This about sums up Caturday


[Snorfs tiny head of kittayn]

Lennart K. celebrates each Caturday with a quality snorfing.


  1. Mom's Favorite says:

    MINE! *grabby hands*

  2. Kitten not exactly looking happy there

  3. Mary (the first) says:

    I call Matchingks!!

  4. totally matchingks! Same identical eyes! <3

  5. Beat me to it! Pretty, pretty blue eyes.

  6. You beat me to it Mary (the first). That was my first thought too. :)

  7. The little girl needs to know snorfing kitties is a gateway drug to the harder stuff. Next thing you know, she’s huffing puppy breath, then its on to bunnies, hamsters,and the occasional pony.

    No good will come from this, I tells ya!

  8. swallowing books says:

    Tthat child is on the path to a kitty sniffing addiction. We must warn her parents!

  9. Get her to snorfhab!!!

  10. *stepping forward bravely* I volunteer to confiscate the ketteh, em, ehr, ahh, contraband” ;)

  11. I’m sorry, Wend, but your credentials are expired. I’ll do the confiscating……

  12. Very sneaky, Victoreia; but they put out a wanted pictyre with your name on it…yer kitteh snitching days are numbered, girlfriend.

  13. I’ll snorf them both, please.

  14. Kitty’s like, “Can we just get this over with?”

  15. Yes. Looks very unimpressed.

  16. leaves of cat grass says:

    hehe kitty looks very resigned to its place in the universe. “eh, it’s a living….”

  17. I thought the same thing leaves of cat grass.

  18. This gurl looks like the older version of the original kitty huffer.

  19. Sad to see so young a child on such a path!
    *shaking head sadly, and patting pearls*

  20. And at the end of the day, they both had hairballs.

  21. Yeah, that girl is going to be dredging fur out of her nose for hours (speaking from experience).

  22. Clearly the little girl is now enslaved by this kitty, as we all will be within the next 5 minutes.

  23. I was enslaved in a minute, chanpon :D I so want to snorgle that kitty after the little girl is finished with her snorgling of said kitty :D


  25. i had the same expression as kitteh by the end of my week. (*but not as cute)

  26. This kitty looks ready for a nap!

  27. They both seem exceedingly nonplussed by the whole experience. Perhaps this falls into the hither-to-unknown realm of the post-cute. (patent pending)

  28. This kitty face was on before,,,i just know it!!!????

  29. kibblenibble says:

    Kitteh has leetle eyebrows!! Gorgeous!

  30. Moi, Actually says:

    “Sure they squeeze a bit tightly, but they can use a can opener. So–whatever.”

  31. Two somber, direct blue gazes from two very cute young creatures. Love it!

  32. i can’t help it, it’s true: the cutest kitty in the world is the kitty in front of my face…. :)

  33. Amen to that!

  34. Kitten: {SIGH}

  35. Kittens is a hell of a drug.

  36. Daphne Moss says:

    Cute kitten and the little girl she owns.

  37. Barry Geltman says:

    This photo is a knock-out. Really beautiful.


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