Pumping Corn

It was 10 years ago that Hercules Hammy celebrated his first of many gold medals in Olympic Pouchstuffing. At a smoldering 3 inches long, with bulging, rippling cheeks and his elite pouchstuffing feats of strength, The Herc, can master weights two to three times heavier than his own body weight.

Here we see The Herc mentally preparing for his next stuffing. Silence, please, as he lets his mind get in touch with his inner cheek.

We’re full now, Roborovski Hamster Webs.



  1. Sshhhhh….he’s in that Zen state of prepping.

  2. Listening to the sound of the universe…ooommmmmmmmm

  3. Hmm, that fixed eye position makes me suspect stare-oid use.

  4. hear me now and believe me later!

  5. so cute – silence… feel the power…. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmm

  6. While he is contemplating the nature of the universe and pouches, I will nom on those prosh leetle paws.

  7. OK, Hammy. Be the ball.

  8. Inner cheek?

    …trying VERY hard not to snigger.

  9. just another day says:

    Namaste, Hercules!

  10. *snerk*

  11. Nomaste, in this case.

  12. getting in touch with his inner cheek…. *giggles*

  13. 🙂 @ Gaz & orange, and any others who noticed that.

  14. cyberpunkrocker says:

    If his mind really gets in touch with his inner cheek, and he swallows, what happens?

  15. Cheeky, Pyrit!

  16. I love hamsters’ cheek pouches. I have pet rats and I think the only improvement you could make on them is to add cheek pouches. I especially love the pouches on itty-bitty hams like the robos, cause when they’re full the ham practically triples in size. They must have to be careful to load them up evenly, or they’ll tip over!

  17. didn’t you guys post him a week ago?