Literally following a carrot

Alert Cuteporter Carole M. found a smorgasbord of cute at the Rommerz Rabbit Hopping Competition in Germany. Apparently, Rabbit Hopping is a growing trend among pet rabbit owners in Central Europe and the first European Championships are scheduled to be held later this year in Switzerland!

Many more photos and all the news over here.



  1. I hope they included the Bunny Hop.

  2. I suddenly feel the need for a bowl of Trix !

  3. Clearly, if CuteOverload ever wanted to sponsor a sport, this would be the one. Anyone for the CO Cup championship???

  4. Me! Me! *waves hands around furiously*

  5. Yay!! I’m lovin the recent influx of “rabbit hopping competition” pics! Just tryin to decide who looks the most disgruntled…

  6. silly rabbit!

  7. I just love this sport! It’s so cute. My poor bunny probably is too old for this kind of thing. I need to exercise him. Let’s get this started in America!

  8. What a wonderful sport! Eighty bunnies competed.
    Get those kids away from the video games and run outside with the bunnies.
    What fun!

  9. Saving for a trip to Switzerland starting NOW!

  10. I used to have rabbits and I can’t think of how I would motivate them to jump over things… but they were really cute and cuddly. That works, too! I wish there were “cuddly” competitions.

  11. Athena's Mom says:

    A rabbit in a harness automatically pushes the cuteosphere into a million trillion.