Head-turning Sweatuews for Fall!

It’s after Labor Day and [hand over mouth] your wardrobe is looking pret-ty tired.


“HEY Where can I get that!?”

“All the prosh Jack Russells are wearing them duh.”

“Woooaaaaahhhhhh” [tongue-hanging-awe-action]

“Psssst. We got to get us some of those Fall sweaters.” [Tail Twitch]

Gracias to Fashionista Candace L. over at Shorty Jack Russells.


  1. Mary (the first) says:

    But .. but ..they’re all wearing white, also. Tsk, tsk.

  2. It’s o.k. Mary, think of it as he’s just getting ready for X-mas a little early.
    All he needs now is the green bow tie.

  3. Aw, nobody cares about white after Labor Day anymore. Plus, look at those tocks!

  4. Fat, naked tocks. Disgraceful!

  5. I take it you mean delightful!!! lol

  6. You mean delicious.

  7. you spelled Awesome wrong.

  8. TrixandSam says:

    You mean delectable.

  9. How come I never get stuffed puppies like that?!?!?!

    Wha? They’re real? [blink] *sniff* Where’s mine??????

  10. [sigh] Is the bartender available? I need a daiquiri.

  11. me too, please… or maybe a margarita?

  12. Guinea Peeg Lover says:

    Wook at the widdle tails on the widdle puppies in the last pictuew!

  13. Oh dear, in the RSS feed there are five different pictures of adorable pups and in this there are four repeated pictures! What happened to the pups, I wish to share them. I believe something has gone wrong.

  14. *eats up all the itty bitty puppy tails*

  15. Same photo four times? Cute, but c’mon now. Variety is the spice of life.

  16. I think somethin’s busted.

  17. I don’t think the things attached to those cute tocks qualify as tails – – – more like nubs. Really cute nubs.

  18. Starlinguk says:

    Yes, isn’t docking illegal?

  19. This year has gone by soooooo quick ! Is it Tocktober already ?
    Not that I need it to be Tocktober I’ve always been a ‘tocks gal !
    I like cute tocks & I can not lie…..

  20. Oktoberfest is really in September, sooo……it must be okay to have Tocktoberfest in September too!

  21. TOCKS

  22. Is real puppehs? Or is windy-up toys?

  23. Awww, I love the one that’s yawning. I love it when animals yawn! Too cute.

  24. I looked up Prosh in the dictionary: this is what I saw.

  25. Are you sure that’s pomegranate? Looks like persimmon to me…

  26. …or a shade of Gerber Daisy. striking and vibrant! Love when the ‘tocktober fashion preview arrives!

  27. Jack Russells’ bustles!
    Terriers’ areas!
    CO’s tailio of the dailio!
    Parson’s ars… [woops, SFW]

  28. Like “Curse of the WereRabbit.”

    “If you ask me, this was arson. Yeah, someone arson around!”

  29. TrixandSam says:

    *shakes pom-poms for wererabbit reference*


  30. This post gave me a smile at the end of a really shitty day. Thank you!

  31. Tock-tober coming early for us this year?

  32. Make it work, puppehs!!

    BTW, this week the Jimmy Fallon Show is doing their puppeh predictions…a while ago they predicted the presidential elections, and now they are going to predict the Super Bowl winner. Adorabuhl floofy puppehs!!!! Is it wrong I will be upset if the puppehs don’t pick the Patriots? :)

  33. I’ll take one of each please.

  34. I’m expecting great tocks from you this year, CO, if this is what you have for September (and I remember a few in August!!) Thanks!

  35. OMG Hawkeye and Blanche are so Cute… well they all are very cute but I love those two the most!


  37. Jack Russells are irresistibly cute, but I’d be afraid to own one because they are too darned smart. I’d probably wake up one morning and find my credit cards maxed out and my car stolen…

  38. Jack Russells are irresistibly cute, but I’d be afraid to own one: they are too darned smart. I’d probably wake up one morning to find my credit cards maxed out and my car stolen…

  39. Fird Birfle says:


  40. chubby puppy tushies!! too much cute!!

  41. Is the white little lab pup for sale? I could so take him home!

  42. How much is that doggeh in the sweatuew? I do hope that doggeh’s for sale!

  43. I feel the need to smooch away those worry lines on Penny-Pistol’s forehead!
    (also, where’s Penny-Whistle?)

  44. oh good lord. prosh prosh!!

  45. melinda KE says:

    Love the tocks photo!


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