Beware of Dog Breath

There’s my shoe. Time to fetch the deodorizer.

Molly the English bulldog puppy looks scentimental, Rachel D.



  1. Aw, what a sweet smooshy face and wrinkletacular wee body!

  2. I’d pay good money to hold that little one for a few minutes.

  3. I’ve grown accustomed to your lace.

  4. Toebean Nom!

  5. As would I. She’s darling!

  6. I have the chubbulance and the wrinkularity but I somehow lack the qte. Life is so unfair. *pout*

  7. OMG! Smooshy face, wrinkly belleh, and tiny pink toe beans. Dead from the kewt. splat.

  8. Bully pups always look so serious.

  9. as sung by Rex Hairyson?

  10. I met a bulldog last week whose name was Pot Roast. I thought that was sooooo apropos.

  11. Puppy chub rolls for breakfast! My favorite! Nom nom nom.

  12. Soooo many Rules of Cuteness apply here!
    #27 – Chub. I mean, seriously. Just look at the spectacular chubbage displayed so beautifully here.
    #20 – Pawpads. Those right there are some big deal toebeans.
    #14 – Everyday object makes you look small. Unless that shoe is size elebentybajillion, that is a teeny puppy.


  13. Aww, that wrinkly face is so cute. I just wanna give him a smooch.

  14. dog breathe or none, that cutie patootie can come live with me!!!!

  15. I’ll take puppy bref over Chanel #5 any day !

  16. d’aww… schmoosh fasche 🙂

  17. ok, seriously, baby girl pup is def the cutest thing evah…

  18. I second that emotion !!

  19. Maybe it’s one of my 12-year-old nephew’s shoes. Poor kid has yet to grow into his hands and feet, but when he does, he’s gonna be TALL!

  20. I’ll beat Theresa to it: stinkin’ cute!!

  21. archiesmom says:

    Our Westie Lily loves shoe smell! When my husband comes home, he takes off his office shoes and Lily runs over and sticks her head in. She writhes around a bit and then repeats with the other shoe. It’s a riot!

  22. …to his Eliza Shoe-little…

  23. I can’t take my eyes off that beautiful plump little haunch… Apart from to try and work out what the strange green and white tubey thing is?

  24. Should we start a support group?

  25. *snerk*

    Perfect name!

  26. Put a dress on that little cutie, stat!!

  27. Man. Everyone else’s bully gets on here!

  28. Pass on the pen and sign up page! thx.

  29. Slow golf clap to all of you, and it has nothing to do with the fact that I adored My Fair Lady as a child.

  30. Good golly, Miss Molly – that’s a whole lot of rollage going on!

  31. What a cute little wrinkle bag! I would love to smell that puppy breath.

  32. Shelley (A Place To Love Dogs) says:

    Apparently the shoe is more appealing than the toy