What Are Your Terms?

It’s simple really. Until all my demands are met, I keep slobbering.

I’m fully prepared to speed things up.

Throw Costello a bone! Andrew H. says Costello “is a 6 month old (yes 6), Old English Bulldog puppy.”



  1. The freckles on the ear flaps are his most convincing argument! :mrgreen:

  2. as in Abbott and? or Elvis?

  3. So young and yet already so … disappointed. Give poor Costello a biscuit!

  4. Don’t be fooled! If you give in the slobbering just changes into legally distinct drooling. If you try to reference the signed agreement you will just get a baroo, it gets snorfed, then eaten.

  5. I was definitely going to say something about nomming those freckled ears!

  6. I’m crossing my fingers that it’s for Elvis. I’m a long time EC fan.

    Costello is gorgeous, regardless of his name sake!

  7. We shall fight them on the couches
    We shall fight them under the bedclothes
    We shall never surrender (unless they go for our soft underbellehs; we loooooove when they do that).

  8. The diapproval of a lack of dog biscuits is quite evident.
    THe freckled ears are too too adorable for words.

  9. Disapproval. (Hangs head in typing error shame)

  10. Flap frecks should be a new rule of cuteness, as well as nose frecks! Well….they are cute!

  11. Fird Birfle says:

    He is a most imposing figure.

    also cute although I wouldn’t say so, in HIS hearing.

  12. bob drummond says:


  13. “These are my principles. If you don’t like them, i have others.” *Groucho eyebrow wiggle*

  14. Sasha's Mum says:

    Not the same breed as the Churchill-esqe Bulldog. This breed is taller, and their faces aren’t so schmooshed. (My brother’s family just got one. I was very confused at first when they told me it was a bulldog … but it’s all clearer now.)

  15. Sasha's Mum says:

    I’m voting for Elvis too. Not just because I love his music and think he’s a cool dude, but because I actually got to meet him once not that long ago. Although we call him “Mr. Diana Krall”. 😉

  16. is someone saving postage on a CO writer application?

  17. Winston Churchill was & is all I can think of when I look at this photo (even though evidently this is a different breed of Churchill-dog).

  18. Speaking from experience, are you?

  19. We of the Freckled Tribe know to use our powers only for good. 🙂

  20. [wearing habit and fake tonsure] “I hate that guy!”

  21. I know a guy who is an Elvis Presley impersonator… one day he asked me which my “favorite Elvis” was… without missing a beat, I said “Costello!”

  22. I’m so perplexed. That is unlike so any other English Bulldog I have seen, especially a puppy. When I saw it I thought it was the adult mix of an English and American Bulldog.

  23. Moi, Actually says:

    Oh,the epic homeliness of this pup.

  24. Oh Costello, you are something to behold, gorgeous one.

  25. With bulldoggies, it’s not the slobbering you have to worry about, it’s the, um, erm, well, they can be a little gassy.

  26. I have two OEBs. Their faces only get droopier, puppy-dog eyes bigger, and their countenance sadder with age. By the time they’re full-grown, merely eating a sandwich in front of them will result in a saucer-eyed “they never feed me and they beat me with reeds” face.

    Until they flip belly-up on the couch. Then their gravity-affected jowls make them look like they had the Joker serum from Batman.

    I’ve owned 5 dogs and never had one as affectionate as my OEBs. Prepare for years of clumsy, slobber-slimed snuggles, Andrew, and may Gawd have mercy on your soul.

  27. I think it’s the fried eggs and Brussels sprouts.

  28. *ahem* That dog kind of reminds me of . . . well . . . Geoffrey Rush. I ADORE Geoffrey Rush!

  29. bob drummond says:

    I’m a baaaad booooy!!!!!!

  30. Your mission if you choose to accept it,……..all the information you need is in the envelope……try not to drool it shut !

  31. Very good ‘Men in Tights” reference, Victoreia. Love that movie almost as much as Princess Bride and any Monty Python except Holy Grail, which has to be my all time favorite.

  32. Andrew Huberman says:

    Costello is my puppy and he most definitely was named after *Elvis* Costello.

    P.S. He doesn’t slobber, but he does drool rivers if he smells cooking.

  33. Andrew Huberman says:

    And per question above: Old English Bulldogs are mutt’d English Bulldogs. They are generally taller and healthier respiratory pathways than pure EB’s. But they are just as stubborn- so be prepared to stand strong (or negotiate) with them. Costello is part bulldog, part piggy and part jersey cow.

  34. and he drools rivers? did you lose a bet?