You Never Take Me Anywhere!

I wanna go on a Royal Crabbyean cruise! I wanna go to Purrmewda! I wanna go snorgling and you go Scooby diving!

Uh-oh Bennycake, Orangeballs wants cruise control. Sender-inner Amy O. says, “…this was shot on location in the Bahamas where mixed-breed local dogs are called ‘potcakes’.”



  1. Can I call matchingks?

  2. I love the expression on the dog. So much “I’ve heard this all before…” What’s wrong with a cruise to Catalina?

  3. Seconded!

  4. Wow 😯

  5. PS: “Orangeballs”? 😯

  6. earlybird1 says:

    JUST what I was going to say! 😀

  7. bookmonstercats says:

    I suspect that Orangeballs is just yawninks at an opportune moment. What a shot, though.

    Potcakes. Yaay;)

  8. Potcakes and Orangeballs. It’s what’s for breakfast.

  9. amazemalade

  10. cruise, schmooze

    bennycake could fly them there with those hears

  11. SlaveToCat says:

    Oh my my my…..snicker snerk snort.
    Is that “snip” “snip” I hear in the background??

    Based on Orangeballs’s expression, I think his name will now have to be changed to..

  12. I suspect that my husband sometimes makes that face behing my back when I’m talking to him!! 😆

  13. The dog’s all, “I was trying to take a nap. What’s she going on about now?”

  14. Snerk!

  15. *I* want to go to Purrmewda.

  16. I’m sitting here trying to think why they would name their cat “Orangeballs”, (besides the obvious one, I mean). Does he have orange circles in his fur that we can’t see in the pic? Did he like to play with orange balls when he was a kitten? Does he like to eat those orange round cheese puffs? Does he cough up orange hair balls? Running out of ideas, here… any others?

  17. ROTFL!! I just love this image! Orangeball’s expression (or yawn) and the look on Bennycake’s beautiful face. That eyeliner is to-die-for.

  18. Yes! 😀

  19. 😆 Or the dog is thinking “I really should take her on that cruise if it would shut her up.” 😆

  20. hahahahahahahaaa… oh my gosh… hilarious. Typical household scene.

    And “Purrmewda”? Perfect!! :))