. i wish her well in finding a forever home. a cat like this must have been loved.

  3. “Heh heh, go ahead human, just TRY to enjoy your porch. I’ll be there, waiting, claws sharpened on your colonial American wood chairs. Nice choice by the way.”

  4. Lucky me this picture has not been sent to my office. My four cat masters would have killed me to death if I brought yet another kitteh to our home 🙂

  5. A stray rex? Doubtful. Lost maybe. I hope they try to find pretty-kitty’s owners before trying to adopt her out!

  6. I’d be honored to call this kitty my own. If you can get her to Dallas, she has a furrever home with my gang.

  7. This is the first thing I thought of…

  8. I want her! I have a Blue Point Siamese, they would hate each other.. it would be grand!

  9. She DOES look like a Siamese colored (chocolate point, at that!) Cornish Rex! I already have a black and white one and I love their personalities. She/he is beautiful and I would take her in a heartbeat if I could!!! Hope you find a good home sweetie!

  10. Cute little alien kitteh!!!

  11. “We are Siamese if you please!
    We are Siamese if you don’t please!
    Now we looking over our new domicile,
    If we like we stay for maybe quite a while!”

  12. I want her! I will drive to go get her. I’m in Vermont. Does she have a home yet? 🙂
    I MUST know!!!!

  13. I immediately thought of that song, too, when I saw this pic but I couldn’t remember which movie it was from! Thanks for posting it, earlybird1!

    So, does Disney know about this kitteh? He/she is a natural born movie star!

  14. Oh, for heaven’s sake, the quirky cute is slaying me! She won’t be homeless for long.

  15. Is anyone else watching the new Kitteh Moms and their babies on Animal Planet right now? SSQQUUEEE!

  16. Oh yeah! It’s been on several times, and I squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee every damn time it’s on!

  17. Mom's Favorite says:

    That’s a Devon Rex and one mighty expensive stray.

  18. If this pretty girl does have someone looking for her, I’m sure being featured on a site as popular as CO can only help her chances of being found. 🙂

  19. Megumi's Mom says:

    Hope they find her home, or find her a home.

    I’m so making grabby hands… despite my girl cat making a rude face at the thought.

  20. Awesome looking cat. Can’t believe that is a stray… I bet she belongs to someone or someone will pick her quick to be theirs. The blue eyes are killer.

  21. 😀 Love that song!

  22. I also hope they can find a loving forever home for that poor kitty 😀 If I brought home another kitty, Badger (our 13 year old dark tortie female cat) would SCREAM bloody murder and Dooley (our 4 year old black and white male cat) would want to play with the new kitty 😀

  23. That is a very effective picture! I would adopt that sweetheart on the basis of this pic and I hate cats! I’m glad I live too far away for this to be possible because I really don’t want a cat.

  24. I IMMEDIATELY thought of that song…Oh, I just may watch that this afternoon.
    Today…we need something funny & happy.

  25. Megumi's Mom says:

    Yeah, boy cat would be all “Yay! a new friend”, the girl cat would be all “don’t touch my stuff, and the humans are all MINE….”

    yeah, I KNOW who is boss around here, it isn’t me…

  26. The EYES!!!

  27. I’m in N.C. You guys can’t imagine the purebred/rare breed mix abandoned animals around here.

    If I didn’t have three cats, one a Siamese mix who is all Siamese in nature already I’d have this one. I don’t love the whining but we do have conversations from time to time.

  28. The Dutchess of Cupcake says:

    Gorgeous! I hope this beauty finds a home (or returns to its home) soon.

  29. Dude those eyes are killing me. Totally soul stealing. Best of luck sweetie.

  30. revolution724 says:

    Pretty baby. I hope kitty found a forever home.

  31. Yes!! Win!

  32. bookmonstercats says:

    I was just going to ask “Wotizzit?” but you answered my question, jewely.

    I hope Wotizzit finds a loving home.

  33. That is an expensive, well-bred cat. Really doubt it’s a stray–must be lost. Did you try contacting the local humane society or the police? also has a lot of postings for lost cats. If you take the cat to a vet they can check him/her for a microchip. Vets will ususally do that for free.

  34. That’s a Devon Rex for sure, and a mighty nice looking one. If its owner isn’t found, then contact these folks. They know what they’re doing.